Content Strategy Services: The secret to content marketing success

Our content strategy service is all about creating the framework that will act as a guide for the whole process of content creation, and the steps you need to take to reach your target content marketing goal.

Content Strategy Services: Why is it so important

When does your business need a content strategy? Always. Why do you need it? Because without a strategy, you are basically working without a plan. While it is tempting to just create a piece of content or pieces of content, just because you thought creating content was good for the brand, it is not a wise thing to do.

Until you know why you are creating the content, for who are you creating the content, what is it that you are trying to achieve with that content, what topic to write on and why, which stage of the funnel your user is at, and how that content is performing, content creation is just a wild guess.

That is exactly why you need a content strategy. Justwords helps businesses like yours to take the guesswork out of your content creation game. We help create content strategies that will guide the whole process of content creation, content optimisation for SERP rankings, and premium quality distribution for reaching out to your target audience. This usually involves the following:

content strategy
content strategy

Goals & audience profile

Strategy mapping starts with identifying the goal of the campaign and who is the target audience, and what stage of the buyer’s journey they are at. This is very important since content needs to satisfy their search intent and achieve our goals.

content strategy

Keyword research

What are the parent keywords that people are likely to search you with, what are the cluster and subtopic keywords, and the topics related to every cluster. We build a mini universe of keywords that will help you rank, get traffic & build topical authority.

content strategy

Topic research & structure

Topics research is critical for every stage of the buyer journey. What does your buyer want to read about? Choosing the right topic (something the audience & Google will like) and crafting the right article structure is very important part of the content strategy process.

content strategy

Content creation

Once topic, keywords, formats are over, the whole content production process starts. Content calenders and guidelines are frozen, editorial and writing teams begin work, quality checks are done, SEO content optimisation follows, and content deliveries begin.

content strategy

Backlinks & distribution

Once content is published, content distribution begins. Depending on what plan you have picked, distribution will begin across social channels, and high-authority sites. SEO teams will also get into action for building quality backlinks to each content asset.

content strategy

Strategy optimisation

A big part of creating content strategy is to also understand what is working and what is not. We study the analytics to see which kind of content is driving in organic traffic, and helping conversions. Content changes are then made based on these tweaked based on that.


How is a content marketing strategy created?

The process of developing a content strategy starts with the brief document you share with us. We typically take a deep dive into your industry, competitors and available analytics and data as first level research. We then meet internal stakeholders from the sales, marketing and product and leadership teams to understand their interpretation of the brief. This is followed by meeting with the brand team to understand buyer personas and historic data on what drives your customers. There are sometimes done over meetings, sometimes dedicated workshops and sometimes even by meeting with your customers. We come back to you with a single line objective for your content, connect with your brands KPIs and then the complete plan on how we intend to move the needle to move you from A to X. We ensure to take a pause at regular intervals to connect the dots to see if we need a course correction and the deliverables and outcomes not only meets but exceeds expectations.

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Our content strategy approach

Content audit & review

We start by finding checking your online content landscape and its history. We understand what you have been done, been doing, and the type of results you have been getting. Most of all, we find the foundational flaws that needs to get fixed.

Competition and sector analysis

What works in your sector, what will attract your target audience, what is your competitor doing? We research and benchmark you against your competition and draw up a data-driven battle plan on how to build trust and awareness for your brand.

Persona research

We combine all the information we know about your target audience and build a buyer persona. The aim is to know what works for your audience. This insight will permeate into what content is written, where is it shared, how is it distributed.

Build content inventories

We are now at a stage when we need to map out what sort of content has to be written, what format needs to be used, and how often we need content. We plan your content inventory & guidelines for every marketing activity and create a calendar.

Brand voice guidelines

How does your brand want to interact with your audience? How should your brand appear before your customer? We interact with your sales and marketing team to understand your brand’s voice and suggest how best we can communicate with the consumer.

Analyse and optimise

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Frequently asked questions

AI-generated content relies on algorithms and lacks the human touch. Overall, it will be generic, lacking depth, and a lot of correct sentences put together leading upto nothing clear. That is AI generated content for you. Human generated content is the exact opposite. There is clarity, depth, personalisation, insights and value offerings.

Blog writing boosts SEO by providing fresh, relevant content that search engines love. It attracts traffic, engages and informs your audience, builds trust, and establishes your authority in your niche.

The timeline varies based on project complexity, but we prioritize meeting your deadlines efficiently. We generally recommend waiting for 3 - 6 months for the blog post to gain traction, attract traffic, and climb up search engine results.

Yes, we can. Our experts are skilled in using Surfer SEO to optimize content. They can apply the app's SEO prompts naturally, ensuring that keywords and other SEO elements blend in seamlessly with the post.

We have a massive talent pool of experts in a vast range of niches. Our experts specialize in finance/fintech, SaaS, health/fitness, software/technology, eCommerce, manufacturing, insurance, travel, electronics, etc.

We stand out with our industry-experienced writers, rigorous editorial process, and commitment to quality and deadlines. We also combine a raft of content marketing and SEO techniques to provide more firepower for your marketing campaign. All of this comes at highly competitive rates. We don't just write articles; we craft experiences that connect with your audience, drive results, and elevate your brand.

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content strategy

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