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Posted by admin | 17 08 2018
Copy v/s content – what you should be doing for the blog

“The customer is not stupid. She is your wife.” That quote from the grand ol’ daddy of advertising pretty much settles the debate on how you should be communicating with your customers. Whether you do it via your blog or advertising, the rule remains the same. Which means, whether you...

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Posted by admin | 07 08 2018
How small organizations can join the video marketing craze

  We’ve generally seen startups and SMEs all thrilled when it comes to digital marketing as it offers quick and tangible results. But a lot of them shy away when we suggest video marketing. The term invokes a budget, production, and execution worry which stops most people from exploring it as...

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Posted by admin | 27 07 2018
How social listening can help with SEO

  When you log in to your brand’s social account, you encounter an environment of virtual noise and chatter. If you are on social, ‘hearing’ happens by default – where you see and hear everything around you to an extent that you have awareness about the most important topics and...

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Posted by admin | 20 07 2018
Social Media Tools: The 5 types to help you become a better marketer

  Having a presence on social media is no longer a choice for businesses. It is a way to make sure you connect and engage with your customers, up the game on your competitors and continue to attract prospects. While it is one of the most exciting jobs out there,...

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Posted by admin | 18 07 2018
It isn’t a great content if it can’t deliver

Content marketing is the one thing that everyone is doing these days – agencies, clients, brand owners, influencers and even people in general. That’s because we have collectively woken up to the power of content that is created well. What exactly are we talking about here? Is good content the...

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Posted by admin | 11 07 2018
What makes us share content?

  Did you hear Despacito or Shape of You in a loop last year?     You must have shared and had many of your friends hear it too. That made these videos the most shared ones on Facebook in 2017!  When was the last time you wrote a blog...

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Posted by admin | 22 06 2018
How to Write for SEO in 2018 and Achieve Staggering Results

  In 1996, Bill Gates coined the phrase ‘content is king’, though this was hardly true in the early days of the internet.  In fact, up until past few years, one could still write ordinary content, artificially stuff it with keywords, throw some Web 2.0 links and still sleepwalk their...

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Posted by admin | 15 06 2018
6 top myths that might be harming your SEO strategy

SEO is one field where changes have been constant. That’s because Google changes its algorithm from time to time – sometimes even several times in a year – to fetch the most relevant results for queries submitted. This only means that the techniques that worked well a few years ago,...

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Posted by admin | 06 06 2018
Here is what the internet biggies were up to in May

  Did you miss out on what happened in digital last month? There seems to be too much happening with Facebook trying to cover its tracks. Google seems to be on an overdrive with Assistant. And then, there are startups that threaten to create a power imbalance every now and...

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