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Top of the Funnel Content - Justwords
Posted by Payel Mukherjee | September 21, 2023
Top-of-the-Funnel Content and Why does it Matter so Much for Your Business?

Content marketing is about creating brand awareness, creating authority in the mind of the customer, building trust, and finally getting him to make a purchase. It is organic marketing. There...

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topical authority
Posted by Payel Mukherjee | August 22, 2023
How to Build Topical Authority and Why it is so Important for Ranking Your Content?

Have you noticed how some websites that have much lower domain rating often rank on Page one against big powerful players for a certain topic. How is that possible? Enter...

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Vital Business Lessons
Posted by Payel Mukherjee | July 10, 2023
13 Vital Business Lessons We Learnt as Justwords Turns a Teen

When you turn from an employee to an entrepreneur, you have no idea what you are in for. Running a business is nothing short of a battle. I can say...

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What is content
Posted by Payel Mukherjee | December 17, 2022
What is Content: Definitions, Types, and How Can It Help Your Brand ?

In the online world, both corporate and consumer communications need content to be effective and stay relevant. Through content, individuals discover, take in, and engage with brand information. Content, which...

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What is People Also Search For
Posted by Payel Mukherjee | November 11, 2022
What is ‘People Also Search For’ and How to Better your SEO Game with It ?

What is ‘People Also Search For’ and how to better your SEO game with it People Also Search For (PASF) is designed to enrich the searcher’s experience, but it also...

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content marketing for small business
Posted by Payel Mukherjee | September 10, 2022
Content Marketing for a Small Business: What, How, and Best Practices

Running a small business is challenging. You are constantly fighting to keep your revenue ship floating. You are also constantly challenged by Time, Resources and Budget. This means, in order...

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Content marketing and SEO
Posted by Payel Mukherjee | July 19, 2022
Why Content Marketing and SEO Needs to Work Together to Achieve the Best ROI?

One of the biggest misconceptions that most people have even today is that content marketing is same as content writing. And SEO – well why do we even need that...

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Content marketing trends
Posted by Payel Mukherjee | May 23, 2022
15 Content Marketing Trends that are Working in 2022 and will Stay On

Each year brings new trends and a lot is written about content marketing trends as the year begins. Same for 2022. The best marketers are those who improve their content...

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search intent
Posted by Payel Mukherjee | March 9, 2022
Optimise your Content for Search Intent and Get Better Rankings

You must already know this – if you have to rank on Google’s first page, you need to invest in a good SEO campaign and build your content as per...

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Valentine’s Day Gift
Posted by Payel Mukherjee | February 12, 2022
18 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns that We Love

It is that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day is that special occasion which calls for an extravagant display of passion and romance! And brands are cashing in on...

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