What did these 6 blogs do to make us love them?

Our team at Justwords is a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds but we all share a common love for reading. Books and blog recommendations are an active part of conversations during lunch and tea time breaks. We recently decided to pick favourites in each sector that we thought everyone on the team can universally agree on. Our parameters included the blog design, text content, follower base, visual content (pics, videos and other forms of content) and a little bit of x-factor that allowed us to connect better with the blog. It was a difficult task but we managed to get a list out (finally!) without any team members biting each other. In the process, we all ended up discovering so many interesting blogs.

Considering 571 new websites are created every minute on the internet, we’ll be having plenty of such debates in the future. On that note, here are the top 5 we picked from different industries – all having one thing in common – they are all made in India!


A food blog should do the work of an appetizer. It should leave you hungry and wanting for more. While there are hundreds of thousands of food blogs in India

The Culinary Commentator

There are plenty of recipe sites out there but what got us unanimous about The Culinary Commentator was that it allowed us to discover interesting news places to try out and did not burden us with the thought of spending hours in the kitchen trying out a dish – just good food that can be ordered or had at nice restaurants with friends and family. Now, that’s refreshing. The blog is  the 2016 winner of Best Restaurant Review blog by IFBA. The author Rukshana Kapadia has over 5000 followers on Zomato and 23k+ fans on Facebook.



Turned out, this category had a tie. We ourselves have a few tech junkies in the team and with a digital and content background, we constantly crave to know new things and industry happenings. These two blogs covered it well


Founded by Amit Agarwal, an engineer in Computer Science from IIT, Labnol is our go-to blogs for how-tos on general consumer software and mobile applications. Labnol first caught our attention years back when it demonstrated the use of Mail Merge for Gmail – a super neat trick for marketers who wanted to bypass Google’s promotional inbox restrictions. While new tech like Gmass has taken over in the same space,   Labnol continues to provide some good how-tos. Here’s the latest one that’s got us all excited and experimenting: How to write a twitter bot in 5 mins


The second tech site where we go to stay updated on the latest tech happenings that really matter is this site founded by Ashish Sinha. A product of IIM Roorkee and IIM Bangalore, Sinha has now extended the site to a full-fledged community which sees great participation from people in the industry.



Travel With Lakshmi

Lakshmi Sharath has most of us wishing to take our dream holiday right away. In fact, too much reading of the blog is highly injurious to your mental health at work and can cause excessive daydreaming! In addition to all the wanderlust blogs, she also provides honest guidance to newbie bloggers who aspire to live her life someday. Here’s a good one on barter deals offered to bloggers and how to tackle them Lakshmi’s About page is a wonderful list of how she brings together her passion and profession.



Doosra / Gonewiththewindies

Doosra is a great place to go if you want to smile while you read a blog. It’s sense of humour on sports and a bunch of other topics is full of topical wit. What the blog lacks in design, it makes up for in brilliant content execution that keeps the reader engaged. Expect a mini package of a blog to explode and make you an instant fan.




Welcome to a world where travel meets fashion and creates magnificent pictures and great fashion goals. Founded by Delhi based blogger Tanya, the site shares some interesting tips on both fashion and travel that gives you the latest trends in clothes, accessories and all things fashion. The cool part is that she believes that anyone can look like a celebrity if you follow some simple fashion tips. Cheers to that!

Do you have a list of blogs that you actively follow?

Do let us know. Our team will be happy to check it out.

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