Posted by Editorial Team | 05 12 2019
Don’t Lose the Plot, Here’s How Your Brand Can Tell a Consistent Visual Story

Here’s what happens when you visit any outlet of a brand like Dominos across India. Barring the size of the outlet, you’ll find that all of them deliver pizzas of the exact same taste and have the same visual collateral. The menus, the tent cards and the value meals all...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 03 12 2019
10 Incredible Blogging Stats to Inspire You to Blog in 2020

Have you recently started a blog or are planning to start one — but still skeptical about whether it’s worth your time and resources? You’re not alone — with the number of blogs out there, most new bloggers are thinking about whether blogging is worth it or not. Yet, blogging...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 29 11 2019
The Most Common SEO Mistakes that Online Ad Publishers Need to Fix Today

SEO is no longer an esoteric science that only a few companies excel at. In fact, every business today has to invest in SEO — whether it’s a local bakery or an international SaaS company. It might be noted though that there’s one industry that can especially benefit from investing...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 25 11 2019
Discover the Top 5 Secrets to Successful Content Creation

They sometimes say that great ideas are a dime-a-dozen. And there’s probably some truth to this. Having a brilliant idea isn’t very hard! It’s the journey from idea to execution that’s challenging. It requires a framework, craftsmanship, discipline, and persistence. In today’s world, where content is being thrown at us...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 21 11 2019
Google BERT — The Algorithm Update Everyone is Talking about and How it Will Affect Your SEO

On 25th October, Google released what it calls the most important update to its search algorithm in years — BERT. Naturally, everyone from business owners to digital marketers has been in a tizzy since then. While some people saw a dramatic fluctuation in their rankings, others saw barely any change...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 16 11 2019
7 Ways to Deal with Internet Trolls: The Underbelly of Reputation Management

Pooja, a social media manager with a hospitality brand, had to excuse herself from a friend’s party at 11 PM. Her company’s social channel had erupted with 60 negative tweets from a disgruntled guest who was not ready to stop until the company was taking heed of his demands. The...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 14 11 2019
Afraid of Competition from the Bigwigs? Here are 5 Ways You Can Compete with Industry Giants

Having worked with small businesses across India on SEO and content marketing for over a decade, there are some questions we hear very often. The one that probably tops the list is - “Is there even a point in investing money in SEO? Especially, when there are huge MNCs who...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 28 10 2019
6 Powerful Ways Marketers Can Use Psychology to Improve Content

Being a marketer is not easy. You need to wear several hats to create that perfect selling proposition – you need to have the understanding of the product manager, the content team, your sales guys, and even the data people to add that new perspective in positioning, pricing and placement....

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Posted by Editorial Team | 07 10 2019
Video Marketing is the New Age Mantra for Business Success

Remember Diwali shopping in the dark age? It meant getting dragged to the ‘preferred’ local shop that my parents had been shopping with for years. Then we would go through the limited collection with the shopkeeper trying to convince us to buy one at an exclusive price and haggle for...

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