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Can your customers find you online within two clicks… two voice searches…? If they can’t. it’s time to up your SEO game. Search, as a feature, has evolved with changing times. It’s moved from text to video to voice and AI now. Imagine someone asking, Hey Google, “Which is the best cake shop in my neighbourhood?” It takes thoughtfully crafted content, build-up of UGC and assimilation of links for you to be the answer to that question. At JustWords, we are unlocking SEO possibilities for the future so that you are ready to take on the whole new world of search.

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SEO services


50% consumers who do a local search on their mobile phone are likely to visit the store within the same day. You could be that store if you have a strong local search strategy backing you. We specialize in managing your local data, optimizing and monitoring progress and sharing analytics insights that drives your brand’s better visibility among its local competitors.


SEO without borders – that’s what you need if have a business with international customers. While Google does have majority market share, optimizing just for Google worldwide requires knowledge of nuances of country-specific search. Adding a layer of complexity, you also need to play by the rules of search engines like Baidu, Yandex and Naver to rank in their respective countries.


The multi million eCommerce business is a still evolving market in India. With new players entering everyday, you need a hands-on SEO expert by your side everyday who can map, analyse and optimize your organic “visibility to sales“ journey. This is a market that only allows the survival of the fittest, so make sure your eCommerce strategy is in the pink of health.


SEO audits requires a deep dive analysis of your site’s technical, design and content elements to see how they are contributing or hampering your SEO. Our audit is designed to spot the issues that aren’t easy to spot, check optimization for your pages, understanding the hits and misses in link building and creating a custom report. Most important of it all, our audit comes with actionable insights that can connect SEO to your business goals and chart out the next steps in your journey.


SEO, by default, now takes a mobile-first approach. It involves analysing different mobile optimization options like responsive websites, mobile website versions and accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) to see which works for what aspect of your business. We perform in-depth mobile useability tests to ensure you are optimized and ready for mobile search and visitors.


There is exponential benefit to having an SEO expert on board while building your website. From code to navigation to image sizes to design and content, we ensure that your site is structured for success. While we offer a full website building suite, we can also work with your design and development agencies to make sure you have an SEO-friendly website right from the beginning.

At JustWords, we are unlocking SEO possibilities for the future so that you are ready to take on the whole new world of search.


Content and link optimization can fall flat if your site’s code and structure makes it difficult for search engines to interpret the website. Technical SEO forms the base of successful SEO implementation. From usage data to redirect chains to duplicate content to javascript to https to migrations, our technical SEO experts optimize your site hands-on, structuring it for success.

While each website has a different content requirement, writing content that generates visibility and attracts leads and conversions has been the core driving factor behind the content delivered by JustWords. We are the among the leading content agencies of India and our combined expertise in content and SEO ensures that the organic visibility of your website increases exponentially with fresh and relevant content for your customers.

Great SEO is about taking that awesome content and putting it through a prism so that the effect becomes multi-fold across mulit-channel. That’s how we plan your content promotion.

WE invest in tools

There are several tools in the market which offer a great advantage in audits and ongoing analysis for SEO. As a client, it doesn’t make sense to invest in multiple tools to get fragmented reports. Instead, let our experts use various tools to pull out relevant reports and more importantly analyze tonnes of data and share relevant monthly actionable insights.

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