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Whatsapp for business
Posted by Editorial Team | July 18, 2019
Whatsapp for Business – All you need to know and how to assess if its worth it

Most marketeers have already heard about Whatsapp for Business that launched sometime back. A few early birds have tried it out. Most others are trying to figure their way around...

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Content marketing services
Posted by Editorial Team | June 12, 2019
How Customer Reviews Can Bring a Whole New Meaning to Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing and Customer Reviews have traditionally been two very different things, belonging to completely different domains. Content Marketing is used to build interest and educate users while customer reviews...

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Content marketing services
Posted by Editorial Team | June 3, 2019
6 Reasons Why your Content Marketing may be Failing and How to Fix it

If you ask me, content marketing is probably one of the best long-term marketing strategies that you can adopt for your business. For starters, there is enough evidence that it...

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Posted by Editorial Team | May 28, 2019
[Infographics] Why Content Marketing Works

As content marketers, there’s one question we never stop hearing from clients — “Does content marketing really work?” While people can easily see how content marketing propels brands to success,...

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Business on Instagram
Posted by Editorial Team | May 7, 2019
Top 5 Ways to Use Instagram Marketing to Improve Your Business

Over the years, we’ve seen many standpoints towards Instagram marketing. Some clients feel it’s just a fad while others feel it may not work for their product. On the other...

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Blog writing services
Posted by Editorial Team | April 26, 2019
How to Turn an Idea into Two Weeks Worth of Content

We all know that panic strikes when we are running out of ideas for the next blog post. There is pressure to constantly find ideas that captivate your audience can...

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Better Copywriter
Posted by Editorial Team | April 19, 2019
Why You Need to Sell Your Own Product to Become a Better Copywriter

Here is a thing to remember. You may have learnt a whole lot about copywriting; from books, online courses, and even real-life experience. You might have even worked for a...

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Microcopy in Ecommerce
Posted by Editorial Team | April 6, 2019
E-commerce Microcopy: A Simple and Effective Way to Increase Sales

What if we told you that you’re ignoring a very simple aspect of your e-commerce website? And that this aspect can actually help you increase your conversions by 14- 166%?...

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Posted by Editorial Team | March 28, 2019
A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching an E-Commerce Website for Your Physical Store

You have just set up your brick-and-mortar store and are wondering how to take it to the next level. Or your physical store has been around for years and of...

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content marketing
Posted by Editorial Team | March 22, 2019
It’s Time To Reboot your content marketing strategy? Here’s Why And How

“Change is the only constant”. While this is true for most things today, it rings especially true when it comes to content marketing. In today’s day of information overload, the...

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