Adding some creativity to Google Business Photos

It’s the day of the shoot. You have dressed up your workplace, primed up all the décor and now just waiting to project the ambience which you desire. But there is one thing missing. It’s called a little bit of “fun”.

Google Business Photos since its inception has become a great boon to many companies who with its help have been able to showcase their ambient offerings and products. But the business photos offering is so much in demand and becoming so much common that an idea to spice up this application can be a good plan for the business.

So, let’s roll in some artsy creative ideas to make Business Photos more exciting.

One of the exciting things which can be done is to make the tour into a game. Hide an object (something directly related to the business you are in) and tie the photos into social networking games that rely on image clues scattered within the virtual tour of your business. This will turn the usual tour into a virtual treasure hunt. Make this into a contest and spread it across social media channels and you will get people talking about your brand.

Another innovative way to make the tour exciting is by making your employees participate in it. Tell a story by way of making your staff be present in the photos dressed up as some eye catchy characters promoting your brand. It would quickly grab the attention and result in multiple re-visits. Now, If you are into businesses of a subtle kind, you can still have your employees be present in the tour, where they can be featured doing regular office jobs. The presence of the human element will make the tour all the more organic and closer to connect.

If your business is in a special locale, it is time to highlight that too. Make sure to make the visitors know about the special spots in your workplace, it can be a corridor size aquarium or a crystal masterpiece. Make them enjoy it.

Other alternative attention-grabbing ways are the usage of visual shockers, subliminal messaging and frequent appearance of the brand logo to create a touch point in the minds of the virtual tourists regarding your brand.

By default, Google Business Photos will always be visible on Google search, Google Maps, Google+ Local. You retain full rights to the photos and can use them on your website and on Facebook. All this makes Google Business Photos the perfect tool to get to the masses and gain your customer. If you make this tool a little more exciting and fun, the result will be sweet as sugar.


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