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Posted by admin | 07 09 2017
[Infographics] 11 SEO copywriting tricks you must understand if you want your content to work

  Are you looking for ways to write powerful, targeted content that can convert readers into customers? Content plays a crucial role in educating prospects about your products and moving them along their journey from becoming visitors to leads to customers to brand advocates. Being able to write such content...

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Posted by admin | 29 08 2017
[eBook] This is what SMEs need to understand about content marketing and how to get it started

  “Mamma let’s do an interesting cake this time. It's needs to have a good design”. That was my 10-year-old’s demand for her birthday. She was bored of our usual bakery shop which had been baking her birthday cakes since she was 3. I listened, frowned and then gave in...

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Posted by admin | 28 08 2017
Our list of the best content marketing articles in August

  There are several trend stories that caught our attention this August. We are past the mid year mark for 2017 and so it is logical to pick out learnings from what’s happened so far and also take a peek at the future on what surprises the rest of year...

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Posted by admin | 22 08 2017
7 great power tools to ensure your content is marketed

  We’ve all read so much about great content being a link magnet which also gets shared organically. But, does it? Does writing good content automatically ensure traffic and links? Afraid, not. If you just write good content and expect magic to happen, it is like the Spaghetti on the...

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Posted by admin | 18 08 2017
How storytelling helps brands connect better with their consumers

    Let’s have a look at the picture below:     Will you remember this picture and where you saw it? Seems unlikely.  Here’s something interesting. During the mid-1940s, a serial killer named Markos Valaroje was known to have stalked and killed at least a dozen girls in their...

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Posted by admin | 14 08 2017
A fresh n fabulous list of websites that offer free stock images

  We’ve always heard and believed that there is no such thing as a free lunch. As content marketers we shoulder the sombre task of constantly feeding the interests of 99% of the Internet – which is a HUGE responsibility. While written content should always be original and crafted with...

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Posted by admin | 03 08 2017
Content Marketing Stories that caught our attention this July

  Every month, one of our team’s internal KPIs is the learning each member brings to the table and how the learning can be collectively applied to solve client problems. Generally, when we are faced with a ‘How are we going to get this done’ situation, the team takes a...

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Posted by admin | 01 08 2017
The Strategic Guide To Writing A Content Marketing Proposal

Content Marketing has emerged as the biggest buzz word in the field of marketing in the last couple of years. To a novice, it is about writing a few blogs and then waiting to see if it attracts traffic. To experts, it is using content as the backbone of all...

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Posted by admin | 25 07 2017
How to write an SEO proposal that will get the client on-board

  There is an untold confession in digital marketing – SEO is hard. No one can really guarantee to get you into the front page of Google or keep you there all along in the same place. There are too many factors that go into getting the equation right on...

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