10 Content Marketers You Need to Follow Today and Why

10 Content Marketers You Need to Follow Today and Why

Feb 10, 2017 | Payel Mukherjee

10 Content Marketers You Need to Follow Today and Why


Ever wonder why some content pieces are outstanding in their traffic and lead generation ability while others (if lucky) get only their 15 minutes of fame?

The reality is that all content is just that – content, until there is a magical little ingredient called 'marketing' added to the mix. 

You can find out what people are searching for and write an authoritative, original, outstanding, educational and entertaining piece of content around it but it won't do any good unless it is marketed to reach the right audience. 

Let us introduce you to a unique set of people – some of them are pioneers in the business and have even created the playbook that others follow. These gurus not only create great content but have mastered the art of marketing it. They do so while building their own brand and growing leads and sales. What makes them stand out is also their ability to adapt to new forms of content and serve it exactly the way their readers like. 

Meet the top content marketers around the world and find out why you need to start following them right now.


1. Ann Handley


Ann is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller “Everybody writes: Your go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content” and the chief content officer of MarketingProfs. She is also recognized by Forbes Women as one of the top 20 women bloggers. If you want a slice of how amazing her content really is, you can read this piece about her predictions for content marketing in 2016. Now that the year comes to a close, you can see that it makes so much sense. This has truly been a year when content marketing exploded for the wrong reasons and while there are a lot more people now wearing the content creator's hat, it is a select few like her who really know how to make it work.

Top posts we liked from www.annhandley.com.

2. Rohit Bhargava


Rohit has plenty of advice on marketing but all of it has one thing in common – it is the non-obvious. If you are looking for advice that goes beyond how many words your content should have and how you can write cheesy headlines that work as link baits, head to Rohit's blog. He shares his weekly pick of interesting and “under-appreciated” stories. It is a great way to not only know about how people are using content marketing globally and the hits and misses from each of them. His latest Non-Obvious is a Wall Street bestseller and is all about the power of curation to transform your business. 

The top posts we liked from his blog are –


3. Joe Pulizzi


Joe is the founder of Content Marketing Institute and author of Content Inc. He has been educating leading brands around the world on how to do their content right. His organization is also behind the largest content marketing event in the world – Content Marketing World – hosted in September in Cleveland, Ohio. He used the term content marketing way back in 2001 when most of us were still figuring out the internet. His blogs is considered to be one of the most influential content marketing blogs on the internet. Want to peer into the crystal ball on what content marketing holds in 2017 – head to 
Five Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017. From the resurrection of print mags to the power of email marketing, this is a list you must start working on right away.

Our favourite posts from Content Marketing Institute

4. Neil Patel


Neil offers a very compelling sell on his website on how you can get around 200,000 visitors to your site without spending a dime on ads. It looks like a bait that anyone would like to try out. One of the best examples who really puts money where his mouth is, his blog is filled with the latest research and insight on the technicalities and science of making content work for you. You can see how cleverly he uses pop-ups to get you in for a webinar or whitepaper download or just a sign up for his blog. 

One of the best things that Neil teaches you is how to sell. Speak to your customers the way he speaks to you and you will be able to see results. If you want to go a step further, enroll for his online marketing program that will take you step by step from set up to success. 

Our favourite Neil Patel blogs: 

5. Brian Halligan


Brian is the CEO and co-founder of Hubspot. There really shouldn't be a need for an introduction beyond this one line if you are looking for a reason to follow his updates. He has co-authored two books, "Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead” with David Meerman Scott and Bill Walton, and “Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs” with Dharmesh Shah. 

In his latest blogs on trends to look out for in 2017, he speaks about how Google has transitioned into Ask Jeeves and how your website should automate your buying process. Here's the full blog 

The two other posts that we really dig are – 


6. Pawan Deshpande


Pawan is the founder and CEO of Curata. Considering that there is so much of 'content' flying on the internet, you need a genie to find something that is useful. Which is why Curata came about. Curata is the tool that powers data-driven decisions for content. From why content curation is a good idea to why you should do it, here's the entire info from Pawan himself. 
You can follow his blog to know how to use content curation from an SEO perspective and the marketing tools you can readily plug-in for results.

Here are the three posts we really love from Curata – 

7. Jay Baer


Have you ever thought who is the most retweeted person in the world by digital marketers? You just read his name. The founder of ConvinceAndConvert.com, he writes about 5-8 articles every month. He has not only started five multi-million dollar businesses from scratch but has been an advisor to more than 700 companies like Nike and 32 of the Fortune 500. He is the world's #2 most retweeted person by B2B marketers. All this means one thing – head right over to his blog because the insights he has may just as well give your business the direction it needs. Jay's gaze into the crystal ball for 2017 has some interesting insights for digital marketers. Have a look

Some of his other popular posts are – 

8. Lee Odden


From SEO to PR to paid search to content marketing, Lee has been considered one of the top 10 digital marketers of 2016. No matter what aspect of digital you work with, Lee can find a way to fix it and make it better. 21,000% ROI – How does that sound to you? That's what Lee's agency TopRankBlog.com has done with his content marketing programs for one of the top 3 social networks. That's just one of the many success stories in the list. In fact, the Top Rank blog just celebrated its 13th birthday this year – that's no mean feat. 

We can't end this without sharing the most popular blogs on TopRank - The Future of Influencer Marketing: Top Predictions for 2017

9. Rand Fishkin


Lo behold…the Wizard of Moz!
Rand likes to call himself the unsavable addict of all things content. The founder and former CEO of Moz.com, Moz has gained a great deal of authority on all things content and SEO. It has some amazing insight pieces for beginners and trend pieces that the pros refer to. 
If you are in digital and content (which is why you are still reading this piece), blindly subscribe to the Moz blog. You can also see Rand's personal posts here. Here's a neat one on some of most mind-expanding ads of recent times-What Are the Most Powerful, Mind-Expanding Ads You’ve Seen?
Even then, do read his most recent post on some of the tough decisions taken at MOZ and how the company is refocusing on its core strategy.


10. Jeff Bullas


Like everyone on this list, Jeff has been ranked one of the top digital marketers of 2016 by various noted sources. His blog has a 16M strong following and he has some wonderful tips if you too want to create a killer blog using social media tactics – for just $9.97. You can also see many interesting trend and knowledge pieces on his blog. The latest one on getting the attention of your influencer is a definite must read if you want to catch on the trend of influencer marketing in 2017 - 22 Proven Tips for Getting the Attention of Influencers

And while all that gyan comes cascading in, don't forget to read the creme right here on the JustWords blog. Here are the top three of our favourite blogs on Justwords – 

  1. Google does not want these 13 mistakes in your content
  2. 11 things you should know before hiring a content agency
  3. Find content proofreading boring: Here are 7 brilliant ways to get the job done


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