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A quick overview

Paytabs started off in 2014, in Saudi Arabia, as a fintech brand offering payment gateway solutions, which helped startups, SMEs, and ecommerce companies to accept payments through multiple channels. Today, it offers the total infrastructure for B2B payment solutions. This includes the full stack of payment solutions, including digital invoicing for businesses, QR code payments, social media payments, point of sale, and switching platforms. Ranked by Forbes as one of the top 50 fintech companies in 2023, it has revolutionized the payments scene in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region.

The challenges

(The early years - 2018-2020)

As a home-grown brand offering payment gateway solutions, Paytabs faced stiff competition from bigger and established players with huge budgets and more established credentials. Paytabs aspired to leverage SEO and content marketing to reach its target audience and make them understand that they had a superior product that was powered by robust technology and rich features. Some of the key challenges were -

  1. Limited brand awareness:
  2. Paytabs was new in the market, competing against well-established players. The company lacked widespread recognition and visibility.

  3. Earning customer trust:
  4. The payments industry demands a high level of trust due to the sensitive nature of transactions. Being a newcomer in the payment gateway industry, Paytabs needed to build trust and credibility.

  5. Targeting SMEs:
  6. Paytabs aimed to capture the growing market of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that were exploring global ecommerce opportunities. Convincing these businesses to trust a newer payment gateway was a challenge. To resonate with local merchants, Paytabs needed to understand and address the unique pain points and challenges faced by businesses.

(Recent times - 2021-2023)

In recent years, Saudi Arabia's fintech sector has rapidly evolved due to the increasing adoption of digital financial services such as mobile payments, online banking, e-wallets, and payment applications.

In 2023, the fintech industry took the lead in Saudi Arabia, attracting $704 million in funding through 30 deals. Hence, Paytabs faces stiff competition in an ever-expanding market. The challenge of standing out from the competition still stands.

The solution

Offering the best of content marketing over the years.

As a marketing partner, Justwords designed and executed a holistic content marketing plan that combined storytelling, educational content, and SEO to address Paytabs' challenges and goals in the early years, as well as in recent times.

  • Deep dive into product understanding:

    Collaborating closely with Paytabs' product team, we started by understanding the intricacies of the payment gateways. This enabled us to translate the technicalities into a language that entrepreneurs and merchants could readily grasp.

  • SEO-driven clarity:

    Moving forward with a keen understanding of searcher intent, we ensured that each piece of content offered genuine value while organically incorporating essential keywords. This approach facilitated seamless discovery for the target audience seeking solutions to their payment challenges.

  • Keyword research:

    We conducted thorough keyword research while understanding the specific queries and concerns of Paytabs' target audience. By identifying relevant search terms, high-traffic keywords, and long-tail phrases, Justwords ensured that Paytabs' content would align seamlessly with the intentions of potential readers and clients. This approach was supported by the principle of avoiding keyword stuffing, allowing for a natural integration of keywords in the right context.

  • Content hub development:

    We established a content hub that featured blogs catering to both top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel needs. The hub covered a wide spectrum of topics, from the basics of payment gateways to advanced cross-border transaction strategies.

  • Strategic and localised storytelling:

    By weaving engaging narratives that demonstrated real-world use cases of Paytabs' services, we highlighted how Paytabs alleviated the pain points related to cross-border transactions, payments, and invoicing.

  • Educational series:

    We developed an entrepreneurship-focused series that provided valuable insights and tips for business growth, enabling Paytabs to position itself as a valuable partner invested in the success of its clients.

The content was meticulously optimised for search engines to ensure that potential clients could easily find and engage with the information they were seeking.

The results

Justwords' strategic content marketing approach yielded significant results for Paytabs:

Increased traffic:

The content hub attracted a substantial increase in organic traffic, exposing Paytabs to a wider audience and potential clients.

Enhanced credibility:

Through engaging storytelling and educational content, Paytabs successfully established itself as a reliable and knowledgeable partner, thus building trust within the market.

Improved engagement:

The educational series not only positioned the brand as an industry expert but also fostered higher engagement rates with the target audience.

Trust building:

Testimonials and transactional blogs helped in building trust by showcasing the positive experiences of satisfied clients who benefited from Paytabs' services.

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