Drive more revenue with the right kind of digital marketing services

The whole point of doing online marketing is to drive sales, generate revenue, and grow as a business. That happens when your website is optimised, your brand is built, and buyers discover you online at the right time. That is the kind of digital marketing services that Justwords offers. We bring in 13 years of experience, proven techniques, bold but relevant strategies to upgrade the face of your business. Welcome.

Is your content creation failing to get you customers?
Justwords can help

Good content writing services are hard to come by. Most content creation agencies will deliver generic-type content that will come cheap but will not work to satisfy Google Helpful Content Update that wants content that delivers value. Most content writers will write content that will be easy to get but difficult to rank, since the SEO structure will be missing and so will the depth. Most content creation companies will lack the knowledge of content marketing best practices.

In most places, experienced editorial teams (that work as gate-keepers against low-quality content) do not even exist. At most content creation agencies, quantity is not equal to quantity.

This is what makes the differ in Justwords' content creation services:

  • Our content writers are actually top-grade & carefully-vetted based on experience and industry knowledge.
  • Every content we produce comes with a Quality Guarantee. We believe editing is a learned craft and we invest in training our editors to produce a top-class team.
  • We have a successful content production process honed over last 13 yrs that helps scale your content.
  • We are content creation agency that actually does SEO. We know how to write content that can drive traffic and conversions.

A content creation company trusted by global partners for
13 years: Main advantages of hiring us

Are you tired of the strife to find good-quality content creation services? Need a content creation agency that will offer your friction-less content production? Done. Here is what our content creation services cover.


Content writers with domain knowledge

From finance to SaaS, health/fitness, software/technology, eCommerce, manufacturing, insurance, to travel etc, we work with professional content writers who have industry knowledge/subject matter expertise in various niches.


Multiple content format expertise

From long format blogs to case studies, to infographics, to social media content, to SEO content writing, landing pages, guest posts, our content writing agency covers almost every kind of format under content writing services.


Rigorous Selection Process

Writers are handpicked for every project based on their writing skills, industry specialisation and experience. Talented inhouse editors and writers make sure the content is relevant, optimised and good to go.


Delivery and quality guarantee

No compromise on quality and timelines. Whether it is a large project or a small one, you can bank on this content writing agency to make sure that there are no gaps in content quality standards.


More-than-Decade strong content delivery process

Our mature content creation process, fine-tuned over the last 13 years, makes sure that content production happens smoothly. Editors work alongside writers and account managers to ensure timely deliveries and offer proper support.


Topic selection & SEO optimisation

Get topic suggestions based on keyword research to help you write content that ranks, SEO optimisation of all content pieces, keyword suggestions for each content.


Human-generated personalised content

We are 100% committed to human-generated content writing and have zero-tolerance towards plagiarised content.  We use best-in-class tools to detect content written by robots. Unless, ofcourse, you prefer the latter.


Content Marketing Services

Get more than content creation from us. Leverage our expertise as SEO-driven content marketers. Get real results with our content strategy services, content marketing and SEO services. As an agency, we love to create top-grade content and also market that content to fetch rankings and traffic.

Digital marketing services: Guaranteed to get organic growth

Why should you hire Justwords as your digital marketing agency in India? getting you organic results. We become your extended marketing team, dedicated to achieve business goals through a combination of content, SEO, inbound marketing, data-driven content marketing, strategy and analytics, website optimization, copywriting, design and graphics.

What we are experts at –

  • Attracting the customer organically
  • Telling the right brand story
  • Improving online brand visibility
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Generating leads
  • Improving website conversions
  • Growing revenue

With a solid digital marketing approach and proven processes, we have helped our clients generate award-winning marketing experiences, earn more than 2.4 billion in revenue.

If you are looking for digital marketing services like that, then give us a call at 9871370096 or write to us at [email protected]



We understand that you want to clarify your doubts and talk straight to the source. talk directly to one of our digital marketing specialists at 9871370096.

