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Looking for content to drive traffic and sales? You need to have the right content and SEO strategy in place, the capacity to create all types of content marketing formats and implement SEO, and the right team to distribute and promote the content. That’s what are content marketing services are all about. Content Marketing is our game.


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Content marketing services: Drive traffic, rankings and leads

Content Marketing is the strategic creation and promotion of high-quality and influential content to increase Brand Awareness, Trust and Loyalty, Engagement and Conversions. The function of content marketing is to pave a path for the customer – from the stage where the consumer starts searching for a solution to his pain point and becomes aware of your product to the stage where he finally buys your service/product. In the process, content marketing builds familiarity for the brand and builds trust with the customer. As a result of this, when the time comes to make a purchase, the customer leans towards the brand (your business) that she is familiar with and has come to trust.


Thus, content marketing involves the strategic planning, creation and distribution of various content formats like blogs, videos, podcasts, articles, white papers, ebooks, case studies, email newsletters, infographics, etc. to make the audience aware of your product/services, build your authority with the audience, and nurture the existing prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Around 81% of marketers consider content as the core of their business strategy. But what makes content marketing the most prominent business strategy? 72% of marketers say content marketing increases brand engagement and ultimately the number of leads. The reason is that content is easy to access and enables the audience to solve their problems either by themselves or by getting help from someone else.

Want to understand more about what is content marketing? We have explained the WHAT, WHY & HOW of content marketing in our easy-to-understand Content Marketing: The essential guide.


Why content marketing services?

The business world is continuously evolving with cutting-edge technical and digital advancements. As a result, businesses are shifting towards digital growth for their businesses and content is the emperor of this digital empire in creating awareness and generating quality leads to sustain healthy sales growth.

With the help of high-quality, valuable and meaningful content, content marketing services increase website traffic and relevant leads. The more time a consumer interacts with your brand, the more chance of him trusting your brand. So when it comes to the final step of choosing which brand to buy from, its likely to be yours. Here is why content marketing services are important for a business.

1. Helps builds online brand awareness

Every search on the Internet starts because the consumer wants to a solution. Sometimes, he is not aware of what the solution is, and sometimes he is. Either way, when he searches and finds your blog or your website landing page, or a social media post, or an ebook, or a video, he interacts with your brand through the content and becomes aware of your business. Content therefore works as a first touchpoint with the buyer and etches in the first memory of the brand. As the buyer will search and evaluate, and compare further, he will interact with more content from your brand, which will further reinforce the fact that your brand is one of the best solutions. Content marketing has thus helped create brand awareness.

2. Helps in building trust among the audience

Content marketing is all about winning a customer through building trust. People do not want to buy whatever you sell to them. They want to know they are buying from the right brand, who them implicitly trust and depend on to deliver good quality product or service. That is exactly what content marketing offers – a journey through which trust is built.

This is how the marketing funnel works –

Though there are several ways to pull the buyer into your funnel, content marketing is one of the effective ways to convert a customer into a buyer. As the consumer moves through the different stages of the funnel, content shapes and influences his decision. At the end, he is ready to make his purchase.

Learn more about what content to build at each stage of the funnel.


3. You get better and more relevant leads

A focussed content strategy attracts new customers – your ideal buyers. This is one of the most important reasons why content marketing has become so popular – it targets the right set of audience for your business. Once you target the right audience, and attract him to your marketing funnel, the chances of converting getting a sale from that prospect becomes a lot higher since he is relevant lead for your business.

4. Impacts SEO positively and helps strengthen your domain authority

Without any doubt, content is the soul of SEO. High quality and valuable content that your audience adores also helps in improving search engine rankings for your business. Well-optimized content and SEO friendly content answers the audience’s question and are likely to gain a higher ranking. Top ranking, more visibility, more leads and therefore a more healthy sales funnel.

