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Posted by admin | 09 02 2018
Move over blogs, articles. Here are new content formats to consider

  The content marketing game is changing slowly but steadily. There are still hordes of blogs and content produced in the world but only a minuscule percentage of it manages to catch our attention, resonate, or go viral.  While you may already have a solid content plan charted out for...

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Posted by admin | 22 01 2018
5 Indian Tech Companies mastering the art of Content

  Whenever we think of content marketing, the easy and regular industries come to mind. From fashion to beauty, health to entertainment, it is easy to fit in content with such industries. But what happens when it comes to tech companies? Creating products and services for a very specific set...

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Posted by admin | 16 01 2018
How to start your first content marketing campaign: the 5 must-do steps

  There is a lot of hype and plenty of statistics that suggest that if you aren’t doing content marketing, you are losing out on a big chunk of business. A lot of it is true too. To find out, examine your own online behavior. How many times have you...

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Posted by admin | 05 01 2018
SEO in 2018: Optimizing For Voice Search

  Three-year-old Jia picked up her mother’s phone, unlocked it, then went on to Google voice search and confidently said, “Pikachu video”. In an instant, several of the popular Pokemon character’s videos popped up on the screen. The world of search just opened up not only to people who don’t...

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Posted by admin | 28 12 2017
Rounding off 2017: The Year That Was

  Here we are with the last post of the year! It’s been an interesting one with so many predictions about content coming true. So here’s our look at the year that was... 12 stories, one from each month of the year that shared an interesting perspective on content  ...

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Posted by admin | 22 12 2017
2017: 3 top marketing campaigns that took risks, broke barriers and made a point

  There are marketing campaigns... and then there are marketing campaigns that inspire, that aren’t forgotten easily. They are campaigns that take a risk and break barriers. These mostly revolve around a social cause that touches a nerve of a wide segment of the population. The cleverness lies in the...

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Posted by admin | 19 12 2017
Content marketing for heavy industries – how you can make it work

Some people feel that the whole content marketing hype isn’t for everybody. After all who will want to read ‘boring’ content about heavy industries, their functioning, and machinery when the most common articles lapped up on the internet are about celebrities and cats! Beyond the shallow and quick reads that...

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Posted by admin | 12 12 2017
This is how you can get a flourishing fan base for your beauty blog

  61% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook users said that they were more likely to buy from the brands they follow. Building a community and fan following is often viewed with scepticism by marketers who don’t know how to attribute ROI to the money spent on this activity....

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Posted by admin | 07 12 2017
SEO: What works for big enterprises and small businesses

  SEO is an art and not all art is made equal, but all art is equally difficult.  Optimizers face different levels of difficulty whether they have a small 5-page Wordpress website or a full-fledged 2000+ page eCommerce website. On the surface, it looks like bigger sites have a huge...

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