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Posted by Editorial Team | December 5, 2019
Don’t Lose the Plot, Here’s How Your Brand Can Tell a Consistent Visual Story

Here’s what happens when you visit any outlet of a brand like Dominos across India. Barring the size of the outlet, you’ll find that all of them deliver pizzas of...

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Posted by Editorial Team | December 3, 2019
10 Incredible Blogging Stats to Inspire You to Blog in 2020

Have you recently started a blog or are planning to start one — but still skeptical about whether it’s worth your time and resources? You’re not alone — with the...

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Posted by Editorial Team | November 16, 2019
7 Ways to Deal with Internet Trolls: The Underbelly of Reputation Management

Pooja, a social media manager with a hospitality brand, had to excuse herself from a friend’s party at 11 PM. Her company’s social channel had erupted with 60 negative tweets...

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Posted by Editorial Team | October 28, 2019
6 Powerful Ways Marketers Can Use Psychology to Improve Content

Being a marketer is not easy. You need to wear several hats to create that perfect selling proposition – you need to have the understanding of the product manager, the...

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Posted by Editorial Team | September 24, 2019
The yay and nay of Influencer Marketing and should you do it

Keeping up with the latest trend, there would hardly be a marketer who may have not considered Influencer Marketing in their mix. Given the paucity of visibility in organic marketing...

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Posted by Editorial Team | August 20, 2019
7 Actionable Tips to Give Your Content More Personality

It’s true- there are over 2 million blog posts being written every single day. So how do you engage readers in this era of short attention spans and information overload?...

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Posted by Editorial Team | August 9, 2019
Making the Online Offline connect for Your Campaigns

With limited attention span and mind space, most brands who want to create a sustained campaign recall tend to plan for a 360-degree campaign. This often means a campaign that...

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Search engine optimisation
Posted by Editorial Team | July 23, 2019
How to Rank on Position Zero in Google

We know that Google is constantly experimenting with search results. For search engine optimizers, goals keep shifting. SEO earlier was about ranking against competitors in the same category. Now it...

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Whatsapp for business
Posted by Editorial Team | July 18, 2019
Whatsapp for Business – All you need to know and how to assess if its worth it

Most marketeers have already heard about Whatsapp for Business that launched sometime back. A few early birds have tried it out. Most others are trying to figure their way around...

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Content marketing services
Posted by Editorial Team | June 12, 2019
How Customer Reviews Can Bring a Whole New Meaning to Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing and Customer Reviews have traditionally been two very different things, belonging to completely different domains. Content Marketing is used to build interest and educate users while customer reviews...

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