The Justwords suite of digital marketing services


Search engine optimization

When people are searching for something they want, they hit the search engines. Does your website come up then, on the first page? Almost 75% of the consumers do not go beyond first page of search engine results. If your business is not getting on the first page, you are losing out on valuable traffic and sales opportunities.

Our content marketing-driven SEO campaigns have helped our clients achieve solid organic traffic, ranking and brand visibility.

If you are looking for custom SEO services, put to action by an award-winning team, you are here.


Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques that gives 3X more dividends than traditional marketing. You must be asking how? Well that is because content marketing is about understanding the buyer’s journey and offering the buyer the exact kind of content needed to move him/her through the different stages of awareness, consideration, conversion, purchase.

Our award-winning content marketing is driven by 10X content, buyer journeys and content strategies, rich data and SEO. Experience the best here!


Marketing strategy

The consumer today is being pulled in different directions digitally. For a digital marketing experience to work, you will need to cut through the noise and create customer experiences that are without friction, and completely tuned to what your customer wants. This is where content marketing strategy kicks in.

What does your customer want, who are the competitors, what are the flaw in the marketing plan now, what platforms to use, what techniques to implement, which data to consider, what content to create, what frequency and logic to apply – is all defined by marketing strategy. That is exactly what we do


Content creation

Frankly, for digital marketing to work properly, your content needs to work, because it’s the content that does the heavy lifting. Justwords has spent more than a decade perfecting the art of creating growth content that works for search engines and, more so, for humans.

Our content process combines the output of premium industry-expert writers, great data that helps us find which topics will pull traffic to your site and get you’re the rankings, and our hallmark quality control that weeds out what we call “dud content”. Need a hassle-free award-winning content agency in India? Well, we are waiting for your call.


Social media marketing

Social Media is where your brand gets discovered, trust is built, loyalties are shared and buying decisions are made, if not influenced. How can we help? Justwords strategists build you custom strategy that is powered by high quality content, design, daily activities and data.

Our social media management is to focused on telling your brand story and get you targeted followers who convert from browsers to customers.

Pair that with our proven and tested social media advertising services, and your brand is ready for growth.


Visual content

As it turns out, the brain absorbs visual information 70% faster. Now isn’t that a huge reason why visual has to play a part of any digital marketing campaign. It’s important for every brand to tell a story and the best of stories are always remembered. And that is why design is a big part of our digital marketing campaigns. We help brands articulate their best stories through visual content. This is a combination of design, research, conversion copywriting, and distribution. Whether your digital marketing needs infographics to convey a story visually, or a video to push SEO, or excellent graphics for social media brand building, or neatly designed emailers and newsletters, we do it all.


Website development

This is the start of all marketing. Your website is the virtual home of your brand and the most visible asset. Whatever marketing plans you have, you first need to have a well-designed, mobile-optimised, conversion-ratio optimised, consumer friendly website. At Justwords, we build websites that answers your customers questions, allays their hopes and fears, builds trust and persuades consumers to finally take action.

We build websites that are simple to update, tell your story, increase conversion and helps you grow your business.


Social media advertising

The biggest advantage of social media If social media has to work to its full potential for any brand, paid ads need to be a part of the digital marketing strategy.

Our social media ad marketers use proven strategies to accelerate growth and brand visibility of your business with paid advertising. It is a service that pairs excellently with our social media management services since social media ads help increase traffic and brand awareness immensely. While our Facebook and Instagram ads are the most popular, we also perform Linked and Twitter ads.


Pay per click (PPC) management

A digital marketing campaign is incomplete without paid advertising. You could say it is a faster version of SEO. Want quick traffic, leads and brand awareness, run a data-driven PPC campaign and you see the difference. At Justwords, our PPC Specialists help you design the best paid media campaign that will help you support your organic campaign. While our copywriters help create targeted ad copies, our paid media specialist optimizes your ad campaign with seasoned bidding strategies while monitoring the ROI for every keyword.

