How to Get High Quality Backlinks: 8 Strategies That Work in 2023

A young startup recently came to us thoroughly confused and exasperated by SEO. They had begun to think of SEO as this black box where things are constantly shifting and they just never quite knew how to get it right. There were so many elements to SEO — content, keywords, website optimization, Meta tags, and so on — that they often ended up feeling confused and Intimidated. Plus, with SEO evolving so much every few months, what worked one day would just not be as effective later.

However, as we explained to this client when it comes to SEO, there are some things that are evergreen. And one of these is high-quality backlinks. A quality backlink says that a well-reputed website considers your content relevant and authoritative enough to send its audience to it. In Google’s eyes, that automatically increases the value of your content and brings it much higher in search engine results.

Yet, most people, just like our client, are so intimidated by the idea of generating high-quality backlinks that they simply don’t know where to start. So, we decided to break down some of the high quality backlinks strategies that have worked well for us in the recent past and are likely to work in the near future as well.


8 High Quality Backlinks Strategies That Work in 2023

Analysis of Competitor’s Backlinks



Everyone wants to provide their customers with unique content that has value and the potential to stand out from other stuff on the internet. But In reality, to do that, one needs to be able to research their competitors to see which of their contents are getting more backlinks.  Competitor back link analysis is just a reverse engineering process and it requires an SEO tool Such as UberSuggest, Ahref, or Semrush. Analyzing backlinks will not only help create better content but will also increase the chances of getting better backlinks from High domain authority websites.


Help a Reporter Out or HARO



Help a reporter out is an online website that lets reporters and journalists connect with information sources (blog owners, content creators, and others). A blog owner needs to sign up as a source at the site and wait for relevant requests to pour in from the reporters asking for references to a particular niche. That’s when the blog owner needs to send their published article link with information and further reference. And yes; if the journalists decide to cite the content on a news website such as New York Times, Reuters, or others. They will probably backlink to the owner’s site.


Reporting Broken Links


Broken backlink Checker toolImage Source

This is a way to build high-quality links with some smart research and well-timed outreach. Here’s how:

  • For starters, you need to find a list of sites that have either changed names, stopped offering a service, moved to a new URL, shut down, etc. Of course, these sites should have content similar to the content you offer.
  • Use a backlink-checking tool like Ahrefs to see which websites had links to these sites that are now defunct. In other words, all these websites will now have broken links that don’t lead to real content, undermining their user experience in a big way.
  • Then email the people who are still using these outdated links and give them a heads up. In the same mail, you can mention that they could link to your website content instead. Chances are they’ll be a lot more receptive to your outreach because you’re doing them a huge favor.


Skyscraper Content


skyscraper contentImage Source

A great way of generating high-quality backlinks is to create that one piece of content in your industry that truly stands out. It should be evergreen, comprehensive, extremely detailed, and at least 10x better than any other article on the subject. To know what to build this content around simply find a piece of content in your industry that has already performed well in terms of backlinks. And then create a more comprehensive, in-depth piece on the same subject. Make sure you aggressively share the article with influencers and bloggers in your industry as well as companies and brands that have been mentioned in the article. This will ensure you get the retweets and shares that you need. Before you know it, your content will generate the maximum number of backlinks for you.


Turning Brand Mentions into Backlinks



This is a simple one. Use a social listening tool to get an alert every time someone mentions your brand on their blog. They’ve mentioned you so you already know they like you. All you need to do is send them a friendly email requesting them to convert the mention into a link, and voila, you have a high-quality backlink right there.


Guest Posts



Guest posts used to be one of the most effective methods for link-building. Over time, companies began mass-producing low-quality guest posts and publishing them across websites. This led to Google issuing a warning about guest posts with the result that a lot of marketers began staying away from this technique. However, guest posts continue to be one of the most effective ways of building high-quality backlinks. It’s a win-win situation where the owner of the blog gets free content and you get a quality backlink. The key is that the content should be top-notch. Also, it’s important to find the right websites for guest posts. A great starting point is to do some research on the guest posts of your competitors. If these websites have published something from competitors, they’re likely to accept guest posts from you. Also, you can directly search keywords on Google such as “write for us ‘your niche'”;” guest blog ‘your niche'”; etc to find blogs that are looking for experts to write on their site.


Use Content Formats that have a Proven Track Record

Did you know that 94% of all online content gets 0 backlinks? It’s very easy to create content that falls into this category. To create content that is among the other 6%, you should stick to content formats that have been proven to work.

Take a look at this table for instance:



As you can see, things like videos, infographics, and Independent data/research are particularly successful when it comes to link-building. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should just create lists, how-to guides, and whitepapers. But they provide a good starting point around which you can build a comprehensive content marketing strategy.


Find Authority Resources Pages


Authority resource pages are absolute gold when you’re looking to generate high-quality backlinks. Here’s an example of the perfect resource page.


Image Source

Hence, all you need to do is find relevant resource pages and then send them the link to your content, simply asking to be added to the list. Of course, most people don’t refer to them as resource pages so finding them can be a little tricky. People usually refer to them as “helpful resources”, “useful resources”, “further reading”, and “additional resources”. So simply google any of these phrases together with the relevant keywords to find the right article.



Many people are still skeptical about whether link building strategies work. Of course, misguided black hat SEO techniques like link building generators will only be counter-productive. However, painstakingly building high-quality backlinks is still the best way to build SEO in the long run. The techniques listed in this article should be your go-to as you look to build a long-lasting and sustainable SEO strategy.


Want to learn more about Backlink Strategy? Check out our Aggressive Link Building Strategies. Got questions? Reach us here.

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