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Stay consistent & updated on Social

It’s time to take social media off your to-do list and concentrate on what you do best. We help you maintain a rock solid presence on Social Media so that your customers can find you when they are looking for you. Fresh content, regular posts, and a brilliant pricing – its time to start now!

How can our team help

Create a social media strategy based on your business

Increase the reach of your products and services to a larger online market

Engage your audience with smart content and campaigns

Establish a brand voice through consistent postings and smart ideation

Development of fresh content, attractive designs and distrubution of content

Stay visible online and impact search engine results through high-quality posts

The Startup Survival Kit

Does this sound familiar?


Low budget

We want a presence on social media because it is important but don't want to spend a bomb.


Do not have time

We are a small business and have a zillion things to do. We have updated our social media accounts weeks ago.


Want too pay less

My brand is paying too much for a facebook account! We cant seem to find affordable and good content for social media.

If this sounds like you, we have the perfect package

Need to talk about your social media requirements?

Why should you care about Social

The importance of Social Media stems from the fact that it gives business owners/brands access to millions of hitherto untapped consumers and audience. It gives you the power to interact directly with your target audience, build your brand, and a community around it. Plus, all of this is happening real time. Moreover, people are talking about your brand on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, whether you like it or not. The need of the hour is to respond, engage, promote, and realign your focus. The best part of this explosion of social media means every business has an equal chance to create its own footing on their platforms of choice. Done right, social media can build strong brand loyalty and open up new audiences.

Social Media starts with great Content

At Justwords, we offer to write high quality posts that reflect your brand’s product or service and aligns with the overall marketing strategy of your business. The content is also tailor made to attract a specific set of audiences, which further creates engagement with your target audiences on sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Facebook.

To ensure we create and circulate 'killer content’, our teams spend a significant amount of time researching, debating and experimenting with contemporary trends and ideas. We also take into account what competitor brands are doing in your industry. All this homework goes into building what is called your social media strategy – a plan that forms the basis for all the content for your brand.

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