5 reasons you must have visuals on your website

Here Are The Top Reasons Why Visual Content Is Loved By Your Audience

One brutal fact of the online world is this – A first impression is often the last impression. If your website looks dowdy and boring, you have lost your guy there itself, and most likely he isn’t coming back too.

And there in enters the Visuals. If you want to entertain & engage your target audience and drive home the point, don’t skimp on standout visuals – be it pictures, infographics, videos etc.

Here are some compelling reasons.

1. Absorption of Message is Faster with Visuals

While reading, do you find yourself visualizing what you read? That is because 90% of the information that is transmitted to our brain is through visuals. Then how can it not form an integral part of the content story telling process?

So in short, use visuals instead to make your point. Since that’s the best way to grab attention and make a lasting impression in just a few seconds and drive home the message faster. Better still, you would have the visitor hover over your website admiring at your visuals.

The image here (above) shows restaurants tempting its visitors with exotic pictures of food/ambience pictures in their websites. Even if the visitor didn’t have any intention of stopping by, the photographs attract and prod him into looking at the menu. And there, you have won a lead.

2. Drive Up Engagement

Images add the punch. Written content alone may help you to land in search engine results, but to make the page interesting and engaging so that your readers return to it regularly, visual aid is important.

Analytical studies of social media trends show that an image gets shared at least 60 times more than written content. Image searches are equally common too, they are one of the leading sources for web traffic.

Moreover, with the continuous evolution of these social media platforms, it is getting easier to share visuals with readers. Then why not take advantage of these resources to build the traffic that you always wanted.

3. Get Your Message Across Correctly

Furthermore, written information can only do so much, for example, let’s say Zizu is a popular architecture piece. You write an amazing article on Zizu, describing it – how beautiful it is, how well-designed it is etc. Nevertheless, all your readers can do is imagine and the worst part is each reader will imagine it differently, according to their own personal preferences; there would be no uniformity.

However, if your text accompanies a picture of Zizu, it will leave no scope for ambiguity and will form a lasting image in the reader’s mind of how a Zizu is supposed to look.

Not only will this remain in their memory but will also serve as a point of return (meaning, reader may sometimes think: Ah yes, I know what Zizu is, I read it on so and so website). Likewise, not all readers may have time to go through the complete article, they would want a brief introduction just to remember what it is. And an image in the introduction is all you need to imprint on the reader’s mind.

4. Make Your Information Easy to Grasp, and Appealing

Visuals are also killer tools, when it comes to triggering emotions and offering experiences. The collage above shows how the hospitality industry uses beautiful location pictures to attract visitors. A lot of product-based websites also use videos to explain what they do instead of just writing it down.

A large amount of information can be shared through infographics and montages via pictures, icons, colors, design, skillful video editing etc.

This information is easy to grasp, no lengthy text required, in few seconds there is a healthy exchange of information with the reader. Many critics may argue that images and videos take time to load, but with the kind of editing tools easily available in the market, it is getting more and more simple to crop, compress, resize images or videos as per your website requirement.

5. Visuals Make Design Better

Yes, they do, no matter how boring the subject. Take a look at this picture above. Its just a report, and yet a lovely picture has managed to transcend the website to something beautifully designed.

If done correctly, the content of your website can be enhanced greatly by great visuals. This works on the basic premise that the eyes love visuals and the brain comprehends it faster than chunks of text.

And here is the thing – Micro-content is being projected as the next big thing, be it a short video montage or graphic art, everyone wants a piece of it. The resounding success of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest is more of a phenomenon than just an evidence.


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