Start with these 7 tips to make your content go viral

No, you don’t really need a content marketing agency to make your content go viral in its reach. Just pay attention to these simple tips and keep them in mind while churning out content.

How does one measure the success of content marketing today? On the “Viral” yardstick of course! Ain’t no real content today if it hasn’t gone viral and crossed boundaries. And let us tell you, it isn’t a mere coincidence that makes a content score big on popularity, there’s more to it.
It is possible to make content go viral deliberately by following some simple tips. Keep in mind though that there is no set formula for viral content and nothing can guarantee 100% success. But that shouldn’t deter us from trying right?
So here you go, our list of carefully compiled tips and tricks to make your content go viral



A simple and traditional headline will seldom prompt the user to click on the news as they will not feel the need to explore further. However, a headline that builds suspense and does not give away the content is sure to get clicks. After all curiosity kills the cat!



If the content is funny or connected to universal issues, it is more likely to go viral as it will carry global appeal that transcends boundaries. Both negative and positive emotions may be used although the latter is a safer bet. This helps people connect to the content and encourages them to share it.



Weaving a story into your post makes it more relatable and triggers an emotional response in the reader. So try to build a story into your content and watch it being shared like hot cakes!


Any content that users find practical usage for or can use in their daily lives has more chances of going viral. It could be a simple ‘how to’ article or posts that enlist tips and tricks to get things done.


The chances of content going viral increase if the content is related to a current happening or the latest news as it prompts the user to hit the share button more.


In this case, the shorter the better. Users like to read and share bite-sized frame information that they can easily download on their mobiles and read on the go.



It simply means that the content posted by you should find a connection with the reader. If the reader can relate to it and feel that it portrays what is happening in their life, then they are more likely to read/share it.


These simple tips can help you polish your content and give it that edge over the thousands of other content that are squabbling for the attention of the net user.

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