Building Your Digital Marketing Agency
Posted by Editorial Team | 28 05 2020
9 Crucial Things To Keep In Mind While Building Your Digital Marketing Agency

We’ve all dreamt of being our own boss. Having a swanky office, a gifted team, innovative work and big clients, maybe your name on the masthead. But for most marketers, these castles in the air don’t anchor to firm ground. Why?   It’s not because they lack talent, or that...

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social media management strategies
Posted by Editorial Team | 19 05 2020
Social Media Management: Strategies During Times of Crisis

As the reality of #StayHome and #Lockdown loomed large, brands had to think fast to ensure they remained relevant to the coronavirus’ impact on social media. The regular messaging would not work. Anyone who tried to sellor promote—or sounded like an opportunist—received a backlash. Strategies changed overnight, and now, we...

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content marketing needs to become a business priority
Posted by Editorial Team | 09 05 2020
Why Content Marketing Needs to Be a Priority for Your Business?

Content marketing is one of those terms that can often lead to a lot of confusion. While dealing with businesses at Justwords over the last decade — whether they’re small companies or big brands— we’ve found that there isn’t enough clarity on what is content marketing. Which might be why...

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Blog Writer Goal
Posted by Editorial Team | 01 05 2020
How to Write More than 10,000 Words a Week?

I love writing. That’s what I do almost the whole day, every working day of the week and month and year. Well, you guessed it – I am a writer and I love being one. I usually write about 3000-4000 words a day, depending on what I am writing. If...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 24 04 2020
How You Can Make Up For Lost Clients With Content Marketing?

I would like to not talk about the negativity surrounding us right now. I strongly believe that the best thing about the human race is how fast we learn to adapt to new conditions. And it’s this survival instinct that will help us come out of the other end of...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 17 04 2020
11 Reasons Why Nimble Content Trumps Everything Else

There are about 4.5 billion internet users around the world. According to CMI, half of today’s 18 to 49-year-olds read news and information online and 61% of American consumers made e-purchase decisions after reading recommendations on a blog. What does this data mean for marketers? Online consumers today are smarter...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 11 04 2020
How Should Brands Communicate Now: 4 Companies That Are Getting It Right

As the Corona crisis took over the world, several brands pulled back their advertising and marketing efforts. While some feared that marketing campaigns could earn backlash against the brand, some just didn’t know to say. So, should brands communicate? Should they communicate at all? A 12-market study (12,000 people were...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 03 04 2020
Working from Home: 11 Tips to Help You Stay Super Focussed and Avoid Distractions

Kids running around, television channels screaming out news, your spouse wanting something done urgently, meals waiting to be cooked and household chores waiting to be finished. That is the home situation that most of us are dealing with nowadays. Add to that the constant stream of notifications that pop up...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 28 03 2020
Content Marketing During the Times of Crisis

If you are a business owner who relies on online marketing to help your customers discover your product, engage, nurture, now is the time to think differently. Unnatural times require big course correction. And that is what needs to happen with your marketing plans. You need to take into account...

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