9 Ways to Promote Your Content After It’s Published

The internet is a crowded place. While your content might be amazing, without content promotion, it would be just another piece of content waiting to be discovered. 

Most companies fail at content marketing because they think once the content is published or posted on social media channels, they now just have to wait for the traffic to roll in. 

Heads up: This won’t happen, unless you are incredibly lucky. 

So you need to consider promoting your content from the day it’s published until it finds its right audience. 

In this post, we’ll walk you through with some of the best strategies you can use to generate traffic to your website once your content is published. Let’s dive in!

1. Send an Email Broadcast/Newsletter

Your email list has people who have willingly opted to receive your updates. Campaign Monitor says that you’re six times more likely to get a click from an email campaign than a tweet. That’s because the recipient of the email are an engaged lot and they are more likely to read and share your content. 

ProTip: Follow up within five days after your first email. Check your analytics and make a list of people who didn’t open your email. Resend the email to this group with a different subject line.  

2. Setup Push Notifications

Website push notification helps you stay in touch with your website visitors after they leave your website. The idea is to be able to bring them back. Use tools like PushEngage to send notifications to your visitors on mobile devices or desktops. Result: Higher engagement and more traffic to the website. 

3. Promote Content on Social Media the Right Way

  • Publish at the right time

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have some built-in analytics. Before you publish your content, find out the time and day your audience is likely to be active the most. You can use various social media management tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to get this information. And then use this information to your advantage by posting your content at the right time on the right day. 

  • Join relevant social media groups 

There are social media groups such as Twitter chats, Google+ communities, LinkedIn groups, and Facebook groups – for every niche. These communities have people interested in the topic you blog about.

ProTip: Join groups with lots of members.

  • Create content promotion networks

Increase your social media reach by building content promotion networks through platforms such as Viral Content Bee. Such platforms connect you with other people like you who want to promote their content. You can share their posts and receive credits that can be used to promote your posts. Another tool is Quuu, which automatically curates content to be shared. All you have to do is sign in and select the relevant category. Your posts then becomes part of the content queue. 

ProTip: Use content optimization tool to ensure that your content is optimized, relevant and adds value.  

  • Participate in online communities

Online communities are great platforms for generating new traffic because they have a massive users who are already engaged. These platforms allow you to discuss niche topics, giving you the opportunity to present your content as an answer to people’s questions. Other smaller communities you can participate are LinkedIn groups, Reddit, YouTube communities, Facebook groups, and more.

ProTip: Don’t immediately post links to promote your content. The moderators will consider it a spam and block you. Instead spend some time to answer questions, join discussions, and gradually build your reputation. Share your website link wherever appropriate.

  • Use relevant hashtags 

According to a study by Buffer, tweets with one or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted. And tweets with hashtags receive 2X as much engagement as tweets without them.

Using hashtags is a sure way to get new eyeballs on the content you are posting on social media. However, you need to take care that you don’t overdo it. Only use hashtags that are relevant to your industry. 

  • Promote content by using engaging images and videos

Today’s users gravitate towards visual content. A visually consistent social media feed is the way to connect to these users. Captivate your audience by incorporating images and videos in your content. Some statistics that prove visual content engages audience and drives traffic to your website

  • According to Buzzsumo, video is the best Facebook post format. It gets 59% more engagement than other types of posts. 
  • Research by HubSpot states that video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than text content. The same study reveals that videos in the post increases organic traffic by 157% from search results. 

ProTip: Create a list of go-to websites to get beautiful, high resolution and free stock images

4. Use Tools to Automatically Share Your Blog Post

It’s not enough building a social media following on all the important social platforms, and new niche platforms. However, you need to regularly post content on these platforms to keep your profiles active and drive traffic to your blog. Sharing content manually is a time-consuming process, you can consider using free tools like IFTTT that allows you to automatically share content on social media platforms. 

5. Paid Promotion Through Ads 

Promote your content through paid advertising. These advertising platforms target highly specific audience. The result is that you get qualified traffic and leads that eventually help you grow your customer base and your business. Use these platforms for paid promotion:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Advertising 

ProTip: Before you venture into paid promotions, figure out your budget.Within any channel, there is as little or as much you can spend. So, if you know what budget you have for each channel, you can decide your paid promotion strategy. 

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6. Generate More Backlinks 

Backlinks are one of the most important factors that influences Google’s rankings.

But, getting backlinks from reputable websites and blogs is not easy not only for beginners but also for experienced bloggers. Here are some tips to get quality backlinks to your website:

  • Add a link to your website on all your social media accounts – This is the easiest way to get a backlink
  • Check in with the influencers and reputable blogs in your industry, and let them know about your content that they might want to link
  • Publish interviews of bloggers and influencers on your blog. Chances are they will share your post to urge their users to check the interview, thus giving you a backlink
  • Write guest posts on other websites
  • My favourite – If you are using a tool like Ahrefs, then you can identify, replicate and steal your competitors links

7. Sign Up on Pinterest

According to Julia McCoy of Content Marketing Institute, using Pinterest to promote your content is a great strategy. However, she recommends a few tips: 

  • Keep short username.
  • Complete your bio, ensure that you include keywords.
  • Add ‘Pin it’ button to your website content to enable people to easily pin images.

ProTip: Sign up on Pinterest as a business account to benefit from their marketing tools.

8. Participate in Q&A 

Question and Answer websites such as Quora are one of the biggest online communities on the internet.

If you post your content on these sites, it remains live for a long time, thus making it s regular source of traffic to your website. 

ProTip: Don’t go on link posting spree. Write your answers in detail with links to your blog posts only if it fits the context. If your content doesn’t provide the answer the audience are seeking, then there are high chances of your content disappearing from the site. 

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9. Ask Influencers to Share Your Content 

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest strategies today. Influencer marketing works on the concept of building mutually beneficial relationships. 

If you have –

  • Great content
  • Built a relationship with the influencer
  • Shared the influencer’s content

You can indirectly ask influencers to share your content.

  • Send them an email telling them about your blog post.
  • Include a short comment at the end of the email, asking them to share if they think their audience would enjoy it. 

There’s no reason why an influencer would not be willing to share your content. 

Unless – They are not interested in collaboration at all. 

If that’s the case – You can then take your efforts to the next influencer who is more aligned with your interests. 


Make sure to boost your SEO strategy with great content and take your content promotion efforts a notch higher for better results.  Use the above 9 tried and tested strategies to make your content get in new visitors and loyal subscribers.

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