Google Rolls Out AI Overviews Update in May 2024 to US Search Results

You must be as fast as Usain Bolt to keep up with Google.

Google is constantly evolving and improving. The latest update, AI overviews, and additional features with the custom Gemini AI model testify to that.


What is AI Overviews update?

With Google’s roll-out of AI Overviews, finding what you need is now easier and faster. The custom Gemini model’s advanced AI capabilities provide information for “whatever is on your mind” or “what you need to do.”

The searcher gets answers to their search, from quick informational feedback (direct AI answers) to overview answers for complex queries, with links to relevant information and advertisements.


Which types of searches that will be triggered by AI Overviews

Three search categories will trigger by this Google’s AI update:

  • Complex queries: With more wording and specific query details are now possible since chatbots are integrated with search engines and understand complex queries and requests. A question like, e.g., “Where is a good coffee shop in Delhi within 15 minutes walking distance of my location?” is possible and will most likely trigger an AI Overview.


  • Informational searches: Most informational searches are common questions, and Gemini (Google’s AI model) can answer them directly. Since AI directly answers these questions, the “SEO risk” is it may no longer drive traffic to your website. However, the upside is that an AI Overview will refer to online resources and generate indirect traffic to your website.
  • Commercial searches: where online searchers are interested in making a purchase, AI Overviews can provide local and online purchasing opportunities. AI overviews empower the searcher with information to weigh up their options. The user doesn’t have to combine information from different links since “Google will do the googling for you.”


Don’t expect  AI Overviews with These Searches

AI Overviews will not be triggered  by queries on the following topics:

1. Transactional searches are specific since the online user wants to make a purchase. In this case, the searcher’s transactional intent will not trigger an AI Overview since there is no justification for a detailed overview.

2. Navigational searches with straightforward queries do not require an overview. For example, if you search for a specific store, you are interested in going there. The query is straightforward and does not require and will not trigger an AI Overview.

3. YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) searches about health or finances where incorrect information has potential legal implications will not trigger an AI Overview. In this regard, online searchers can still rely upon the traditional search experience and be aware that this may change in the future.

What Does This All Mean for SEO?

The truth is, things are changing. For example, when a search triggers an AI Overview, the overview result takes over the top spot on the search page. Additionally, if—for the same search—there are also SERP features like featured snippets or knowledge bars, they will take up the second spot on the page.  

These are changes that SEOs need to adapt to. But we believe there is no reason for concern; first, not all searches trigger an AI Overview. Secondly, it’s only a matter of time before we understand how to optimize content to appear in AI overviews.

Most importantly, SEOs will figure it out. 

Keep in mind that Google is not changing its principles, and:

  • Google will still direct searches to high-quality, trustworthy content that adds value.    
  • Users will ask lengthier questions, making the use of longtail keywords important.
  • High-quality backlinks remain critical to creating trust. 


Prepare and Optimize for AI-Powered Search 

AI Overviews update

Steven Lelham via Unsplash

Change, stay an SEO frontrunner, and feature in AI Overviews.

Create content as questions and answers: Content in a question-and-answer format exploits Google’s AI models‘ ability to answer questions directly.

Focus on high-quality content for authoritative Q&A sites: Generate industry-expert-level content for authoritative Q&A websites like Quora and Reddit.

Create overview pages from the initial search to the outcome: To exploit Google’s AI capability to handle complex and multi-step queries.

Identify high-value terms and topics to feature: Tracking queries that trigger AI Overviews will reveal content gaps and optimization opportunities to prioritize content.

Ensure Improved crawling of on-page content—maximize technical SEO: Optimizing technical SEO to ensure bot crawlers can access all on-page content is crucial.

Don’t delay, Start today!

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