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In the March of 2015, realty portal Housing.com acquired online real estate forum IREF (Indian Real Estate Forum). Till then, IREF was a sort of bulletin board forum where users (mostly home buyers or experts) could post updates and news about real estate projects across India. After their acquisition of IREF, Housing.com wanted to use this forum to revolutionize the way real estate was viewed and read about.

When they approached us, IREF wanted a massive amount of data-driven articles that would help the user to understand the real real estate scene. They needed powerful and informative content that would capture the right amount of information and data, while maintaining a neutral tone about each project and builder. Apart from this, they also wanted rich blog posts that would guide the users on various topics related to buying and selling a house.

What we achieved

We knew IREF was different since it was a hugely trusted forum. The content had to accurate in terms of information, without being even slightly judgemental about the project or the builder. The news presentation had to be unbiased and yet informative. This required not only a massive amount of research, but also a careful writing of extremely crisp content.

The entire team was briefed again and again about the importance of maintaining the right language, using the right information source, not trusting builder website information blankly and getting point across without bias.

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