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A quick overview

Adani Natural Resources operates in mining, integrated coal management and bunkering. They are one of the largest developers and operators of coal mines in the country. They have also ventured into integrated coal management in 1999. The group operates several CSR projects that facilitate quality education, income-generating skills among youth, women empowerment and community development.

The challenges

The mining industry owing to its very nature does not elicit a favourable opinion among people. This is primarily because mining is still perceived to be the industry that pollutes the environment and displaces communities. Adani Natural Resources wanted to change that perception by highlighting the fact that they were invested in Growth with Goodness and sustainable development and was committed to ensuring minimal impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

  • Revamp the brand’s positioning on social media and highlight the vast amount of CSR work that was being done by the company in the mining regions and how it had positively impacted so many lives.
  • Focus on how women in these communities had, with help from Adani’s CSR wing, managed to rise above poverty and empower themselves to sustain their families.
  • Revamp their boring internal brand communication, in terms of design and content, to get more engagement and stronger brand identity.

Our solution

Strong storytelling and Powerful Design

Our approach was to change the narrative through strong content that would capture the stories at the grassroots level, and beautiful design that would uphold the stories.

This is how we approach the whole thing.

  • On the Social Media front

    Direct communication channels were set up with field teams and site heads for faster flow of communication. This ensured that ground level news and updates on every project was covered properly on social media, and the magazine. Interesting creative visuals in various formats were used to create an engaging dialogue on social media. A separate Twitter channel was created for MUBSS, the women’s cooperative at Surguja, which focussed on their work and life stories. Designs and content campaigns played an important part to uphold these stories. Several visual formats from carousels, to videos to infographics were used to capture the various stories.

    We followed up the content plan with a solid marketing plan for the company’s LinkedIn profile since that is where the company’s core audience lay. We used a combination of paid and organic to improve the number of followers to the company page as well as the rate of engagement per post. Good content and visuals played an important role in the whole Linkedin marketing strategy.

  • On the brand magazine front

    The brand magazine that was handed to us had two main challenges - First was bad design and layout, and the second was boring content that lacked the power to hold attention.

    We worked with a two-pronged strategy - revamp the content structure, and redo the whole design of the magazine.

    We started with redesigning the magazine layout from scratch and giving it a fresh look, while retaining its essential voice and style. Focus was paid on incorporating good-quality real images from the site, which were sourced with the help of the site teams. Colour and other elements were added to present the content in a visually appealing form. There was a complete rehaul done to achieve a powerful look, which was a combination of classic, modern and minimalist design.

    Keeping in mind the brand’s value, new sections were added with relevant news that was lively, focussed, and refreshing. Content production was tough since the content had to be sourced from various places, with last minute changes to whole content sections. We started by making changes to the magazine sections, adding newer sections that were devoted to the people of the community that stayed around the mines, and were positively impacted by all the CSR activities. The editorial team started planning almost 2 months in advance, sourcing content from the ground, interviews with concerned company personnel, and the company reports. New cover stories were planned, where we often captured grassroots-level stories of men and women whose lives had been impacted positively.

    This was followed up by emailers, and other marketing collaterals that would encourage employee participation and promote readership.

The result

The LinkedIn marketing plan worked to increase followers by 45%. The average engagement rate also increased by over 150%. The page clearly showed how the company was dedicated to pursuing responsible mining and sustainable development.

Evolve, the brand’s magazine, really stood. It had strong content and was beautifully executed. It looked the part of a custom magazine that was done right, a brilliant example of content marketing. It became a strong part of the company’s integrated communications strategy, making for an impactful read. We achieved what we set out to do – make the magazine stand out in terms of content and design. Last but not the least, the magazine also won the Silver Award for the In-House Magazine at the 14th Public Relations Council of India Collateral Awards.

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