For brands who need content at scale, a whole team is built to service the requirement. We take care not just of content quality but also project management, timely deliveries, and timely uploading. We absorb your content pressure 100%.


Meet your digital marketing services company, Justwords

Here are the main facts for you. We have been in the industry for the last 13 years, won 2 Google awards for marketing, been rated one of the top marketing agencies by Clutch for 3 consecutive years, worked with some of the best brands across the globe and especially India, generated millions of leads for our clients while creating transformative digital experiences.

As a leading digital marketing agency, our focus is always on building a digital marketing strategy that will drive results and help your business reach challenging goals. Whether you are looking for an online marketing company or a content marketing company, or a digital marketing agency, you can safely give us a call. With a wide range of online marketing services under our belt — from digital strategy to SEO, content marketing, website development, social media management, and paid advertising — our team delivers just the results you need. What can our customised Digital Marketing Plans do for you? Well, with our award-winning team on your side, you can count our digital marketing services to –

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase your reach
  • Drive up organic traffic
  • Get more leads
  • Improve website experience
  • Engage more with your audience
  • And many more!

Want to know how can our digital marketing services help your business? Let’s take a look in detail.

Customer satisfaction rate: 92%

Average no of years a client stays with us: 3-4

The best thing they like about our agency – We walk the talk on quality and performance

Digital strategy

You cannot excel in digital marketing without a proper strategy in place. That’s the mistake most companies commit. They jump directly into execution without proper planning. And where will your road lead you if you do not have a destination in mind?

Justwords makes sure to create and strategize a roadmap for you to achieve your goals. Our experienced team sits down and brainstorm to discover the best path for your success. Some of the questions that we pay attention to are:.

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your buyer’s journey?
  • What are your goals?
  • Which social media platform does your audience use?
  • Which combination of digital marketing services will work best for you?
  • What are the buyer’s pain points that your trying to solve?
  • What is your brand story and how best can it be communicated?
  • What content formats should you use and how?
  • And so much more!

A good digital marketing agency will never create offer their digital marketing services without hearing your problems, understanding your data and mapping a strategy. A seasoned agency understands that online marketing isn’t just about using all the services and platforms available at once. But it is about using these tools at the right time and place to carve a path that brings success to a business.

Search engine optimisation

Every intent to buy begins with a pain point and that mostly leads consumers to start looking for answers on search engines, understanding how they can solve that problem and finding out a solution. When they search for the right thing/solution and your brand offers it online, that is the first connection that is made. Your businesses needs to be found (in the search engine pages) by the customer when he or she is searching for it online. And that is why SEO matters. And that is what we offer your business. We help your business find a place in the coveted top 10 slots of the search engines.

Our performance-focused team will take care of:

When you choose Justwords for your SEO services, we take care of everything starting from auditing your website to implementing new SEO strategies for better search engine rankings. In short, your customised plan will come with its own actionable deliverables that will help in achieving your goal. We have been talking about SEO strategies for your website. But what exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an organic way to improve your online presence and visibility on the digital platform.

In short, by implementing the SEO strategies, you will rank better on search results, which directly translates to more traffic, better conversions, and improved business. After all, more than 80 percent of internet users stick to the first page results for their search queries.

If you are still sceptical about SEO services, then here are some practical examples for you.

With our SEO and social campaigns, a dynamic fintech company saw a

29% Increase in traffic within 3 months.

Our digital marketing strategy along with SEO keywords implementation


Content marketing

Content marketing is at the heart of our online marketing services. Although unknown, your strategies can get 5x conversions if you complement them with content marketing techniques. This alone, shows the importance of content marketing in today’s world.

Content marketing is an acquired skill that requires patience, knowledge, and experience. And that is the Justwords team has honed over the years. We started as a content provider a decade back, and so no one can beat us in that department.

