10 amazingly creative Instagramming brands


Instagram has soon risen in popularity in the last couple of years. While some brands are yet to track their customer journey from a delicious photo to the ROI table, most brands know that this is a  valuable medium to grab customer attention.

Being visually engaging is more important than ever. This engagement is a valuable currency in the online world where there are millions of brands vying for attention. Some brands do know their game well in this field. Here are the 10 brands that we found were so creative on Instagram that we could follow them anywhere.


1. Humour: Buzzfeed


like if you know what this is

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If you aren’t following Buzzfeed on Instagram you are missing out on your daily dose of humour. As always, Buzzfeed takes the best of the web and sums it up just right. A lot of user-generated content is reposted which goes well with the brand perception of fuelling content that is somehow a part of our daily lives and yet no one else expresses it better. The memes are the best. At times, we feel its Buzzfeed who teaches the rest of the internet on how to get their memes right.


2. Food: Oreo


Golden #OreoThins: Perfect with an icy brew.

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Oreo is by far one brand that most other brands can learn from on social. Their campaigns across media have been loved and many have gone viral instantly. Their Instagram account is no less. Perfectly showcasing the ‘wonderfilled’ cookies, Oreo’s Instagram plays with words and images to create a cohesive brand image. One thing to note about Oreo is that almost all posts are about them and feature the product and packaging well. From the desserts you can make with Oreo to featuring it in different settings, there’s a bit of our world that’s featured in there which is happy to revolve around an Oreo.


3. Travel Photography: Murad Osmann


#followmeto Taj Mahal with @natalyosmann. Finding a new angle was a challenge for us… I will be honest with you – I like this picture more than the previous one from Taj. Which one is your favourite? Thanks to our dear friend @mohitrai for coming to hotel at 5:30 a.m. and helping us with the dresses. #следуйзамной в Тадж Махал. Признаюсь вам – найти новый ракурс и переплюнуть предыдущую фото было для нас сложной задачей, но эта фотография мне нравится больше :). А какая вам? On Nataly: @abujanisandeepkhosla, @amrapalijewels, @raabrabyrahul. #IndiaInstaMeet @beautifuldestinations @theluxurycollection @itchotels

A post shared by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on


There is so much of wanderlust and travel photography out there that it is hard to pick one to feature here. Even then, we are featuring Murad Osmann here because his photography is in the perfect position to set a new trend with his creativity. Murad’s photographs mostly feature his girlfriend leading him by hand to different places. It covers the emotion behind the travel experience and the fun in exploring new places together. A new couple goal we hear?


4. Sports: UsainBolt


“I’m clear about why I’m here how about yuh” #4:44

A post shared by Usain St.Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) on


The one place you can see the fastest man on earth unravel in slo-mo is on Instagram. Posting absolutely wonderful pics from his training, Usain lets us see the man behind the tagline. If that’s not enough, his casual posts showing him having fun with friends, posing with celebrities and politician and simply being himself is an awesome treat for fans. He’s the fastest man on earth… isn’t it a given that we can only follow him. Don’t miss the Usain Bolt v/s Kevin Hart skirmish with the #GameOn challenge to see who is the most maverick of them all.


5. Nature / Wildlife: stevewinterphoto


@stevewinterphoto @natgeo Leopards are the world’s most widely distributed big cat, but did you know that they’ve disappeared from an estimated 63-75% of their former range globally. The biggest threats facing leopards in Africa include the illegal skin trade, wire snare poaching and human-leopard conflict. National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative is working towards the conservation of African lions, leopards and cheetahs across Africa. Increasing anti-poaching efforts, installing protective bomas to stop lion-cattle conflict and monitoring big cats numbers with camera traps. Visit https://www.nationalgeographic.org/projects/big-cats-initiative/ to find out how you can help save big cats today, and remember by saving apex predators like lions, leopards and tigers we keep ecosystems balanced and healthy! Follow me @stevewinterphoto to see more images of our natural world and Thanks! @www.causeanuproar.org
#follow me @stevewinterphoto to see other images, thanks!

#instawild #instashooters #wildlife #wildlifephotojournalism @ngwild #natgeowild @thephotosociety #NatGeoCreative #onassignment #wildlifeconservation #inthefield #wildlifephotojournalism #BCI #bigcatsintiative #photooftheday #beauty #lion @africanparksnetwork

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Start looking at nature/wildlife accounts and there are so many thoughts that cross our minds. The endless transcendence of nature, the beauty of life in all its form, and the people who have the privilege of taking that photograph. There is simply too much beauty in the moment out there that it is super difficult to play favourites. Even then, our pick for wildlife photography goes to @stevewinterphoto who is a conservation photojournalist. Steve’s photos are not just about the imagery but about his experience and sheer love for the art. He has been chased by rhinos, stalked by Jaguars, trapped in quicksand and stayed in freezing -40  degrees – all to get that shot he really wants.


6. Celebrity: Rihanna



A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on


Our pick these days for the best celebrity Instagram account goes to riri. Rihanna who goes by the name of @badgalriri is known to have posted quite a bit of NSFW photos earlier but the posts lately have been more tamed down. There is also ample content about Fenty Beauty – a makeup brand created by Rihanna that has make up for all skin tones from all countries. We like her and the collection too. There are many other celebrities who make it to the list for Instagram typically but most of their Instagram photos are converted into news headlines anyway so you don’t really have to follow them.


7. NGO / Cause: Oceana



Focussed solely on ocean conservation, Oceana shows us a way to explore the world that we only dream of. Ocean conservation is a remote topic – not something that has an instant connect because a lot of results aren’t evident. With our entire life depending on water, Oceana makes an attempt to show that each drop counts. And yes, the ocean is absolutely beautiful. Follow this account to see it in all its glory.


8. Fashion:  lifeofboheme


A post shared by Marta Cygan (@lifeofboheme) on


Fashion makes the world go round. It definitely does for all the amazing fashion bloggers who also take to Instagram to showcase their cool fashion and travel photos. With almost a million followers, @lifeofboheme by Myrta Cyagn is quite a delight to follow. From everyday fashion to couture, you’ll find posts on travel, style, and music here.


9. Shopping: Sugarbox_india


Throwback to our super awesome #GirlSquad edition! #TBT #previousboxes #sugarboxindia

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Shopping is the best kind of Instagramming. That’s because you can buy what you see. If it looks absolutely gorgeous, it can be yours (for a neat sum). With over 56k followers, @Sugarbox_india promises to send you a box filled with beauty goodies every month and give you a pleasant surprise on discovery. If you want to gift yourself something nice and still be surprised, this is a great way to do it!


10. Art: avant.arte


Desert Surrealism by Le Fawn Hawk #lefawnhawk

A post shared by Avant Arte (@avant.arte) on


Want to swipe through contemporary art from around the world? Find everything from pop shows to large public installations in the @avant.arte Instagram account. The brand connects its account with its store where the art by today’s artists can also be bought. If you are searching for art that you want to purchase, this is the account to follow.

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