Posted by Editorial Team | 28 10 2019
6 Powerful Ways Marketers Can Use Psychology to Improve Content

Being a marketer is not easy. You need to wear several hats to create that perfect selling proposition – you need to have the understanding of the product manager, the content team, your sales guys, and even the data people to add that new perspective in positioning, pricing and placement....

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Posted by Editorial Team | 07 10 2019
Video Marketing is the New Age Mantra for Business Success

Remember Diwali shopping in the dark age? It meant getting dragged to the ‘preferred’ local shop that my parents had been shopping with for years. Then we would go through the limited collection with the shopkeeper trying to convince us to buy one at an exclusive price and haggle for...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 04 10 2019
How to Write Content That is Future-Proofed for Google Algorithm Updates

Did you know that Google made 3234 algorithm updates in 2018? That’s an average of 9 updates a day! Savvy SEO executives who keep a watch on their keywords’ ranking every day notice the subtle changes. A website that was lost in the depths of page 5 suddenly starts ranking...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 24 09 2019
The yay and nay of Influencer Marketing and should you do it

Keeping up with the latest trend, there would hardly be a marketer who may have not considered Influencer Marketing in their mix. Given the paucity of visibility in organic marketing and noise in paid marketing, Influencer Marketing seemed like idea that was clutter-breaking. Like all media, it comes with its...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 13 09 2019
Linkedin vs Facebook :How to Use This Platform for Business Purpose

Let’s start by clarifying that aren’t stating the obvious. Both channels are traditionally used for very different purposes. Facebook is used to share photos from vacation and connect with friends and family. Linkedin is used by businesses to share updates while staying update What we would like to elaborate is...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 10 09 2019
7 Customer Engagement Strategies That Really Work

Digital marketing has one significant advantage over traditional marketing. And that is its ability to create a two-way dialogue between customers and the brand. Unlike traditional marketing where brands shove a bunch of information down customers’ throats, digital marketing allows you to build a relationship with your customers; thereby creating...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 04 09 2019
Rise of new social media channels – Vero, Tik Tok and others you should be aware about

All digital marketers know that there are dime a dozen new social channels emerging every day, all wanting to be the next Facebook and take over the world. What the savvy digital marketer really wants to know is which of these should he or she bet their money on. Existing...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 29 08 2019
How to Increase Traffic & Improve SEO with Structured Data Markup

SEO is generally divided in on-page, off-page and tech, each requiring a complete understanding of how search engines ‘view’ the website. While on-page and off-page can be taught to a novice, tech SEO requires some basic understanding behind the science of search engines. It doesn’t mean you should know to...

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Posted by Editorial Team | 27 08 2019
How to Create Your First LinkedIn Ads Campaign in 5 Simple Steps

LinkedIn is one of the most underrated social media platforms there is. A lot of people think it simply doesn’t have the kind of numbers that Facebook and Instagram do. But if you think about it, LinkedIn is really a curated platform. It may have only 575 million users (compared...

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