Engage Your Audience With The Right Dose Of Storytelling

Engage Your Audience With The Right Dose Of Storytelling

Apr 8, 2016 | Payel Mukherjee

Engage Your Audience With The Right Dose Of Storytelling


If you ask us “why story telling”, we would like to explain you “why not story telling”. Let us tell you what a well-told story can give you for your business.

You might have visited Connaught Place one of busiest the places in Delhi. Here you can see the densest concentration of advertisement messages.

Life Cycle of a Good Story

Suppose you slowly turn around the road and count every advertisement on hoarding, billboards, building, bus, cab, street light. You would come up with no less than 500 messages. Now you come back home, tell me how many of these advertisements you can recall? Whatever the number is, do we look at the advertisement this way? No.

Then how do we see the advertisements? We walk around in that area, do shop-hopping for a couple of hours. Once we return home, how many advertisements we could you recall? Hardly 4 or 5 – we would bring in mind, even though we have been fully exposed. That is because our brain can’t truly process that many visual attacks. That happens with every normal average human being.

These normal average human beings are the audience of your business; they look at your advertisement, research for it, watch it, listen to it, remember it, and experience it. But what makes them involved with the advertised products or services? The answer is the message that links with audience’s own desire or interest.

But the key is how that message is told to them? Probably in a story format; because people can remember the story only.

If you want to advertise your business, you have to tell the sticky story. The story has to be a tale of an experience. Showing the story, with a back story, involving characters, asking the audience to share their story – these make your audience emotionally stimulated to buy the products or services. And if you can tell the good story, it would spread like wildfire and inspire other to take action.

Now you would probably like to know how story reaches the audience of your business.


Payel Mukherjee

Payel Mukherjee is the founder of Justwords. She is passionate about making good content accessible to everyone and talking about the endless possibilities of content to anyone who cares to listen.

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