But beware if someone tells you that content is just about reading and writing. It is more than that. We make sure to develop content that is fresh in concept as well as to the eyes. So, it’s about keeping people engaged with graphics, images, and small pointers.

In short, we create something that does not simply give you ranking but also provides value to your visitors.

So, why exactly do you need content marketing?

There are three main reasons for it:

  • Content helps in shaping your customer’s journey to conversion.
  • Content marketing is cheap and still provides you high-quality leads.
  • Content drives sales.

And why should you believe us?

Because we have our past projects as proof that this strategy works. Some of them are:

A décor company was able to pull traffic 4 times more than its competitor company because of content marketing.

A start-up co-working space company was able to pull significant rankings for local keywords.

Social media marketing

Nearly every buying consumer is active on social media, and use it before making a purchase decision; and yet only around 25% of businesses are active on these platforms. This means you are losing a great opportunity here. Having the right social media marketing plan can help you increase your brand’s awareness and visibility, build relationships with your audience and increase website traffic and exposure.

What is social media marketing?

Very simply put, social media marketing is the use of social media to increase brand awareness, build a brand story, build a targeted set of followers, increase traffic to your website, and finally help in generating leads and revenue. Sounds good? Now where do you begin? Depending on whether you are a B2B or B2C business, this online marketing service mainly focuses on improving your digital presence on the main social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube etc.

A very important aspect about social media marketing is that there are two parts of it: organic social media management and paid social media advertising. The ideal social media campaign should be a combination of both, defined by the right strategy, content, and management.

And that is what Justwords social media marketing services offers. We combine the right strategy, the right content, the right techniques to enable your business to reach the right audience. It’s what we call “valuable and targeted” exposure that will help grow your business.

With our experts working for you, it won’t be a big task to achieve goals like an increase in brand awareness, more engagement with customers, and managing customer feedback.

Here is a look at some of our Social Media Management Projects:

A start-up co-working space company was able to establish its brand and get a head start on leads on social media platforms.

The social media campaign for a start-up company helped in increasing organic traffic to the website along with sizeable followers.

Pay-per-click advertising

Considered as one of the best and immediate advertising strategies to get results, Pay-Per-Click Marketing offers a return of Rs. 800 for every Rs. 100 investment on Google Ads.

Irrespective of the size of your company or the market, PPC advertising can help you get on the top quickly. It offers your business a competitive edge. So, you would wonder, why do you need professional services for managing it? Well, because you need to target the right keywords for getting genuine results. Targeting ‘shoes’ while selling a pair of high-thigh boots will take you nowhere. And this is where our online marketing services will help you out.

What is PPC advertising?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising helps in displaying your advertisement on the top of the search engine page when someone enters the relevant keywords. Your results will be on top of the organic results, giving you more chance of web traffic. And you only pay when someone clicks on the link. So, with proper keywords, most of the clicks can be turned into conversions.

When you choose PPC Advertising with our digital marketing agency, we not only run the campaigns but take care of every minute element involved, such as:

  • Your ad copies
  • Target keywords
  • Landing page
  • CTAs

Website design

Your website is like the first impression of your brand on a potential visitor. And to leave a lasting effect it is of great importance to have a smooth, navigating website for the success of any digital marketing campaign.

If you feel your existing website can grab your visitor’s attention and turn into customers, then great. But do not forget to check the following things to make sure that the website design is SEO optimised.

Here’s the list:

  • Your website is responsive on all the devices
  • Follows a colour palette
  • Has smooth and easy navigation
  • Includes images, videos, and graphics
  • Loads quickly

If your website features all these qualities, well and good. Or else we have to make the website SEO optimised so that you do not lose any more valuable customers.

Content writing

Content is the fuel that drives the whole digital marketing engine. Think about it. Throughout the whole customer journey, from the stage where the customer is first made aware of your brand, to where he is trying to researching his options, to when he is trying to decide why should he buy your services, to where he actually puts his money in, every stage content plays a critical role.