Apart from this, a combination of content marketing and SEO also positively impacts the DA of your website. A strong DA tells Google that your website is credible and trustworthy, since there are so many sites which are linking back to you. Hence it becomes easier to rank for keywords in your domain, which also means more traffic and leads.

5. It is more cost-effective and sustainable in the long run


If you are wondering paid ads or organic marketing through content and SEO, then here is why you should opt for the latter.

For paids ads to work for you, you need a handsome budget. Also the minute you stop paying for it, the ads will stop and hence your leads flow will also stop. If you are investing in content marketing, you are likely to get a sustained flow of leads at a much cheaper rate. For eg, blogs that start ranking will continue to drive traffic to your website until ofcourse a better blog takes its place.

The point is traffic flow through content is not dependent on payment to Google. Also, content marketing will generate more relevant leads and hence give you better ROI. A customer always prefers organic search results to ads, hence he is more likely to click on the top results of organic than the ad results for the same keyword.

Justwords content marketing services: what we offer

Content marketing is at the heart of our online marketing services. Although unknown, your strategies can get 5x conversions if you complement them with content marketing techniques. This alone, shows the importance of content marketing in today’s world.

Content marketing is an acquired skill that requires patience, knowledge, and experience. And that is the Justwords team has honed over the years. We combine content strategy, content creation, and SEO-powered content distribution to get you the best of results. Having helped thousands of clients in the last decade achieve growth, we know how to drive traffic and leads through content marketing. We are known for our hands-on approach, personalised attention and bespoke marketing strategy. Whether you sign up for a basic or an aggressive content marketing services package, you can be assured of the above.

Here is what is covered in our content marketing services.

1.Content strategy

This forms the core of our content marketing services. If you do not have a content strategy backing your content marketing plan, then you are not doing content marketing. You are just creating content.

As we develop your content strategy, we try to find out who are we creating for, who is ideal target audience and which stage of the buying journey is he/she at, what is the kind of topic and keywords that will drive traffic to the website, what is the search volume of each keywords, what kind of topics should be chosen based on user intent, competition, and industry.

A proper content strategy is all about data and research, and combining that with the best practices of SEO. It’s also about tracking the performance of each content piece using SEO tools to understand whether the content is performing or not.

2. Content development process

Once the content strategy is ready to be implemented, the editorial team plans the content calender, based on the content types to be used, the no of content pieces that has to created (based on the content marketing package you have opted for), and the frequency at which it needs to be published.

Each project has its own set of specialised writers who work with a central editorial team which gives them feedbacks and support to generate the best kind of content. Each writer is picked very carefully, making sure that her/his skill sets match those of the project. Curation of the writing team is a big part of the content development process. The whole success of the content depends on which writers you are using for a project. Justwords has been doing for years and years and we can proudly say that we have mastered the art of curating the best team for every project, ensuring a very high success rate.

3. Content writing

Content writing is probably the hardest part of the whole process and that is what Justwords excels at – its ability to generate the best of content for whatever kind of industry you are in. That is because we vet our writers extremely carefully. Only 2% of the total writers who apply with us quality for our projects. This is to ensure we have the best of writers from every niche writing for our projects.

Once the writers are chosen, our editorial team makes sure content writer understands what the business is all about, what the guideline are for the project, what kind of style needs to be adopted, and what kind of SEO guidelines to be kept in the mind. The written content pieces are then submitted for quality check, and sent back to writers if required. The final piece is then submitted to the client for feedback. Once the client approves, the content is submitted for publishing.

4. Content optimisation

Content optimisation is an important part of the whole process. While the writers do it at their end, our SEO team will also be working on the content pieces to make them SEO-optimised.

For example, for a pillar page, they will be writing the meta descriptions, meta tags; for a piece of blog, they will be suggesting the slug and incorporating the anchor test (if this is included in your package), checking the h1, h2 tags to make sure they capture the best keywords etc.

For premium packages, the design team also gets involved in designing infographics/images to make the blog more interactive. The result of content optimisation is that you get content pieces that are ready to drive in traffic.

