Ved Prakash

Biggest Google Leak
Posted by Ved Prakash | June 5, 2024
Biggest Google Leak: Top Takeaways for Business Owners and Marketers

If you are in the SEO world, you already know about the big Google leak that happened recently. If you are a business owner, brand marketer, who is not aware...

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Competitor Keyword Research
Posted by Ved Prakash | March 15, 2024
How to Find Keywords That Your Competitors are Ranking For? (Updated 2024)

As the old saying goes, keep your friends close and your foes closer. Competitor keyword analysis can be your shortcut to dominating the game in your niche. Your competitors can...

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Google Core Update November 2023
Posted by Ved Prakash | December 5, 2023
Understanding Google’s Latest November 2023 Core Update and its Key Takeaways

It’s finally done. The latest round of Google’s core update, which hit us at the start of November 2023, finished. The latest update has caught many SEOs and marketers by...

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Backlink Strategy
Posted by Ved Prakash | July 31, 2023
How to Get High Quality Backlinks: 8 Strategies That Work in 2023

A young startup recently came to us thoroughly confused and exasperated by SEO. They had begun to think of SEO as this black box where things are constantly shifting and...

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Local Landing Page Guide
Posted by Ved Prakash | April 7, 2023
Local Landing Page Guide: What is it and how to create one for more local business

One of the important changes in buying behaviour post pandemic is that most customers want to shop locally. Several data points to that. In one survey, which was run across...

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