The freshness factor for a successful website

Sparkling website + Amazing content = A Business.
Sparkling website + Amazing content + Frequent Fresh Content = A Great Business.

That was the simple math of the difference between a website that is just occupying virtual space and a great website that invites traffic and spells success. Apparently, ‘fresh’ is not just the patent of the food industry anymore, it has spilled over into other arenas as well, website content being one of them.

You can no longer revel in the blissful knowledge of owning a website and putting it up for people to see, constantly updating it is the key to attracting more audience. And given the thriving content writing agencies around, a lot of people seem to have realized its importance!

If you are still among the skeptics, we give you 10 fantastic reasons to breathe life into your website with regular fresh content:


1. Up Your Search Engine Ranking​
If you don’t figure in the first three pages of a search engine you are as good as extinct in the virtual world. Most search engines, like Google, score website content based on freshness and only display sites with the freshest content.
You can hire a reputed content writing agency to further optimize your website’s ranking on Google.



2. Vibrancy is Sign of Development​
If the last update on your website display 2011 as the year then people are likely to think you are out of business! Daily and regular updates imply that you take your work seriously and are deeply involved.


3. Freshness is Contagious​
Fresh content will attract more people to your website; these people in turn will talk about your site on social media and even share links leading to publicity. Like we always hear, any publicity is good publicity.



4. Brands You As An Expert​

The fact that your website is abreast with all the latest trends and innovations implies that your company has knowledge and expertise on the latest buzz. And when it comes to doing business, everyone looks for the experts, right?



5. Creates a Communication Channel​
An updated website is able to establish a close link with its audience and even make them feel involved. This translates into strengthening of the brand-consumer relationship and builds the brand image.


6. Gets More Followers​
If your website constantly features new content, it is most likely to convert casual visitors into loyal followers. No one likes to re-visit a webpage that looks like it was done up in the Jurassic Era and never has anything new to offer.



7. Employee Involvement​
A good company is one in which the employees take active interest in the working of the organization and are made to feel involved. By encouraging employees to write blogs and other content regularly for the website, you make them feel like are a part of the company.


8. Covering the Keywords​
Rather than fit all keywords into a few blog posts, you can create content around each keyword. This way you not only feature new content regularly, even the search engine optimization will increase.


9. Reason to Explore​
The fact that your website is updated regularly and features new content will make people return to it. This gives them more chances to explore your website and get to understand you better. Reason enough to do business with you!


10. Target Multiple Groups​
Often it is not possible to target all types of audience with a single content. With regular fresh content you can overcome this problem by targeting multiple audiences with different versions of the same content.

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