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Posted by admin | 04 12 2017
Content marketing stories that caught our attention in November

  It’s that time of the year folks. Introspection happen. Predictions begin. We are nearing the end of another year of surviving algorithm updates, new tools and changing strategies. As we look forward to the holidays, it isn’t coincidental that everyone around is either writing on learnings from 2017  or...

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Posted by admin | 30 11 2017
Avoid these useless 5 mistakes from your copy and hit the target on the head

  There are two interesting phrases that come to mind when we talk about Copywriting and how good it needs to be. Both come from David Ogilvy. “It’s not creative unless it sells” “The consumer isn’t a moron, she’s your wife” Keep these two phrases in front of you while...

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Posted by admin | 24 11 2017
Content marketing not showing results? Here are 4 things that will help fix it

If content were a living breathing entity it would probably require its own planet. That’s because the amount of content created is astounding – over 2M blogs a day when we were the last counting. Yet, everyone hopes that their piece of content will be the one thing that’ll shake...

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Posted by admin | 14 11 2017
How do you create blogs that are completely original

  There are over 2 million blog posts being produced every day. What a number! We all are pretty sure that not all of these are original content. Some are copied outright. Others are ‘refurbished’ versions of popular blogs so that they can ride the popularity wave and get ranking...

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Posted by admin | 09 11 2017
Artificial Intelligence in marketing: Why you cannot ignore it anymore

  Are you still on the fence about adding Artificial Intelligence to your marketing mix? About time you jump over and start experimenting because if you don’t, you’ll be one of ‘those’ people who are still living under the rock in the next five years. Too dramatic? It is because...

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Posted by admin | 08 11 2017
[Free Case Study] Alliance Fintech – How we used content marketing to spike traffic by 149%

  We often have clients asking us what a particular digital or content campaign can actually do for them? Linking a digital marketing activity to goals, execution and then matching the results with a tangible outcome is something we’ve been doing consistently. This digital map has often been created using...

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Posted by admin | 03 11 2017
Should you be using a click bait headline or just a good one?

  In light of the recent news about a ‘void’ being discovered inside the Giza pyramid, we’ve just got out of an article that said: “New theory proves that aliens built the pyramids”. We delved right into the rabbit hole of ‘theories’ that fed our imagination about the extraterrestrial and...

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Posted by admin | 31 10 2017
Content marketing stories that caught our attention in october

  Come October, we found some interesting stories doing the rounds that can just about shape up your digital marketing strategy for 2018. With just 2 months to go for a new year and new beginnings, it is a good time to think about what’s coming your way. Have a...

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Posted by admin | 27 10 2017
10 amazingly creative Instagramming brands

  Instagram has soon risen in popularity in the last couple of years. While some brands are yet to track their customer journey from a delicious photo to the ROI table, most brands know that this is a  valuable medium to grab customer attention.  Being visually engaging is more important...

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