Aggressive Link Building Strategies: How to Get Backlinks QUICK!

We all know, more links are equal to higher rankings. But link building isn’t an easy task. It is very difficult. In fact, most people struggle to even bind a few links to their website.

Sounds like you? Then you have landed at the right place. I am not going to share a gazillion strategies for link building. But instead, I am gonna share a few tactics that will work for getting backlinks quickly with some efforts.

So, let’s dig in.

Blogger Outreach

Talking about link building, and not mentioning outreach is simply impossible. It is like the basic fundamental of link building strategies.

Outreach is when you reach to people in your industry and introduce them to the content piece you have written. And by content, I am not saying a blog is a must. You can also point it towards any link you find worthy like a product, brand, business, service, etc.

So, whom should you reach?

  • Someone who has mentioned your targeted keyword in their blogs.
  • Someone who has linked to a similar post.

Guest Blogging

One of the oldest, simplest, and most popular link building strategy is to write a guest blog. You write a content piece for another website in your niche and link yourself to that article. They publish it. And that’s it!

But how do you find the prospects to write a guest blog? It’s simple. Just Google it. Enter ‘topic + intitle:“write for us” and search the query. You would receive a result of all the websites that are looking for guest blogs.

Guest Blog site searchThis is yet another simple and effective way to get some backlinks quickly. You can ideally divide this process into three simple steps:

  • Find a broken link that is relevant to you
  • Create similar but better content
  • Ask everyone who is linking to the dead resource to link to your content

But how will you find the broken links? Simply use the Ahrefs Site Explorer tool to check for any broken links in your competitor’s website. Once you find the desired link, use Wayback Machine to look for the archived copy of the original content page. And then, just create something similar.

Unlinked Mentions

There are often scenarios when people mention you or your business without linking. In such cases, consider you have already won half of the battle. The person mentioning you means they are familiar with you. So, now, you just need to convince the person to convert the mere mention into a clickable link.

But how do you find about these unlinked mentions? You can use Ahrefs Content Explorer to search for all the blogs and articles with your name.

Reclaim Links

It is difficult to build links. We have already established it. So, what happens when you lose the links that you have already build? There are normally one of the two reasons for losing a link:

  • Your link was removed from the content.
  • The linking page does not exist anymore.

But how will you find out that you have lost a link? Let’s take the help of the Site Explorer tool again. Check the lost backlink report. Here you can find the results that have removed your link. Check the reason behind why the link was removed.

For example, there is a probable reason that the blog is rewritten and as a result, your link is removed from the blog. In such cases, go through the content and look if your link is suitable to get a mention in the content. If possible, ask the author to add the link again. But be careful not to be pushy too much.

If the page was deleted, then there is probably you can’t do anything. But if you doubt that the page has got deleted by mistake, then approach the author and let them know about it. The page may get reinstated along with your link. And there’s a possibility of building a good relationship with the said person too.

Steal Links

You might have come across a mediocre blog with a high ranking on search engines and a large number of backlinks. This is your chance to steal some backlinks for you. Either you can ask these people to link to your content piece that is better than the original one or create a new, better content piece on a similar topic.

But how can you find such a backlinks opportunity? The best method to do this is to audit competitors backlinks. You can check their content and find if you have an opportunity to steal competitors’ backlinks. You can also look forward to replicate competitors backlinks strategy by spying on them to get more opportunities to build links.

Your Presence on Social Media Platforms

Although social media links are considered a waste of time because of the nofollow feature, they indeed carry some value. It helps to build a healthy link profile. You can promote your website and increase traffic by using these social media platforms.

Let’s take the example of Facebook. Herein, you can link your website in different ways like:

  • Mentioning your website link in your profile’s ‘About’ tab.
  • Adding URL in the about page.
  • Including your website URL or any specific product URL on every post.
  • Adding a page button and linking it to your website.

Similarly, you can use your other social media platforms too for link building. So, be active and use your social media presence for your benefit.

Content Repurposing

You do not always need to depend on outreach for link building. Sometimes just choosing proper content distribution channels may help you with your goal. Just make sure that the content is in the right format for the platform and your audience to pursue.

For example, there are many third-party content distribution platforms where you can upload video content or infographics. And this is where content repurposing comes into play. You can simply convert your most popular content into another format and use it to share on such platforms.

Are these links powerful enough for you? Not exactly. But it is still good to have these links point to your content. What’s more, you can also reach a wide range of audiences through these mediums. This also means that it will serve as a great content marketing strategy.


The rules of the SEO industry and link building may change every few days. But it doesn’t affect the importance of the concept of link building. I have shared these easy yet aggressive link building techniques with you. And the best part is that you do not need to be an expert in the technical field to excel in these strategies. So, master them all! And you will be soon on top of your link building game plan.

About The Author

Shankar Sen

Shankar has years of experience as a content writer and is obsessed with analytics and marketing. He usually writes about online marketing and how it can help companies grow their ROI. An avid mountaineer, his dreams of living in Ladakh

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