Your content marketing is as good as your content strategy.

The need for content strategy

When does your business need a content strategy? Always. Why do you need it? Because without a strategy, you are basically working without a plan. A content strategy is built upon indepth analysis and research of your brand, your customers, your industry, your strength, your goals. It tells you what to do with the content – what to use, how much to use, and where to use. Basically, it dictates how your content will be written, managed, and promoted.

Our team can fit in wherever you want us to be. Whether you require a brand new content strategy or an expert opinion on the current one, we are just an email away.

Our approach

Content Audit & Review

We start by finding checking your online content landscape and its history. We understand what you have been done, been doing, and the type of results you have been getting. Most of all, we find the foundational flaws that needs to get fixed.

Competition and Sector Analysis

What works in your sector, what will attract your target audience, what is your competitor doing? We research and benchmark you against your competition and draw up a data-driven battle plan on how to build trust and awareness for your brand.

Persona Research

We combine all the information we know about your target audience and build a buyer persona. The aim is to know what works for your audience. This insight will permeate into what content is written, where is it shared, how is it distributed.

Build content inventories

We are now at a stage when we need to map out what sort of content has to be written, what format needs to be used, and how often we need content. We plan your content inventory & guidelines for every marketing activity and create a calendar.

Brand voice guidelines

How does your brand want to interact with your audience? How should your brand appear before your customer? We interact with your sales and marketing team to understand your brand’s voice and suggest how best we can communicate with the consumer.

Analyse And Optimise

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A content strategy is built upon indepth analysis and research of your brand, your customers, your industry, your strength, your goals.

How is a content marketing strategy created?

The process of developing a content strategy starts with the brief document you share with us. We typically take a deep dive into your industry, competitors and available analytics and data as a first level research. We then meet internal stakeholders from the sales, marketing and product and leadership teams to understand their interpretation of the brief. This is followed by meeting with the brand team to understand buyer personas and historic data on what drives your customers. There are sometimes done over meetings, sometimes dedicated workshops and sometimes even by meeting with your customers.

We come back to you with a single line objective for your content, connect with your brands KPIs and then the complete plan on how we intend to move the needle to move you from A to X.

We ensure to take a pause at regular intervals to connect the dots to see if we need a course correction and the deliverables and outcomes not only meets but exceeds expectations.

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