Homify claims huge organic growth with niche content produced at scale by Justwords

Justwords was brought in to create classy, expert content for Homify’s different website editions, written as per native audience, style, & décor trends specific to each country.

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A quick overview

Homify, the world’s leading home and interior design website with millions of fans, was looking to establish its presence as a premium platform for home and interior design in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa and India. They wanted strong, classy and expert content for their different website editions for different countries. Homify's aim was to generate high-quality articles tailored for different countries, focusing on interior decor, architecture, and design. With the need to cater to diverse audiences and languages, as well as compete against platforms like Houzz, Homify sought the expertise of Justwords to drive organic traffic growth and enhance their content repository.

The challenges

Homify encountered several key challenges in its content marketing strategy:

Global Scope and Cultural Relevance: Crafting content that resonated with audiences in various countries while capturing local trends, laws, and architectural nuances.

Quality and Quantity Balance: Ensuring a large volume of well-researched, high-quality articles while maintaining an affordable solution.

Expertise in Architecture and Design: Finding writers who possessed a deep understanding of architecture, design concepts, and the ability to translate visual elements into compelling stories.

The solutions

We devised a comprehensive solution to address Homify's challenges:

  • Building a diverse network of writers

    Justwords assembled a team of skilled writers who were proficient in various languages and cultures. Writers were carefully selected to ensure a strong grasp of architecture and interior design.

  • Tailored content creation

    Writers were trained to create articles that incorporated local dialects, laws, and trends. Each piece of content aimed to capture the essence of the architecture and design while engaging readers with captivating storytelling.

  • Thorough research and keyword optimisation

    We conducted extensive research to incorporate relevant keywords and optimise the articles for search engines, enhancing Homify's online visibility.

  • Editorial and quality control

    We established an editorial process that included workshops, quality checks, and coordination between teams to maintain high content standards.

The results

  • Homify's partnership with Justwords led to remarkable outcomes: Significant increase in organic traffic: Through the implementation of an effective content strategy, Homify witnessed a 4 times increase in organic traffic to their platform.
  • Enhanced domain and topical authority: The collaboration helped Homify not only improve domain authority but also establish topical authority in the architecture and interior design industry.
  • Global reach and popularity: Homify became a well-recognised and popular platform, rivalling its competitors and gaining traction in various countries, including the UK, US, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Canada.
  • Ranking for targeted keywords:The optimised articles started ranking for a wide range of targeted keywords, further bolstering Homify's online visibility and engagement.

4X Growth

In organic traffic

30,000 plus

Articles Created

Higher Engagement

In content created by Justwords

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