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Idolkart was one of the most successful content marketing projects we delivered in recent times. Working from scratch for a bootstrapped ecommerce company and completely rebuilding the site's content to achieve inbound growth was a phenomenal journey. It proved once again the power of exquisite content, tailored around the customer, and SEO-driven marketing in generating organic ROI.

A Quick Overview

In the competitive ecommerce landscape, having a strong digital presence is critical for the success of any business, especially a startup. Idolkart is a bootstrap startup specializing in manufacturing and selling religious idols. With a focus on offering unique and high-quality products, they were already an Amazon best-seller in their category. Realizing the potential of the online market, in an otherwise unorganized idol industry, Idolkart aimed at unlocking the potential of their own ecommerce website to build brand awareness and generate sales.

The Solution: Creating content for top and bottom of the funnel, distribute and earn traffic and rankings

To achieve the above things, the broad roadmap was this -

  • Improve the content across the website
  • Start creating new content that would engage the prospect and attract people to the website
  • Clean up all technical issues of the website and start implementing SEO to achieve the above goals.
  • Improve CRO of the website to aid in conversion.

After a thorough competitor research, and an extensive keyword strategy laid out, we started implementing the following strategies:

  • Creating blogs that target top-of-the-funnel keywords to attract a wide audience. Blog topics were focussed on high-traffic keywords (with low and medium competition) that captured interesting questions and concepts related to various Hindu gods and mythology. These blogs combined the elements of mythology and good storytelling, making them perfect for attracting traffic. At the top of the funnel, we started pulling in traffic.
  • The second plan was to start work on the bottom of the funnel. Hence, we began to work on the category pages. Bottom-of-the-funnel transactional keywords, with their high purchase intent, were integrated at various levels of the content structure. Based on research on what kind of information a buyer wants to consume before he makes a final purchase, we rebuilt the content structure of the product pages. Expert content writers and editors then worked together to craft content that was value driven and functionally great. The team also reworked on the meta titles and descriptions of all category pages to improve click-through rates.
    Attention to detail was the most important element here. That is what makes great product pages. The category and product pages were now ready to rank and convert.
  • Meanwhile, the SEO team was working on identifying and rectifying any technical issues that were hindering the website's performance. This included addressing any gaps in product descriptions, blogs, web pages, and design elements. Then started the process of building backlinks that were credible and high authority. With almost every SEO project, we start Guest posting played a big part in the overall SEO campaign. SEO strategies were implemented to do 2 things - get traffic to the website, and get the category pages to rank for top keywords. Overall, we worked on implementing a rich content marketing and SEO campaign. By combining both these strategies, we got the benefits of both strategies - ranking and brand awareness and sales.

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