5. Content promotion

Once the content created and published, our experienced team of content marketers make sure that your content reaches the right audience. Without content promotion, a great piece of content is as good as a dead piece of content. Hence, putting in place a content promotion strategy is extremely important for every piece of content that is created.

Content promotion helps in content discovery. As your content reaches your target audience, there is brand awareness that takes place. From then on, as more and more people connect with your content, there is trust that gets built, leading to traffic, leads and conversions.

Content distribution strategies used by us include strong SEO campaigns, guest outreach, rich backlink creations, email campaigns, paid campaigns, etc. In short, we make the content work and deliver results

6. Monthly reporting

Content marketing just does not end there. Did your content perform? How much traffic did it drive in? Which keywords is it ranking for? Did any piece of content lead to conversions?

All of this get captured in our monthly/fortnightly report (based on the package you opt for). We like to keep our data extremely transparent and we are open to explaining anything you would like to know about the data.

What content marketing types do we offer

There are various content marketing types that businesses can opt for. A wise selection of content types depends on what types are most effective for your business. Different campaigns require different content types to connect with the audience in a better way. Customers have their own content preferences. In B2B and B2C, these preferences totally depend a lot of on the stage of the customer’s journey.

In the beginning, they are more likely to consume informative and educational content in the form of long-format blogs, articles, etc. The more he moves down the funnel, a consumer wants more content that tells him that he is making the right choice.

Based on our experienced in Justwords Content Marketing Agency, this is what performs best at every stage of the funnel.


Here are some of the most popular content marketing types that we offer as part of our content marketing services.

Long-format blogs

At the beginning of the buyer journey, blogs are great for building brand awareness and sharing knowledge with the customer. Long-format blogs are well long blogs, which are written in detail, covering every question that a buyer might have on a particular topic. Blogs are the most dominant form of content and work extremely well as a medium to drive traffic to the website.

Blogs created for the Top of the Funnel, help create awareness for a brand and also starts the journey of building trust. Blogs in the middle of the funnel, helps build thought-leadership and more trust, while blogs for the bottom of the funnel help in prodding the customer into making a purchase, by offering concrete evidence that he is making the right choice.

Case studies

Every customer wants to see evidence of success before investing their money in a product or service. Case studies are the perfect tool to showcase that. These content pieces are excellent in helping a customer understand how you were able to solve your customer’s pain points through your strategies and help them achieve success.

This is especially true for new customers who want that last nudge to be convinced that they are buying from the right brand. Case studies are a great way to influence and impress new customers with proven expertise and success.

They establish credibility and trust amongst customers. Here is a case study we wrote about how we helped Nestle build a brand.


Today videos need to be part of your content marketing strategy. There is a reason for it. People spend almost 100 minutes watching videos every day, according to research and many customers depend on videos to make their purchase decisions. Videos are great for capturing eyeballs instantly.

A study by Hubspot shows, 54% of the audience wants more video content from the brand they support. The number is bigger than any other form of content. Videos are easy to use and accessible. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have an opportunity to engage with their audience by providing video content that leaves them wanting more.


Today videos need to be part of your The beauty of infographics is that it helps a reader absorb a huge amount of information quickly and clearly. That is because the brain processes visual images faster than it text. Hence a reader can easily digest a fairly large amount of information that is presented to him through infographics.

With the help of infographics, data, information and statistics can be arranged in an interesting visual representation. Infographics can work as standalone pieces of content, or can be used as an addition to a written piece of content as well. You could also embed a short HTML code, allowing other users to use the infographic on their sites, with a link back to yours.


Ebooks are similar to very well-researched blog posts but do a whole lot more. When an ebook is downloaded, it requires the user to share his details like the company name and email id. This is extremely valuable data, which can be used by your marketing team to nurture the customer through content marketing.

