Helping Praxis boost traffic and leads: A classic SEO and content marketing success story

We used SEO and content marketing to build a strong inbound marketing engine for this B2B client. Result - steady rise in relevant traffic and ROI.


Increase in Page 1 keywords


Rise in leads


Y-O-Y growth in organic traffic

“One of main reasons of going ahead with Justwords was the commitment shown by the entire team including the CEO. The workflow between my team and theirs has been excellent. We have reached the first page on several key terms. The unique thing about the company I feel is - team’s commitment, and they love their work.”

– Dattatreya Kulkarni, Founder Director at Praxis Info Solutions

A Quick Overview

Praxis Infosolutions is one of India’s leading ERP SAP B1 integration partner and reseller. With an established offline client base and good market reputation, Praxis was already a prominent player in the B2B landscape when they approached Justwords in 2021.

The company’s USP lay in their expertise of executing complex ERP programs, deep domain knowledge, and hands-on involvement of the founders.


Though Praxis was an established player in the market, having started business in 2009, it was still reliant on word-of-mouth references for new business, complemented by Google paid ads services. As COVID 19 hit and the world went into a tizzy, Praxis knew it needed to revamp its digital presence and leverage organic growth through its website. The company was in search of an established and trustable partner who could help them build that kind of brand presence online and build sustainable organic growth.

That’s when we jumped in. Here are the challenges that we faced in the first year -

  • We were starting almost from scratch with hardly any traffic on the website. The brand also had hardly any digital presence. Obviously, DA was also very low.
  • The website was full of technical issues, which needed a complete overhaul in terms of optimisation.
  • We were working with a limited set of Keywords, which had a lower search volume.

Identifying the Problems:

The goal was simple—to increase the number of leads through the Praxis website. The problems that we identified are listed below:

Location-Specific Lead Generation

The primary challenge faced by Praxis was obtaining high-quality leads from specific locations in India. A lead was considered a quality lead if the individual had SAP Business 1 integrated into their system, or was willing to engage in requirement gathering or a meeting with Praxis. This meant we needed to target leads from particular locations as identified by the client.

Traffic to Lead Conversion Challenges

While Praxis experienced success with their blogs in terms of ranking and increased traffic, there was a notable discrepancy in traffic to lead conversion rates. The issue was traced back to the insufficient ranking of transactional keywords and the lack of prompts that would divert a visitor to actually become a qualified lead. In response, our SEO focus shifted towards rectifying this gap by strategically ranking keywords that would lead visitors directly to Praxis' city-based landing pages.

Solutions: Here is how we did it

  • The first year of collaboration

    With Praxis was dedicated to building a strong foundation of brand awareness. This meant solving all technical issues that plagued the website, increase domain authority, ranking relevant keywords, and attracting customers into the top of the funnel through valuable content.

  • The second year

    We focussed on increasing organic traffic through a combination of insightful, value-driven blogs and ranking of key services pages. With that accomplished, we strategically shifted our focus to lead generation. We knew that if we had to improve traffic-to-lead ratio we needed to improve the Conversion Ratio Optimisation of the website.

    We redesigned the home page, keeping in mind the typical B2B user. A b2b buyer does not want to know how great you are, but is interested to know how you can help his business. He wants to find proof, value-driven content that can help him more with his pain point. This means, in the b2b segment, case studies, testimonials, long-format blogs matter. Praxis already had all of that. And so, we made sure that we put that right in front of the face of the customer.

    Along with that, we added necessary CTAs in key sections of the homepage and the rest of the landing pages, which would drive up conversions. CTAs were also added in the blog section, to move more traffic to the transactional pages, and thereby increase conversions. This led to an immediate increase in leads, and a declining bounce rate. Clearly, the middle of the funnel content was doing its job well.

  • The other steps taken to increase business growth was -

    • Improve the content across the website
    • Start creating new content that would engage the prospect and attract people to the website
    • Clean up all technical issues of the website and start implementing SEO to achieve the above goals.
    • Improve CRO of the website to aid in conversion.

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