From blogs, articles, social media content or website content that draw his awareness to your brand, to infographics, videos, listicles, product descriptions which help him understand what your products/services offer him, to case studies, product literatures, white papers, webinars that actually convince him that your business offering is the right fit, everything is about content. Without the right content, SEO does not make sense. Without content, digital marketing is only a set of techniques that will not deliver results. Your content is your biggest ammunition in your marketing arsenal, so make full use of its power by making sure it’s created well. That is why our digital marketing services covers content creation packages. Our content is created by a stellar team of writers and editors who understand that it is not just good enough to write for the search engines but it’s important to write for the humans – since they are the real deal. If your website features all these qualities, well and good. Or else we have to make the website SEO optimised so that you do not lose any more valuable customers. Over the decade, our award-winning team has honed a set of processes that work and fetch results every time.

This is how it works –

  • The topic and keywords (determined by data taken from SEO tools) are selected after careful research and based on the content strategy crafted.
  • The writer is selected based on his or her domain expertise and given instructions on what is the intent of the article, style guidelines of the brand, structure to keep in mind etc. If required, a call is set up with the client to understand business offerings and products.
  • The written content then passes on to the editorial team who check for quality, add in the necessary polish and CTAs. If necessary, it is sent back to the writer for changes.
  • Post this, the marketing team adds the necessary flourish in order to make the content perform better, for example visual content, or hyperlinks.
  • Post this, it’s sent for client review.

Read more about how our award-winning content team helped AskNestle create a content hub that went to win the prestigious WARC award.

Advantage of Justwords digital marketing services

When you are in business for more than a decade, you know some rules of the game that works. Our strength lies in our experience of knowing what works and what does not in different domain, our excellent team of talented and dedicated marketers, writers, editors, SEOs, designers – all united by the love of digital, and our constant need to experiment and learn. If you are looking for a team that will actually care about your business growth, that is Justwords.

Perks of hiring Justwords digital marketing services? Well here they are –

1. Our two-pronged aproach

Let’s just say, this is what makes us best out of the rest.

Most of the companies out there will offer to meet your goal of increasing traffic and better ranking on the search engine page.

But what’s next? Have you ever thought of that? Is just getting traffic to your website all you need?

This is where our two-pronged approach will help you. At Justwords, we do not just focus on increasing the website traffic and getting you higher on the search engine results page, but we also help in what matters the most – the leads.

A top-rank on the search engine and traffic to your website is meaningless if none is ready to take action. That’s why we focus on compelling call-to-action and conversions. So, this is what we will do for you:

  • Employ SEO strategies to rank your website on search engines.
  • Focus on keywords related to your business, industry, and products/services.
  • Work on improving the quality of your website’s content to bring in conversions.
  • In short, now your visitors will be your customers.

2. Our capability to deliver better results than others

When you look for a digital marketing agency, you are looking for something more – rather it is better sales, better rankings, or better quality of traffic. But the keyword here is ‘being better’.

So, why do you want to settle for a company that only offers you something good rather than better? Most companies do not promise you a return on the investment. And that’s because they will provide only marginally better results like something around 5-10 percent returns.

Justwords deliver better results. We aren’t just bluffing; you can see the results for yourself right here And we guarantee you the results, something that others don’t.

3. We become your digital marketing team

Justwords is more than a digital marketing agency – we are partners. We do not act as a company offering digital marketing services – but we partner with your marketing team and make you a part of ours.

We care about your goals, your team, and your company. So, whether you are talking with the dedicated account manager or interacting with our strategy team, you will find that you are our priority.

If you have collaborated with other digital marketing companies before, then you will find an instant difference. How? Here are a few ways where you’ll find us different:

  • We ask you several questions, try to understand your buyer pain points, try to understand how we can help your business better.
  • We want to know your goals, your driving factors, and your long-term plans.
  • We understand that each company is different; so, even though we have worked for the same industry before, we will study you right from the basics.