Why would a customer download an ebook? For valuable and useful information. Ebooks delve into details about a single topic. Mostly, ebooks are created as gated content to attract potential consumers by offering useful knowledge. Ebooks are great in establishing the brand as a thought leader and serves as a crucial tool in influencing the buyer in the middle of the funnel. You can check out our best ebooks here.

White papers

White papers are long-form premium pieces of content that are similar to ebooks but are more dense in data and information.

White papers are usually used by brands to establish themselves a thought leader in their domain and showcase their knowledge and expertise. White papers take a lot of effort to create since they need to extremely well-researched and also well-designed. Such content pieces are created to share industry related knowledge or deep insights. White papers are primarily used in the middle of the funnel, where they help build trust with the reader and convince him/her that your company knows what it does and is an authority.

Pillar pages

A pillar page is a single page of long-form content that gives a broad yet complete overview of a certain topic. It then branches out to various pages (called cluster pages) which address each topic in detail. Think of it as the page showing all the contents in a book and the cluster pages as the different sections of a book.

Pillar pages are usually more than 2000 words and comprehensive. However, its important to note that pillar pages cannot work by themselves. They need spokes to make the whole wheel work. The spokes here are formed by the cluster pages. Pillar pages help websites rank for high volume keyword and also improve site structure. Here is the pillar page we created for “What is Content Marketing”

Social media content

There are billions of people out there who use social media and hence this is one the primary ammunitions in your content marketing armoury. With the help of social media channels, you can reach out to your audience directly, get real time feedback and build brand awareness for your business.

Social media is a great way for your target audience to discover your brand, connect with your brand story, and know about what your products and services. Success with social media is also dependent on understanding what kind of content your customer prefers and engages with. This type of content requires creative copywriting and design skills.

Emailers and newsletters

Emailers and newsletters are a great way of engaging with your target audience regularly and also nurturing their interest. No wonder they are immensely popular. According to Statista, there are 3.9 billion daily email users and they are likely to grow to 4.3 billion in 2023 . That is because emailers and newsletters are excellent lead generation tools.

Not only do they help build a unique brand awareness, they also help in converting a lead into a client. This is one of the best persuasion tools you got in your content marketing kitty to push interested leads down the sales funnel. If someone is still wondering whether to buy your product or not, an emailer can just do the trick by offering special deals, offering content downloads, highlighting positive customer testimonials etc.


Confused which format will suit your business and budget the best? Why not talk to our content marketing experts to find out

How much does content marketing cost?

Content marketing cost depends on what you are looking for out of your marketing campaign, and the kind of results you are looking for. If you are a small business and working on a smaller budget, try for a basic content marketing package that will be sustainable for you. Remember content marketing is not a one-time thing that can be done for 3 months and forgotten. If you want real results, you need to be ready to invest for atleast a year and have the patience to see the results. This is not to say that the results will not start showing before that. However, businesses looking for a quick fix for their leads problem, should look to invest in paid ads rather than an organic marketing campaign.

Let us understand how the content marketing costs work. The content marketing costs depend on the kind of content you are opting for, the research required, the formats that you want for your business, the scale of promotion you want for your content and the target you are trying to achieve through your content marketing campaign.

On an average, SMEs spend around Rs 50,000 and Rs 1.5 lakh per month for content marketing. Costs mainly vary because of the quantity of content, SEO packages, scale of promotion opted by the business.

Often there are businesses who operate in specialised fields and require expert content writers to create that sort of niche content, thereby increasing costs too. The level of promotion you choose also makes a difference.

Looking for best content marketing services: Here is why Justwords should be your partner

Delivering content marketing services for 13 yrs

We are one of the oldest content marketing agencies in India, having started our operations in 2010 as a content agency. We were one of the early adopters of content-driven digital marketing in India since we realised that the real results lay in not only creating content but also putting that content to work for your business. Over the years, we have helped thousands of businesses, across verticals and across geographies, to lay down their content strategy, building their content, and implement transformational digital campaigns.

