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You cannot win the content marketing game without good content. It is the secret sauce. Its good content or nothing. This is the thing we keep in mind for every piece of blog we create - compelling narratives while bolstering search visibility.

Blog writing services: Why it is needed for
every business?

Blogs serve as crucial top-of-the-funnel content with the primary goal of attracting web traffic into the marketing funnel, establishing brand identity, and creating brand awareness. With most customers searching online for anything they need, a blog is the most powerful ammunition in your content marketing tool-kit and the best way to attract traffic to your website.

Blogging shapes your brand's voice, engages curious customers, and enhances your visibility on Google. Fresh content not only feeds your website but also elevates its search engine ranking, expanding your reach and driving more leads through inbound marketing.

Our blog writing and distribution services are strategically aligned with the above goals – creating the initial touchpoint in your sales funnel and generating more leads. We have built our process for blog writing services in a way that every piece of content is directly linked to your business objectives and delivers results.

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Justwords blog writing services: things that set us apart

Professional writers with industry expertise

When it comes to our blog writing services, we exclusively employ content writers who consistently meet our stringent quality standards. Blog writers are carefully handpicked and mapped to a project, based on whether they possess the necessary specialisation, and industry knowledge.

Topic suggestion

Not sure what topic to write on to fetch good traffic? Our topic suggestion service is designed to ease that burden of brainstorming. Our content experts help create a list of topics and relevant content ideas that help reach your target audience and attract traffic.

A mature framework for content operations

Whether you need 50 content pieces in a month or 500 in a week, we have a mature content process framework that ensures the best blog writers are mapped to your project, timely deliveries take place and the whole content machine works smoothly.

Scalable content solutions

Scale your content requirements with us anytime. We offer transparent pricing structures and ma e sure deliverables are met. Our in-house team of editors, content managers and project managers make sure quality is never compromised, even when quantity is large.

Quality guarantee

When you avail Justwords’ professional blog writing services, you can always be assured of quality. After a blog is written, it is thoroughly edited, proofread, SEO-optimised and made ready for submission. If you are not happy with your blogs, we make sure you are

Blog strategy, SEO & promotion

To make a blog rank, you need writing services with content marketing strategy. What topics should be chosen, what keywords & structure should be used and how can it rank? Our blog writing services do all of that and help you manage the whole thing.

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How does it work? The Justwords’ blog writing services approach

Understanding your requirement

We set up a meeting with your team to understand your brand's personality, voice, blog writing requirements, business goals, and content expectations. We also try to get a grasp of your business and if necessary arrange for another call with your product team. The goal is to understand your business better so that we can write from an expert’s perspective. The insights also enable us to compile a set of content guidelines for our blog writing project.

Analyse & first draft

After we gather your inputs, we start our analysis of the industry, and your competition. If we already have the topics to start with, we align the writer who is most aligned with the project based on his or her experience. Based on a detailed briefing given created by the editorial team, the blog writer develops the first draft. This is submitted for your approval.

Setting up the perfect team

The best blog writing services have the best blog writers. Good team is equal to good blog writing service. Simple equation. And that is what we aim for. Once we get an approval from you on the samples submitted, we take a buffer period to set up the right team. This means, we match the most suitable blog writers to our content project. The editorial team then does a trial run with the team to make sure that there is proper understanding of the project and the guidelines. Feedbacks are provided based on the first drafts shared, and the team is apprised of all things needed to get started on the project. Deadlines are set by the content operations team and the whole process gets ready for project delivery.

Content production begins

The best blog writing services are defined by flawless production process. As content production begins, the whole system gears up to create content at the best possible speed, keeping in mind that quality is paramount. Editors keep a hawkish eye on language, grammar, research, information accuracy, SEO alignment, and errors. Sitting at the centre of our blog writing process, our content managers make sure all queries from content writers, editors and clients are resolved. In the background, the content operations team makes sure everything moves flawlessly, and as per timelines.
Once the blogs successfully passes the editor's scrutiny, they proceed to our master quality gatekeepers, who guarantee that you receive only top-tier, error-free, and highly effective content.

Feedback and changes

Once delivery is done, the editorial team awaits feedback from client. Two rounds of changes are usually accommodated with every project. However, we usually make sure all clients are happy with the output. Once the client approves the content, it is made ready for publishing. If the client is not happy with the content after the first submission, we speak with the client to understand the issues. The understanding is then used to make changes to the content and re-submitted. Voila! Your content is now ready for deployment!

Blogging as a content marketing strategy & what a good blog writing service can do for your business

Blog writing services play a pivotal role in content marketing, helping achieve organic growth and boosting lead generation. When you work with a blog writing service to craft your blogs, you're leveraging their knowledge of the industry as well as their skills of content marketing. The result? Consistently engaging blog posts, that work to get the attention of your target audience. These blogs also serve as the initial touchpoints in your marketing strategy, strategically designed to attract web traffic, establish your brand identity, and provide solutions to customer pain points. They're the bridge between the inquiries that your prospective customers have and your services. Here is how a content agency offering blog writing services can help you.

1. Create brand visibility and authority

You offer great services. But how many of your prospective customers are aware of your awesome products and services. Blog writing services offer a solution. It allows you to showcase your business offerings without investing a lot of your valuable time. A blog writing service helps you bolster your industry authority as well as introduce your brand to individuals who may have been unfamiliar with your company before the launch of your blog. Now add to that strategic social media promotion and high-quality backlinks, you are actually creating assets that will deliver growth. That is exactly what a professional blog writing company will help you do – capture the attention of both search engines and your coveted target audience.

2. Craft more related marketing content

Your dedicated blog writing team possesses the capability to generate supplementary content tailor-made for your audience. For examples, they can create newsletters, emailers that can be used to promote the blog posts, create guest posts to promote the main blog on different sites, craft infographics and social media content that promote the blogs further or attract a different subset of audiences in the same audience set. When you work work with a marketing agency, which already knows your business, their blog writing team can align with your sales team to generate a ton of content that could serve extremely crucial assets in conversion. Without that kind of expert blog writing services, you might not be able to create that marketing content needed to shape and influence the buyer’s journey.

3. Repurpose your blog

Did you know that you blog content has the versatility to serve multiple roles when repurposed. Here is where an agency with expert blog writing services can help transform your published blogs into different content formats. Leverage their skills to take a blog post and convert that into multiple formats of content that can be used on different platforms. Consider chopping up the blog post into smaller social media posts, or create a thought-leadership article, or turn it into an emailer, or an ebook, or a video, or a personal narrative for sharing on platforms like Medium. The best blog writing services can help you capitalise on such refurbishing opportunities. With a blog writing service at your disposal, you also gain access to seasoned content writers who have the skillsets to adapting your existing content into a wide array of written formats. This helps you broaden the reach of business and establish you a trusted prospective service partner.

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