A personal specialist will be assigned to you for making your journey with us memorable and successful. And that’s not something just for saying, you’ll be able to see and monitor the real-time analytics and the difference it makes to your business.

4. Our personalised services

Justwords does not shy away from our responsibilities – we are available when you need us.

We do not dodge your phone calls!

We do not let the emails sit in the inboxes, forever!

We reply. And reply right away!

Our clients choose us because of the personalised and quality digital marketing services we provide to fit their specific requirements. We do not have a standard outline for everyone, as we understand that each business is different and so are their needs.

5. Transparency is a norm here

We do not believe in hiding things from our clients. We focus on making transparency our standard. Let it be the pricing module, the digital marketing strategies we use, or the campaign results, you will have an access to everything when it comes you your account.

When we offer you a personalised custom quote for the digital marketing services package, we explain every single price point and service we offer. So, you know what you are getting.

We do work closely with your team and let you know about all the marketing strategies we are using, so you have a clear idea about all the campaigns running. And when it comes to results, you can track real-time data and results for all your investments.

If you are now confused between choosing PPC or SEO, have a quick chat with a Justwords marketing expert and ask for a suggestion. You can always call us at 9871370096 or contact us here.

How to decide on the best digital marketing services for your business

very single business is different unique. That means each company has different goals. So, how can the same digital marketing services apply to every business out there?

That being said, isn’t every business looks out to increase website traffic, conversions, and revenue?

Then, how exactly should one choose the best marketing services that will work for the business?

Here’s how:

1. SEO for more website traffic

If your core goal is to increase your visitors to the website, then you need to focus on SEO.

SEO strategies help in improving your website ranking for industry-specific keywords. It means SEO campaigns can help you be visible where your potential customers are lurking around on the search engines. And because your website will be on top of the search engine queries results, the customers will click the link and visit your website often.

2. PPC for immediate results

If you are looking for a strategy that yields immediate results, then what you are looking for is PPC.

SEO is definitely a useful weapon in the long run; but will it offer you results immediately? Nope. SEO is something that may take a few months to come up with visible, measurable results. That’s where PPC can help you out with instant results. PPC campaigns start producing results as soon as it goes live. It means, potential customers may come across the ads immediately, and you can see the rate of increased conversions right away.

3. Social media marketing for better customer service and network

If you want to build a network with your customers, then Social Media Marketing is your tool. Whether you chat in the comments section of your post or reply to a post where you are tagged, social media platform is the best tool to communicate with your customers. What’s more? You can also use the direct messaging feature on the social platform apps to create your group and offer promotional deals and stay in touch with your loyal customers.

That being said, social media is also a great tool to perform damage control for your brand. For example, if someone is unsatisfied with your product or service, you can quickly reply to the comment by addressing the issue and providing a feasible solution. See! How handy social media can be for your brand.

4. Content marketing for building brand image/awareness

If you have just started and looking to create brand awareness amongst the customers, then you should head to the Content Marketing plan. People usually skip this step, and then wonder why they don’t get any conversions. The reason is simple, people won’t believe the business that they haven’t heard of earlier. This is where building your brand image comes in handy.

Content marketing is a useful tool where you create unique, reliable, and relatable content for your potential buyers. Irrespective of whether it is long-form blogs, a simple visual, or a video message, content builds trust and engagement with your audience. And that’s how you win hearts.

5. Website designing for creating strong first impressions and conversions

If your end goal is conversions, then you need to look for web designing services.

All the above-mentioned digital marketing services are a waste of time if you cannot get them to convert. And how you do it? By creating a website that is trustworthy and easy to navigate. After all, isn’t it said, ‘put your feet in the right place to stand firm’? Let your website speak for you. And see what wonders it creates for your conversion ratios.

But if you are looking for an overall success that requires immediate conversions as well as in the near future, then choosing the entire digital marketing package with a digital marketing agency is the option for you. Let’s Connect! And discuss a customized plan that works the best for your business. What do you think?