Powered with experience of marketing across industries

Justwords has, in the last decade, offered its content marketing services to some of the biggest brands in the country — Nestle, Hero Fincorp, Times Property, Magic Bricks, HDFC Ergo, Reliance, ICICI Lombard, BCG, OYO, HSBC, Alibaba Group etc. Not only that. We have also helped niche brands and startups like Genus Innovation,, Paytabs, Times Property, develop their content and implement SEO-driven digital campaigns. There are also dozens of small businesses whose entire online trajectory has moved north after we implemented SEO-driven content marketing campaigns for them.

Awards and recognition

As a full-fledged content marketing agency, we have even picked up two prestigious awards from Google for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014. We have also been ranked as one of the top content marketing agencies in India by Clutch year after year. In 2022, Clutch again has recognised us as a Leader in the Marketing and Advertising space. Not only that, we are also humbled to be on a number of other lists that rank the better content marketing agencies of our land. Our work (for one of our client’s) also won the International WARC Awards in June 2020.

Seo-powered content marketing services

When an agency survives more than a decade and a pandemic, it tells you one thing – they know your craft. Whether it’s just content or whether its growth through content and SEO-driven digital marketing campaigns, we have always delivered satisfaction and results. We know how to use the digital matrix of content, SEO, social and paid to deliver the best of results. We update our knowledge and sharpen our skills every week, month, year. We learn what works and deliver the best of content marketing services.

Want to know about content marketing costs for your business? Talk to our content marketing expert right now to know better

How does it work? The Justword's blog writing services approach

Understanding your requirement

We set up a meeting with your team to understand your brand's personality, voice, blog writing requirements, business goals, and content expectations. We also try to get a grasp of your business and if necessary arrange for another call with your product team. The goal is to understand your business better so that we can write from an expert’s perspective. The insights also enable us to compile a set of content guidelines for our blog writing project.

Analyse & first draft

After we gather your inputs, we start our analysis of the industry, and your competition. If we already have the topics to start with, we align the writer who is most aligned with the project based on his or her experience. Based on a detailed briefing given created by the editorial team, the blog writer develops the first draft. This is submitted for your approval.

Setting up the perfect team

The best blog writing services have the best blog writers. Good team is equal to good blog writing service. Simple equation. And that is what we aim for. Once we get an approval from you on the samples submitted, we take a buffer period to set up the right team. This means, we match the most suitable blog writers to our content project. The editorial team then does a trial run with the team to make sure that there is proper understanding of the project and the guidelines. Feedbacks are provided based on the first drafts shared, and the team is apprised of all things needed to get started on the project. Deadlines are set by the content operations team and the whole process gets ready for project delivery.

Content production begins

The best blog writing services are defined by flawless production process. As content production begins, the whole system gears up to create content at the best possible speed, keeping in mind that quality is paramount. Editors keep a hawkish eye on language, grammar, research, information accuracy, SEO alignment, and errors. Sitting at the centre of our blog writing process, our content managers make sure all queries from content writers, editors and clients are resolved. In the background, the content operations team makes sure everything moves flawlessly, and as per timelines.
Once the blogs successfully passes the editor's scrutiny, they proceed to our master quality gatekeepers, who guarantee that you receive only top-tier, error-free, and highly effective content.

Feedback and changes

Once delivery is done, the editorial team awaits feedback from client. Two rounds of changes are usually accommodated with every project. However, we usually make sure all clients are happy with the output. Once the client approves the content, it is made ready for publishing. If the client is not happy with the content after the first submission, we speak with the client to understand the issues. The understanding is then used to make changes to the content and re-submitted. Voila! Your content is now ready for deployment!

