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Whatsapp for business
Posted by Editorial Team | July 18, 2019
Whatsapp for Business – All you need to know and how to assess if its worth it

Most marketeers have already heard about Whatsapp for Business that launched sometime back. A few early birds have tried it out. Most others are trying to figure their way around...

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Posted by Editorial Team | July 13, 2019
How to Edit Social Media Posts That Have Already Been Published

When it comes to content, the competition becomes more intense every day. And for any brand that hopes to capture that slice of the customer’s attention, posting quality content simply...

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Posted by Editorial Team | June 17, 2019
11 Must-do Tactics for High Ranking Videos on YouTube

If you’ve been looking for YouTube video optimization ideas, you’ve most likely been through the regular tactics – adding proper tags, adding keywords in the title or description and the...

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Social Media Marketing 2019
Posted by Editorial Team | May 17, 2019
The Best Social Media Marketing Channels Strategies for 2019

Social media marketing is no longer a novelty but an everyday reality for most companies. In fact, research reveals that 90% of customers have already used social media as a...

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Business on Instagram
Posted by Editorial Team | May 7, 2019
Top 5 Ways to Use Instagram Marketing to Improve Your Business

Over the years, we’ve seen many standpoints towards Instagram marketing. Some clients feel it’s just a fad while others feel it may not work for their product. On the other...

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Social Media marketing
Posted by Editorial Team | March 15, 2019
How to write great social media posts

Social media advertising has gained in stature as one of the most potent mediums to promote, engage and register conversions among the target audience – a testimony to the fact...

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Posted by Editorial Team | March 9, 2019
Why All Business Owners Should Consider Podcasting

Podcasts started in 2004 as a very niche form of content that only some techies were hooked to. In the last 15 years, that has changed dramatically. In 2013, Apple...

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Posted by Editorial Team | February 1, 2019
Valentine’s Day Ideas: How to Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Retail Holiday

While Valentine’s Day originated in the United States (which spent a whopping $19.6 billion last year), India is not far behind. According to a survey by Cashkaro, more than 75%...

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Posted by Editorial Team | January 28, 2019
Here’s How Brands Used Social Media to Celebrate Republic Day 2019

The feeling of patriotism seems to be at an all-time high in India this year. Whether it is patriotic movies being released or the rediscovery of our past glory, we...

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Posted by Editorial Team | January 9, 2019
Why is it the right time to market your business through Social Media?

Today, India has gained a top seat in terms of social media users and use. Across popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, India has recorded a...

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