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Posted by admin | 05 06 2018
5 reasons why supply chain businesses should invest in content

“Does content marketing work for an industry like supply chain and logistics? Are these not just fancy words being exchanged by marketers?”  Those were the precise words that were asked by the general manager of a large supply chain management company. Till very recently, he admitted, he had not even...

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Posted by admin | 01 06 2018
Visual content formats that can triple your content marketing results

  OK. We will skip infographics and photos out of the list because it is obvious. Or wait! We will make them more awesome There are several data-driven reasons to use visual content. The facts that our brain’s recall goes up from 10% to 65% between audible and visual content...

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Posted by admin | 24 05 2018
The checklist you need to write the best website content

  How important is the content on your website? On a scale of 1 to 10, we would probably put it on 15. It is often the first touch point for a prospect who has discovered or stumbled upon your website. In the absence of a human driving sales, the...

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Posted by admin | 22 05 2018
Building a website? Here are 10 things you must know to get it right

Things change quite fast in the online world these days. Fast enough to make you wonder if the website you build today will be likable or even be looked upon as tech-savvy a year down the line. It is not just the features and tech spec. It is also what...

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Posted by admin | 18 05 2018
Want content marketing to work? Be ready for a marathon run

  As content marketers, we are often approached by businesses who want content marketing programs designed to achieve quick results. And even though people are coming of age with their understanding of what content marketing is, I am sad to report that the current state of affairs isn’t very great....

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Posted by admin | 14 05 2018
9 best ways to reuse that blog pile in your archive and get more traffic

With the amount of content created churned out into the digital universe, it is a little amazing to see how people keep coming up with new things to write about and others make the time to read (some of) it. We say this from the perspective of a content marketer...

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Posted by admin | 04 05 2018
[Video] 5 copywriting sins that weaken your content ROI

  Imagine if there is a toolbox to fix your content marketing wagon, then effective copywriting would be one of the most important devices in that kit. No matter what people may say, copywriting is much more than 'writing those sales pitches without sounding like one'.  A well-written copy is...

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Posted by admin | 01 05 2018
How Content Marketers Can Use the Power of Clickbait for Good

“I have lost respect for Rahul Dravid”. This article appeared at the bottom of another article I was reading on my iPad on a Sunday morning. I waited 3 seconds before I gave into the temptation of reading about what had the former Indian cricketing captain, known for being generally...

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Posted by admin | 26 04 2018
How to be Effective at Customer Support on Social Media?

Are you a modern day business seeking to establish better relationships with your customers? Do you want them to feel a personal touch with your brand?A good way you could go about it is to think in the direction of setting customer support services on social platforms.  Remember, the last...

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