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Social is a vital part of every digital marketing campaign. Considering it is where your customers are having conversations right now, it is indispensable for your brand to listen to them. It is also important for you to create the right content strategy for social that engages in the conversation in a meaningful way, We are here to help you do not just that but also create brand awareness, manage brand reputation and connect content strategies to ROI.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Strategy Development

Social strategy is a multi-layered activity. You not only think about the sound of what you create but how it resonates within the channel. Aligning social with overall marketing strategy, following nuances in each channel and connecting strategy to goals and ROI can be overwhelming. Which is why we merge in as your internal, very own social team aligning strategy, goals, and measurable results in a way that is quick and easy for you to decipher.

Community Management

Once you have a steady growth of audience in social channels, you’ll need to put in additional strategies in place to covert them into leads, customers and brand evangelists. Through continuous monitoring, engagement and campaigns, our community management experts ensure your audience base continues to grow with you brand.

Influencer Marketing

Just Words has been working with a great set of people who have a genuine following on social channels. These influencers wield a lot of power via their opinions of brands and products. It’s great to see them to subtly seed ideas by crafting detailed and targeted posts on your behalf. Let us orchestrate the right brand partners for you

Content Creation

The best content on social is the one that gets your audience jumping on to click and engage. It is sometimes directly about your brand, some times on a tangent but it never fails to connect. We create website content, social posts, images, videos, infographics, presentations, blogs and more which are fully in line with your audience preferences.

Social Media Marketing

Scratching beyond the surface, our team of social media marketing experts know how to craft campaigns that are catchy, click-worthy, low on cost and high on conversion. Whether it is brand awareness or store visits, our campaigns are fully tailored to meet your marketing objectives.

Social Insights

With so much noise and data, we understand that the one thing that’ll be seeking your attention is the ROI of your social efforts. Whether it is reputation management, traffic, brand awareness, leads or conversions, our team creates custom reports that directly stem from your marketing goals. It allows you to easily link back efforts to results for each channel and strategy.

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Social With Measurable Business Results

How are your social media efforts paying off? This is a question you’ll be able to clearly answer after you engage with us for three months. We don’t believe in pushing content for the sake of creating noise. Instead, we, as a team, debate and deliberate on the campaigns that we run for you to pick the ones that are likely to have the highest conversion rates. We constantly run our own experiments to test out the ever-changing scenarios in social channels and pick and use the best result-oriented strategies that fulfil your marketing objectives.

Social With Engaging Content And Conversations

Customers today rarely take the efforts to contact you via your website. Instead, it is easier to reach out on publicly visible social channels. How you choose to engage back and what you say then plays a huge role in creating and maintaining your reputation. Whether its a casual conversation or a n uneasy one, our team is hands-on in projecting the ‘human’ face of your brand and putting its best foot forward.

Meet Your Social Media Team

Hi there! We are your extended social media team. We work as efficiently as in-house employees, are diligent about meeting business objectives and are available always to answer your questions, bounce off ideas and create exciting new things. We also come with all the flexibility of having a consultant-execution team on board which means your wallet remains happy and so do you.

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