How we created content that would make insurance more understandables

Justwords helped HDFC Ergo execute a pretty tough content brief. We launched a content project to help them reach out to the masses and educate them about this complicated domain.

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A quick overview

HDFC Ergo is one of the leading insurance providers in India with presence across over 2488 cities and towns. They also offer a wide array of policies, across multiple spaces like health, travel, motor, to suit varied needs and budgets of the consumer. The company knew that if it had to stand out in the cluttered space of insurance, it had to create outstanding content - content that would be easy to understand, content that would help people understand why insurance is needed.

The challenges

Make insurance easy to understand for the Indian audience

In order to reach out to the masses and make them understand insurance, HDFC Ergo knew they would have to create content that would be easy to consume. With a strong focus on wellness, they knew they needed a content partner who would have a thorough understanding of how the insurance sector works, and would be able to create content that would help the common Indian man to understand why insurance is a good investment.

The main brand objectives were:

  • To transform the art of communication with potential customers and breakdown complex terminology, especially in case of health and motor insurance.
  • To make the concept of insurance as easy and engaging as possible
  • To educate potential customers and help them make well-informed decisions
  • To make complex terminology and ideas simple
  • To clear various doubts of a potential customer, ranging from straightforward to complex.
  • To make it SEO friendly and rankable

The solutions

Creating content that solves customer pain points

  • Have a detailed understanding of the client’s goals and work with them to understand the products, and its competitive advantages.
  • Finalise what kind of content will work for the audience on different platforms, and needs to be built for each kind of marketing platform, which would help the brand meet the goal.
  • Put in place a highly-experienced editorial team which understands insurance and can write for a niche audience
  • Like with any other project, we started by researching what the client’s competitors were doing in this space? We started taking notes of how others were approaching content in the non-motor and motor space, and what type of content was driving in organic traffic to the competitor websites. We also got to understand from our client that one of the major problems was that the common man avoided buying insurance a lot of times, thinking it was a waste of money. It was done only in terms of emergency or if it was mandated by law.

    We also used analytics tools to gauge where the client stood against competitors as far as organic website traffic, engagement rate, and conversions were concerned.

  • Next, we suggested a strategy that involved creating well-structured and engaging website content, long-form and insightful blogs on a monthly basis, as well as Quora answers to trending questions. We decided to create content spread across the different types of insurance. Our aim was to keep the language simple and the tone conversational to make the content engaging but informative. We also suggested the use of trending keywords to help the content rank high on search engines.

    Additionally, we decided to weave in relevant data and stats wherever possible, to instill trust in readers and make retention easy. For blogs, our strategy also involved the use of creative and catchy titles along with images and a summary that would give a sneak peek into the main content and its objective.

    Through Quora answers, we aimed to respond to popular questions, spread knowledge about insurance in a not-so-formal setting, connect with and guide potential customers, and subtly push the client’s products on and off.

  • Once the strategy was in place, we zeroed in on a team of experienced writers with in-depth knowledge of the insurance sector. The content structure was set in place, followed by a thorough briefing. And then we rolled out the content development process. Till date, every content piece is closely edited, fact-checked, and polished before it gets published, to ensure the best results.

The result

Impactful Messaging

Years of fine-tuning our content strategy and creation process for the client helped the client achieve significant results in terms of content. The client website now draws more organic traffic, has a higher engagement, and more informed prospects. The sales team is also able to refer prospects to the website content and blogs, as part of the education process in the Middle of the Funnel stage. This has led to a more developed community of engaged audience and also established HDFC Ergo as a thought-leadership in the health and motor insurance space.

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How we created content that would make insurance more understandable