Tips to increase social engagement on your blog

Tips to increase social engagement on your blog

Jan 5, 2016 | Payel Mukherjee

Tips to increase social engagement on your blog

You may have thousands of readers visiting your blog, but if they aren’t commenting or sharing they aren’t intrigued enough! Participation of the reader is extremely crucial to a blog’s success. The lack of participation or action on the part of your audience belies the entire content marketing exercise.

Social engagement, therefore, is an essential ingredient in increasing traffic and making your blog successful. Studies have revealed that if people comment or share a content they are more likely to also utilize the product or services provided by the website.

So spruce up your content with these tips to optimize the social engagement quotient of your blog.

  • Choose interesting and relatable topics. A good way to do this would be to pick something from the latest happenings that is relevant to your website. Everyone has opinions and views to express on trending news. Utilize this desire of the audience to get comments on your blog.


  • Make sharing/commenting an easy task. No one has the time to search for the share button, no matter how good the content is. You can either place it on both the top and bottom of the page or have it scroll along with the content. This way people are more likely to share the blog.

  • Post the first comment. A good way to attract users is to post the first comment yourself. This acts like an invitation and draws the user to post their opinion. Always reply to comments. This helps in two ways: the people who have posted feel heard and important and it also paves the way for more people to share what they feel.


  • You can even end blogs with sentences asking the reader to respond with their views. Make sure the comment request is customized to the content rather than being a generic statement like – “write your comments below”.


  • Charity begins at home. Encourage your employees to share/like/comment on the company’ blogs. This way people will feel that that the blog is important and are more likely to share it themselves.


  • Add some visual elements to the blog to catch the reader’s eye. The chances of sharing or commenting increase if the user actually reads the entire blog.

So get into action with these killer tactics and watch your blog swell in size!


Payel Mukherjee

Payel Mukherjee is the founder of Justwords. She is passionate about making good content accessible to everyone and talking about the endless possibilities of content to anyone who cares to listen.

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