We are Justwords – an amazing clan of dreamers, doers, thinkers. We are not completely normal but that’s because we are not like anybody else. Expect us to be different, amazing and refreshing.

About Us

We were born in 2010. Back then, we specialised in just content, helping businesses around the world to develop content that is real good – and we don’t mean just quality wise; we mean “real good” in terms of attracting attention, boosting traffic and building brands.

So what are we doing now? We sensed midway that creating content was only one half of the story. The other half lay in reaching that content to the consumers. Content marketing was what a brand needed to be holistic. And, so we broadened our offerings to ensure that the brands not just told their story, but also got the audience to listen to that story, got their traffic, leads, sales and ROI. We had emerged as a full-fledged content marketing agency, which even picked up prestigious awards from Google for two consecutive years. Over the years, we have gone from strength to strength because we believe in understanding exactly what a brand wants and being able to use our own version of content marketing to drive growth for our clients.

As a founder-led company, we have the advantage of being nimble and fast, personable, accountable, flexible, and dynamic. Over the years, we have learnt to deliver scale and reach for all domestic and global clients. Our strength lies in our team consisting of some of the best writers and editors in the industry, along with crazy artists, data analysts and free-thinking marketeers. Today, we are a profitable company. There are no VCs and no advertising. Just a lot of hard work and passion for what we do. At the end, the idea is to tell a great story and make it heard.


The Justwords family is a network of free-spirited, creative people who share a passion for content, marketing and data. Our culture is one of work-till-you-love-it and do-it-anyway-you-want-to. We have our jokes, fun and play.


Whether content stars or bright creative gods or marketing hotshots, every Justwordian is a sharp shooter. But whatever we do, we believe that the team is greater than the sum of each of us. That’s the philosophy that makes us what we are.


We believe is good is just a starting point and there is always scope for improvement. We believe in pushing the boundaries and developing capabilities even further, so that we can help achieve exactly what the client wants.


A digital agency dedicated to creating cutting-edge websites.

“We believe in searching out the story that defines every brand – A story that will connect you and your customer, a story that will create a change, a story that will turn your idea into a powerful brand. Those that tell their story the best, win. We do that by creating the right content, and placing it on the right platforms. So that when your story goes to battle for you everyday through your website, product descriptions, social media pages, blogs, etc, you win the field”

3 Reasons to step into the game with Justwords

If the end user is happy, we will be a happy company

Hence focus on what the customer wants and how he wants it. Whether its just content creation, or marketing it, it should take care of the ultimate aim of the user.

Great work is always backed by an amazing team and culture

Our work culture is founded on trust and openness. Justwords is home to people who love their freedom to work – its a team that brings in loads of passion, talent and ideas.

We focus on customer journeys

We take a holistic approach to digital. This means we focus on reaching the message of the brand to the customer, across channels and across devices. We are where the audience is.

Our Justwords Clan


Payel is boss behind Justwords. The Justwords story began in 2010 when she felt the need to build capabilities that could deliver tip top content for brands struggling to achieve quality and scale in content services. With a background in media, she likes to explore the blend of content, data and marketing in achieving impactful results for businesses. She totally digs beach travel and great design ideas.

Amaresh Choudhary

A social media expert, he loves experimenting with his food and is addicted to e-commerce shopping. If you want answers about the tech world, the best Hollywood movies, the latest gadgets, Amaresh is your guy.

Pallavi Modwell

Always ready to handle a crisis, Pallavi is our master troubleshooter. When not dealing with chaotic deals and fussy clients, she loves to eat and interact. With her dedicated nature, she is a go-to girl for organising, managing and handling all sorts of projects.


After dabbling in economics and market research, Leena found her sweet spot in content. She is our girl scout who always finds a way to save the day. Her pet love is reading and any new idea that allows her creative juices to flow.


Sanjay is the king of selfies. He loves recording every day of life and the special things that matter to him. He is also our inhouse zen designer – talented, calm and collected.


Ajay is always ready to handle a complicated project when it comes to SEO and dive into data sheets. He is also our inhouse food critic whose opinions are highly valued.


Misha is a media graduate and a grammar nazi. She is a media enthusiast, a thinker and an eye for detail person. A food and gourmet coffee enthusiast, she also loves to cook and be the perfect host. She likes to keep it simple and precision is her signature mark.


Subodh works quickly, quietly, and furiously. He is the guy you go to if you just have to get a job done. He enjoys playing and watching cricket and claims to be the biggest fan of former cricket captain MS Dhoni.


Happy takes his name too seriously and is always happy. When not passionately discussing search strategies, Happy loves beating opponents in the basketball and volleyball courts. His motto is to do small things in a great way.


Harsh loves sports bikes as much as he likes action-packed Hollywood movies. An movie buff, he loves to go on long drives out of the city. Animation and VFX is what is thrives on.


Arnav is a passionate motorcyclist. Put him in a high-pressure situation and he almost always comes out smiling, rolling his moustaches. When not negotiating deals, he likes meeting new people and exploring new ideas.


Shubham believes in talking less and getting the work done. A big fan of sports and martial arts, he even practices the moves himself. He lives with the motto of enjoying every day in life.


Prerna loves exploring the world of communication, a passion which finally led her to move from the social development sector to the content industry. When not adding her magic touch to copy, she sketches and watches travel shows.