Blogging as a content marketing strategy & what a good blog writing service can do for your business

Blog writing services play a pivotal role in content marketing, helping achieve organic growth and boosting lead generation. When you work with a blog writing service to craft your blogs, you're leveraging their knowledge of the industry as well as their skills of content marketing. The result? Consistently engaging blog posts, that work to get the attention of your target audience. These blogs also serve as the initial touchpoints in your marketing strategy, strategically designed to attract web traffic, establish your brand identity, and provide solutions to customer pain points. They're the bridge between the inquiries that your prospective customers have and your services. Here is how a content agency offering blog writing services can help you.

1. Create brand visibility and authority

You offer great services. But how many of your prospective customers are aware of your awesome products and services. Blog writing services offer a solution. It allows you to showcase your business offerings without investing a lot of your valuable time. A blog writing service helps you bolster your industry authority as well as introduce your brand to individuals who may have been unfamiliar with your company before the launch of your blog. Now add to that strategic social media promotion and high-quality backlinks, you are actually creating assets that will deliver growth. That is exactly what a professional blog writing company will help you do – capture the attention of both search engines and your coveted target audience.


2. Craft more related marketing content

Your dedicated blog writing team possesses the capability to generate supplementary content tailor-made for your audience. For examples, they can create newsletters, emailers that can be used to promote the blog posts, create guest posts to promote the main blog on different sites, craft infographics and social media content that promote the blogs further or attract a different subset of audiences in the same audience set. When you work work with a marketing agency, which already knows your business, their blog writing team can align with your sales team to generate a ton of content that could serve extremely crucial assets in conversion. Without that kind of expert blog writing services, you might not be able to create that marketing content needed to shape and influence the buyer’s journey.

3. Repurpose your blog

Did you know that you blog content has the versatility to serve multiple roles when repurposed. Here is where an agency with expert blog writing services can help transform your published blogs into different content formats. Leverage their skills to take a blog post and convert that into multiple formats of content that can be used on different platforms. Consider chopping up the blog post into smaller social media posts, or create a thought-leadership article, or turn it into an emailer, or an ebook, or a video, or a personal narrative for sharing on platforms like Medium. The best blog writing services can help you capitalise on such refurbishing opportunities. With a blog writing service at your disposal, you also gain access to seasoned content writers who have the skillsets to adapting your existing content into a wide array of written formats. This helps you broaden the reach of business and establish you a trusted prospective service partner.


Frequently asked question

Firstly, blogs are the most easiest content marketing type to start with and also the most popular content type that comes under the umbrella of content marketing. However, your content marketing strategy can include other content types too like emailers, case studies, newsletters, white papers, listicles, videos, webinars, podcasts, etc (like its mentioned above), based on your business type and the kind of results you want.

Writing short and long-format blogs are a good way to start. However, we do not need to remember that writing blogs is just one part of the content marketing process. You need to optimise it, search for the right topics, keywords, and then distribute it to make it rank and enable it to drive traffic to your website. You cannot expect results just by writing blogs. p>

Content Marketing packages usually include content marketing strategy, content creation, and SEO for distribution and promotion of the content. You can read more of this above.

The proportion of content depends on the business and the goal you want to achieve. While the requirement of every business is different, we always recommend a business to atleast publish around 8000 words in month – which can be distributed across 6 long format blogs and emailers. There is no threshold for content volume, the more you create, the more it will benefit your business.

The key performance indicators that we track are website traffic and performance on website. Our whole aim is to track and measure these KPIs so that you get more relevant traffic and increased brand awareness, and finally better conversions. However, please note that if you are looking for organic leads, then you need to add a proper SEO campaign to your package.

Based on your business, we map out writers who are specialised to write for your industry. The editorial team then understands your business – the products and services and proceeds with the first drafts. Often, we also request clients to help us understand the technology better. For the first month, we request clients to share inputs and feedbacks for all content that is created. This helps the team to better understand what to write for your business.

If you are opting for content strategy in your package, you need not worry about anything except approvals. We will be responsible for finding the best topics and keywords that have the highest potential of driving traffic to your website.

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