Frequently asked question

Social media optimization is a digital marketing strategy that is aimed to increase awareness and engagement for your brand through specific techniques on social media. SMO involves analysing, monitoring and moderating a brand’s interaction across social media networks. It goes beyond just optimizing social media content and encompasses a range of methods and tactics for improving search visibility and driving lead generation across various social media platforms.
Common SMO tactics include:
● Crafting platform-specific marketing strategies for the different social media platforms, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
● Encouraging and monitoring brand mentions in groups and communities
● Running highly-targeted influencer marketing campaigns
● Managing negative comments and news
● Tracking engagement metrics and social media trends

Simply put, a social media agency helps businesses excel with their social media marketing campaigns. They help brands build deeper connections with their audience and maintain high levels of engagement across various social media platforms. Social media agencies offer tools and expertise for assessing, optimizing, and monitoring social media campaigns to bring them closer to their goals. The main things done by a social media agency to support a business are the following -
● Creation of social media strategy
● Production of the right kind of content for social media posts
● Designing visuals for the content like videos, GIFs, graphics, infographics, reels, etc
● Publishing the posts
● Carrying out activities to promote the posts and increase engagement
● Other SMO activities like listening, monitoring, tracking data, tweaking strategy
● Running social media advertisements for lead generation

To help businesses with all of this, a social media agency works with:

● A deep understanding of your goals, target audience, and unique brand experience
● A strategy for approaching your social media marketing goals
● A well-thought out plan putting your social media strategy to work
● Regular reporting and an open line of communication to keep you posted all the way

Hiring the best social media agency in Gurgaon or any city depends on the kind of budgets you have as well as the kind of marketing partner you want to work with. However, here are the basics that you should consider.

1. What is your goal - For example, if your major goal is running paid advertisement campaigns, then you should be looking for an agency which is strong in performance marketing. However, if you are looking for organic and inorganic growth, and looking for skillsets in design, content, content marketing and paid marketing, then it is better to look for an agency that specialises in all those skills.

2. What is your budget - Close on a budget you are comfortable with and then start shopping around for someone who is closer to what you can afford. While you will always get a cheap and affordable agency, focus on an agency which has experience in the skills sets you need.

3. What is their Experience: Look at their portfolio of work, the industries they have worked in, the results they have achieved, the testimonials from clients, their work done on different social media accounts etc. A good social media agency will talk about strategy, the overall things needed to achieve the goals, and do an audit of the full website and provide overall recommendations as well.

4. How do they work: Understand how do they work. During interviews, ask them questions in areas like capabilities, culture fit, communication, and commitment.

This answer depends mostly on what is your requirement. Also, it will depend on whether you are hiring a small size agency or a large corporate agency.

If you are a small business and looking for basic to moderate packages of social media marketing (which includes mostly content creation, visual design, strategy, marketing) then this should cost somewhere between Rs 25,000-Rs 45,000 (minus GST). This is ofcourse, not including paid ads marketing.

If you are looking for advanced social media marketing packages that include content creation, design and graphics that include a variety of visual formats, ORM, content and social media marketing strategy, data analysis etc, then the package is likely to vary between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Again the final budget will depend on the number of visuals that have to be created, and the budget to boost your content, as well as your paid ad budget.

Some of the benefits that businesses often report gaining from social media marketing include:-

● Improved brand recognition and awareness
● Deeper insights into the minds of customers
● A deeper connection with audiences cultivated using original stories and authentic interactions
● Enhanced trustworthiness leading to better conversion rates
● A proactive customer care significantly increasing customer satisfaction
● A more profitable retargeting campaign cutting down the cost of customer acquisition
● Healthier overall returns on investment compared to many other marketing channels
● Stronger brand loyalty driven by high levels of brand engagement and satisfaction among customersundefined

We’re ready to discuss your digital marketing project

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  • Receive free advice and recommendations on how to achieve them









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