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Posted by admin | 13 04 2018
[Video] Why exactly should you do content marketing and how?

Are you a business owner who approaches marketing like a ‘one-night stand’? As nasty as it sounds, you could actually be doing that with little realization.  Put differently, are you following the approach of shoving your product right at your target customer’s face just when you spot them? Well, if...

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Posted by admin | 12 04 2018
Different Ways Your Business Can Use Videos to its Advantage

  A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, then what do you think about videos?  Videos are clearly far more captivating and engaging than static graphics and textual content can ever get. They are an ideal means to garner attention, yield clicks and score leads for your business. It’s...

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Posted by admin | 10 04 2018
[eBook] 10 Content Strategies to Boost Traffic to Your eCommerce Website

  If you’re the owner or marketing head of an eCommerce store, we totally understand your pain. While setting up shop and running ads was one part, getting more customers, revenues and sales is just so much harder. You’re probably planning to or have already engaged in content marketing because...

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Posted by admin | 30 03 2018
10 Brilliant Taglines That You Just Can’t Forget

  A tagline is not just a simple compilation of words, but rather, a powerful way to lend veracity to your brand. It can be used in marketing campaigns and collateral to leverage a unique position in the excessively cluttered marketplace. If a good inspirational slogan is what you seek...

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Posted by admin | 27 03 2018
Why its important to understand the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica fiasco

  Unless you have been living under a (digital) rock, you would have heard about the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook incident. As individuals, we woke up to the new era of cyber crime. People aren’t calling it a ‘crime’ yet as they don’t know how it is affecting them as individuals. As...

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Posted by admin | 23 03 2018
How Fitness and Wellness Brands Are Using Social Media Content to Build Communities

  When was the last time you tried to lose weight? Well... I started this great new program yesterday, fully enthusiastic that this was going to be ‘the’ life-altering thing I was looking for – you know, the kinds where you lose 10 kgs in 10 days and everybody is...

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Posted by admin | 15 03 2018
Should you use ChatBots for your small business?

  Are you a small business trying to get your leg up on the competition? Do you belong to that pool of businesses that have limited resources but an unlimited fire to provide superlative customer experience?  Are you one of those enterprises doing well with regards to generating awareness &...

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Posted by admin | 27 02 2018
What You Should Know About The New Facebook Feed Algorithm Update

  Online marketers often find themselves to be puppets at the hands of a few internet giants who push and sway the everyday workings of each algorithm update. Though companies like Google and Facebook are known to update their algorithms frequently, most of it goes unnoticed by the crowd in...

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Posted by admin | 21 02 2018
5 top trends that are likely to be adopted for social media in 2018

  We’ve reached a stage of online evolution where brands cannot afford to miss out on social chatter. You’ll see many doing the mandatory routine of posting on various social channels every day. The other end of the spectrum showcases case studies where brands are unlocking the true potential of...

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