18 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns that We Love

It is that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day is that special occasion which calls for an extravagant display of passion and romance! And brands are cashing in on that vibe too with their Valentine’s Day Campaigns. This is one of the best opportunities for them to create a smart connection with their consumers. With a romantic occasion of moment marketing around the corner, let’s take inspiration from the Valentine’s Campaign ideas that have made us fall in love with different brands as much as their messaging.

Here are the Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns ideas that caught our attention for their inspiring ideas and fresh take on V Day.


Who said Valentine’s Day is only for romantic relationships? You can celebrate the mutual love-hate relationship you share with your siblings as well. Caratlane, the diamond jewelry brand, portrayed the same in their Valentine’s Day advertising video. The nostalgia factor, the love-hate connection and the intention to make it a day beyond romantic relationships made this ad stand out, for sure. 

Cadbury 5 Star

Ummm. You are single and worried. Valentine’s Day rituals make you cringe and you’re desperately wanting an escape from this lovey-dovey week. If that’s what your thoughts are right now, you should keep an eye on this ad called ‘Valentine’s Day Alibi” from Cadbury 5 Star. 

By celebrating the spirit of singledom and validating them, the brand has played on an unusual angle, making this one of the most clever Valentine’s Day campaigns.  

Dairy Milk Silk

We are talking about campaigns for Valentine’s Day and we’re not talking about the Dairy Milk Silk ad? How’s that even possible? Their new campaign #HowFarWillYouGoToMakeThemBlush paired with their good old “kiss me…” song is definitely successful in reminding us the sneaky yet sweet memories of a teenage love. 

The Man Company

What makes a man a gentleman? The Man Company has used this much-debated question to create their new campaign called #ScentOfAGentleman. In this ad, we can see a busy couple cherishing the short time they have got. In short, this video ad brilliantly stokes the sweet feelings of love as well as the gentleman in every man. 

Wow Skin Science

Wow Skin Science has worked on the concept of #LoveBackNature, focussing on the relationship we have all had with nature since our childhood. This video ad tops the list of ‘celebrate love campaigns’ by reminiscing the love we have towards our nature, our very own all-time lover. 


People are busy finding their love. But have you ever thought about our garments? Who’ll find the perfect pair for themselves? The ‘Trends with Benefits Sale’ from Trell is all about finding the perfect trouser to your T-shirt or finding the perfect scrunchie with your skirt. 

Teleflora’s “Love Out Loud Truck”

Floral delivery service Teleflora shows us how mutual love and admiration within women is crucial in today’s days. They partnered with Loni Love for their campaign #LoveOutLoud. 

The brand encourages people to go out and show love to other people with their bouquet. The result of this campaign has been truly heartwarming as women have come together with their hearts filled with love, laughter and compliments for each other. 

Bras n Things

The “I Come First” campaign from Bras n Things is about putting away the self-doubts, loving yourself and putting yourself first. 

Burger Kings

What is Valentine’s Day without Burger Kings weird ads? We all are very well aware about the love-hate relationship between Burger King and McDonald’s. 

Burger Kings had shown Ronald McDonald in various places sitting lonely and promised him that they’ll offer him a whopper! 

In their words: “We’ve found the loneliest man in the world. And he’s been right in front of us the whole time. Go ahead, give him company, take a picture or two, tag @burgerkingindia and we’ll give you a free Whopper this Valentine’s Day. #LonelyNoMore”

Britannia Little Hearts

Enough of chocolates and flowers! How about a rap battle this valentine? 

Britannia Little Hearts had released their “Break Some Hearts” song to teach people the art of saying no in a quirky style. It’s definitely a clever act on their part to bring rap sensation Kaam Bhaari and famous influencer Ahsaas Channa in this video. 

Chocos Creamfills

We simply love the crunchy gooey Chocos Creamfills but that’s not why we are recommending this campaign. Taking two highly popular themes of Game of Thrones and Valentine’s Day and coming up with a campaign that also has a product fit and is still breezy and funny, is a like a near-impossible combination. But this brand does it all, along with decent animation.

Mumbai Metro

Mumbai Metro decided to play Cupid (this is a brand favorite thing to do) and ask people to tweet out messages that could be played on their OOH. We suppose quite a few proposals were made and love expressed for the world (or metro travelers) to see! Unlike brands that run contests where winners are well… never us or someone we know, here, the win came with the message being played out.

Mad Over Donuts / Mother Dairy Ice Creams

We’ve always equated donuts with love (yes, we are foodies!). Both MOD and Mother Diary ads were all in for acceptance. It is a great way to focus on an audience niche and go with a meaningful message. Uber showed its progressive side and put out the pride heart emoji, to celebrate all the shades of love.


Netflix also shared a great ad on a concept on similar lines. We did keep watching until the end


We can’t emphasize the foodie bit anymore because we all love this Zomato advertisement. Food is the language of love and our love story with our plates is as much as with anyone else. This is a slightly stretched Zomato ad but worth a dekho.


Chocolates and Valentine’s Day – the most obvious combination is achieved here with a funny packaging twist that makes this ad different from the regular chocolate-y fare you see around this day.


Will you be okay to receive an email with a hint of what to gift your wife or girlfriend… that too from Zivame? Well, they thought you would be! It is interesting and bold!


This reversible poem from Refuge is what we like for the idea and the copy. Read it top-down and it makes for a romance story. Read it bottom-up and it makes for a scary domestic violence narrative. We give this a thumbs-up because the narrative power makes this memorable.

Do you need a witty and interesting idea for Valentine’s Day to get your brand a spot in the spotlight? Drop us a comment. 

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