About Justwords

About Us


Since 2010, Justwords has been helping out businesses around the world to develop content that is real good – and we don’t mean just quality wise; we mean “real good” in terms of attracting attention, boosting traffic and building brands. It started out as a one-man army, which today has become a full-fledged content marketing agency that has even picked up prestigious awards from Google for two consecutive years – 2013 and 2014. 

So what are we doing today? The same thing that we were doing always - we focus on creating high quality shareable content, excellent copywriting, fool-proof editing, and really good content marketing.  

As a founder-led company, we have the advantage of working quick and responding fast to needs of clients. Over the years, we have developed a large pool of writers and editors who help us in creating great content. Today, we are a profitable company. There is no outbound sales team, no VCs and no advertising. Just a lot of hard work and passion for what we do. At the end, the idea is to make content outsourcing as easy and affordable as possible.

A few things we believe in


1. If the end user is happy, we will be a happy company. Hence focus on what the customer wants and how he wants it. Whether its just content creation, or marketing it, it should take care of the ultimate aim of the user.

2. Great work is always backed by an amazing team and culture. Our work culture is founded on trust and openness. We embrace diversity and passionate creativity, and openness in communication. Justwords is home to people who want love their freedom to work - its a team that brings in loads of passion, talent and ideas. 

3. We want to make a difference. Good is just a starting point and there is always scope for improvement. We believe in pushing boundaries and developing our capabilities even further, so that we can help exactly what he wants. Creating good content should not be the customer's problem. It should be ours.

Our Crew


Payel Mukherjee

Payel founded Justwords in 2010, while getting frustrated at work over good content. Back then, she was working with a specialist media company where a lot of content was needed. She realised right then that good content was hard to find, as were agencies who could provide bulk content at required deadlines and affordable prices. Justwords was born with the idea of offering quality affordable content, just the way you want it & when you want it. Justwords has grown to be used a brand which is trusted by brands all over. Payel has a background in print media and has worked with top publishing houses. She likes to work hands-on, loves beach travel, and is looking for another great idea to start up.


Amaresh Choudhary

If you want answers about the tech world, the best Hollywood movies, the latest gadgets, and the hottest new dishes introduced in restaurants, Amaresh is your guy. He loves experimenting with his food and is addicted to e-commerce shopping. 

Raj Tilak

Raj is your happy-go-lucky photographer who is always willing to help others. When not traveling to remote corners of the country, he loves hanging out with his friends and getting that perfect shot.



Srividya understands the process of going from conception to completion really well, which makes her a critical content resource. A mum to two girls, her hobbies include reading and dabbling in crafts. She harbours the dream of becoming a published author in the near future.


Always in search of a better way to do photography, Imran is the youngest member of our team. When not experimenting with his camera, he loves watching a game of cricket and the latest Bollywood flicks.

Pallavi Modwel

Always ready to handle a crisis, Pallavi is your cool sales manager. When not dealing with chaotic deals and fussy clients, she loves to eat and interact. With her dedicated nature, she is a go-to girl for organising, managing and handling all sorts of projects.


Ajay Kumar Gautam

Ajay is always ready to handle a complicated project when it comes to SEO and dive into data sheets. He is also our inhouse food critic whose opinions are highly valued.

Sanjay Kashyap

Sanjay is the king of selfies. He loves recording every day of life and the special things that matter to him. He is also our inhouse zen designer - talented, calm and collected.

We believe in searching out the story that defines every brand -A story that will connect you and your customer, a story that will create a change, a story that will turn your idea into a powerful brand.Those that tell their story the best, win.We do that by creating the right content, and placing it on the right platforms. So that when your story goes to battle for you everyday through your website, product descriptions, social media pages, blogs, etc, you win the field


Writing amazing content has always been Upasana’s dream and she loves doing it. Churning out content pieces one after the other, this girl is truly in her elements once she starts keying in her thoughts. Addicted to shopping, she is also a hopeless romantic at heart!


After dabbling in economics and market research, Leena found her sweet spot in creative writing. At Justwords, she wears many hats. From writing, to editing, to content management, she is our scout who always finding out a path to any problem. Her pet love is reading and any new idea that allows her creative juices to flow.


Shivani Adib was head of her class in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and now enjoys being a translator, content-writer and editor. She recently also began her career as an author with the popular children’s book Detective Gayatri Series. Her second book for children is under print.



Creative and well-organized, Sayantika always loves the challenge of writing a good piece. While she enjoys reading in her spare time, film-making is her true love. Off work, her head is always spinning with 50 different ideas about how to make a good movie.


Paromita loves the thrill of writing – whether it is book reviews, or SEO articles or blogging. She loves her creative juices flowing. Apart from her work, this energetic mom also finds time to run an early literacy programme for children between 2 to 6 years.



Sabrina’s knows how to use good language and churn out a great piece under strict deadlines. No writing task is too big for this Goan girl. She is a reader and a puzzler solver, but what she treasures the most is spending time with her little daughter. 


A graduate from NIFT Hyderabad, Shruti writes to make design more democratic and accessible. Her words are beautifully crafted with a flourish of an artisan at work. When she isn’t writing, she writes short stories, experiments in the kitchen and travels across India looking for experiences to tick off on her bucket list.


Asmita is our writer extraordinaire. Throw her any topic and she finds a way to turn that into a magical story. Asmita enjoys travelling and is always smitten by a good storybook, through which she enjoys mind travel. 



Jayashree is a master wordsmith and our go-to-girl for anything that needs an expert touch. A digital marketer by profession, writer by choice, Mumbaikar at heart, this mum-to-two-amazing-boys loves living her life, “masala maar ke”. 


Kinkini is a multi-tasker – creating content, polishing words, cleaning up thoughts and dusting up bad writing with elan. Beyond Justwords, you most definitely will find her playing with her toddler or curled up in some elan. Beyond Justwords, you most definitely will find her playing with her toddler or curled up in some cosy corner with a book and a nice cuppa of Darjeeling tea in hand.



Mayank, the youngest of the lot is full of energy and fun to be around. He loves music and is always ready to lighten up the mood. He is very dedicated when it comes to work and is always ready to learn something new.  


Preeti has a strong understanding of internet business and eCommerce, the ability to multi-task and manage time effectively. She possesses excellent planning and organizational skills. Having worked in a variety of industries, she comes with experience and expertise.


Misha is a media graduate and a grammar nazi. Nearly 4 years in the field of editing, she totally loves what she does. She is a media enthusiast, a thinker and an eye for detail person. With great love for cooking, she is a perfect host. She likes to keep it simple and precision is her signature mark.