7 insanely-effective strategies to get more conversions from your blog traffic in 2020

Can a blog’s design prompt more conversions or make you lose precious visitors? Absolutely yes. So, what can you do about it? Implement these 7 effective design principles in your blog and get higher conversions. By conversions, we mean more loyal readers, more email subscriptions, more shares, more comments and finally more leads.

As part of our ebook research, we scanned the layouts and designs of popular blogs and picked up what they were doing different in order to build a loyal readership and improve conversion.

This guide is supposed to help anyone (businesses and individuals) who is looking to improve the lead conversion ratio of their blog through simple design tweaks. Remember that the best brands that generate leads through their websites and blogs are constantly optimizing their blogs to get more leads. It’s amazing how you can generate and convert more leads through a better blog layout and improve your content marketing ROI.

What you will learn in this free eBook?

  1. How can you make your blog look better and attract more readers.
  2. Why does readability and design matter so much and how can you improve the readability of your content.
  3. What type of Call to Actions can be used for improving conversion ratio optimisation of a blog.
  4. Plus, a peek into what popular blogs do differently to get more traffic to convert.


How can this ebook help you?

  1. It can help you make your blog more sticky, which means your visitors are more likely to read what you have written instead of bouncing off. It can help in building the blog’s readership.
  2. You get to know how minor changes can get you more returning visitors.
  3. Know what design elements you can include on your blog to convert more traffic into leads.

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