More power for Genus Innovations’ solar and battery-inverter business

A traditional set up, Genus Innovation turned to Justwords when they wanted to embrace digital marketing for more online visibility, brand awareness and ofcourse more clients. Here is how our partnership helped them power up their brand online.


Increase in Total Leads



The Client

Genus Innovation is a traditional battery and invertor manufacturing company based in Jaipur. The company was looking at exploring the online space and wanted a partner who could help them develop a website, brand awareness and online traffic. They also wanted to establish a market leadership in their niche spaces of battery and inverter manufacturing, as well as solar panels.

The Challenge

The challenge with Genus Innovation products was that they were sold through distributors, and there was hardly any presence online. Also, since they did not sell in all cities, the market presence was limited. So there was limited brand visibility in the market, especially in the B2C market.

The brand also wanted to emerge as a thought-leader in their industry, which was dominated by players who had been spending the big bucks for years on advertisement and also online marketing. This had to be done through content. The challenge was – how do you create content around batteries and inverters and solar that would not be too technical to understand, would not put off the reader, and would help the consumer solve his pain point. In short, everything had to be built from scratch. And that is where we started in 2018. The goals we were looking at were not easy, but Justwords had never shied away from a challenging brief.

Main Goals

  • Build an online presence and establish brand visibility in the market
  • Build online traffic from scratch and increase it every year
  • Establish thought-leadership by providing content that would solve customer queries and issues.
  • Stay ahead of competition in digital marketing

The Solution: SEO + High-value Content

Building traffic from scratch was always going to be difficult, since the brand did not have an online presence, and a limited offline presence. We set about doing 3 things –
1. Building a proper website. A website is the key to any online marketing journey, since that is where your conversion will happen. Consider it your online home. A good website that is optimised the right way, and has the right content will always get your traffic and conversions. That is what the Justwords team started with. When we finished, we had a good-looking website with everything we needed to start the next phase of online marketing.
2. Implement a solid content marketing strategy – If you need traffic, you need great content and you need SEO to make the content work. So that is what we did. We started developing high-value content. While creating the content, the writers focussed on what were the queries related to every stage of the buyer journey, and how these content pieces could help solve a customer query.
We also developed a series of videos that would help solve basic buyer queries around batteries and inverters. The aim was to produce consistent content that would generate traffic and brand awareness.
All the content that was built was based on our proven Content Performance Formula that is aimed at developing the right kind of brief for the writer. The brief offers the research for the right combination of keywords that had the potential to rank the content, the whole structure of the content, the content mapping etc.
The Justwords Content Performance Formula is used consistently in all our content marketing campaigns, leading to expected success results.
Once the blogs were written, a combination of SEO and content distribution helped the content pieces rank and fetch traffic for the website.

3. A solid SEO campaign. This was based on a solid offpage and onpage strategy that was based on optimising of keywords, earning solid backlinks, assessing buyer persona, rich-variety of content distribution, social media management etc. This slowly started drawing in traffic to the website, enabling the brand to rank for transactional keywords.


Month Feb-19 Feb-20 Feb-21 Feb-22
Organic Traffic 567 1550 14924 40277
Total Traffic 2384 3260 19023 45487

Leads and sales

Traffic is an important metric, but often it’s just not enough. It’s important to understand if this traffic actually translates into more leads and if those leads actually
convert to sales.

So how did we do there?

We went with regional content. Few of the Hindi blogs performed extremely well and helped in getting good traffic and sales.

In around 3 year’s time, the total leads went up by nearly 7X. And the increase in leads converted, or new sales was a whopping 588%.

In short, we managed to transform the client’s entire online business— from a mere digital presence to a powerful, cost-effective tool for new leads and clients.

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