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Posted by admin | 19 07 2017
Here is how to write a social media proposal that will wow a client

  A simple search on Google for ‘Social Media Agency’ results in 15,10,00,000 results. And this doesn’t include freelancers or the bigger umbrella of digital marketing agencies. A prospective client has a good subset of these vying for their business. Surpassing them all, winning a client over and getting them...

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Posted by admin | 14 07 2017
Why managing online reputation should be a crucial part of your offpage SEO

  Like other streams of digital marketing, SEO is passing through a transition.  What was popular yesterday may not be relevant today. This is not limited to a few strategies and practices, but your overall understanding of SEO and how you should approach it.   Earlier, SEO was all about...

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Posted by admin | 07 07 2017
Are you updated on these updates in the Digital World?

  Crisp as a waffle and layered like lasagna, here’s the top happenings in the world of digital – Here’s to finishing your serving before the coffee break!   1. Google rolls out job search and email alerts   Once again, it is time to ring out the old and...

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Posted by admin | 04 07 2017
Best of June: 10 best marketing reads that you may have missed

  We marketers are constantly in the search of inspiration. We want to know what’s happening in the world out there – applaud success stories, learn from other’s failures and more importantly try and remember the right examples that can be quoted to clients during the pitch meeting!  But with...

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Posted by admin | 28 06 2017
Justwords FAQ – How does content creation work at a content marketing agency

We decided to create a series of Justwords FAQs since we felt this would answer a lot of common queries we usually receive from clients. Hope this helps.    Question: What is the content creation process at a content marketing agency. via GIPHY Answer: A lot of this depends on...

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Posted by admin | 21 06 2017
Are you doing these 10 things wrong with your blog

  Just like there is a success mantra shared by good blogs, there is a list of things that most unsuccessful blogs share in common. You know it when you see them. You don’t stay on the site for more than a few seconds but it is enough to identify...

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Posted by admin | 16 06 2017
Failing at content marketing? Here are 7 ways to fix that

  In my years as a content marketer, here is one thing I have observed – there are more businesses that fail at content marketing than those who can make it work. A seemingly common complaint of business owners and marketing teams is that content marketing was perhaps a little...

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Posted by admin | 13 06 2017
[Free eBook] The 5 rules to creating better content & getting the reader hooked

  Remember what chef Gustav said in the movie Ratatouille? “Anyone can cook”. “But that doesn’t mean everyone should” replied the Remy, the rat.   Here’s what happens with the internet – Anyone can write. But not everyone is a writer. The problem is, it looks like everyone who can...

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Posted by admin | 09 06 2017
All that you need to know about optimising your business blog – Part 2

So, here we are, with the second part of our business blogging series. In the first part of business blog, we talked about how to give your blog a human voice, how to plan your blog, its topics, and content, and finally the various ways in which to promote the...

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