How To Market Your Interior Design Business Online? Here Are 12 Strategies

My cousin Reema has been running her interior design firm for almost 8 years now. She has relied mostly on her client’s word-of-mouth to get around all these years and somehow magically managed to do pretty well through just that. Though, I have been persuading her to go online for quite some time with her interior design marketing ideas, she has avoided it mostly by saying “I want to do it but no time now dear.” This was till this March when Covid hit and her business experienced an unpleasant jolt much like every other business around the world. With almost every client cancelling or putting a stop to ongoing or planned projects, the world had suddenly changed.

As a small business owner, Reema knew she had to think fast, rethink and re-adapt to survive.  The pandemic had strengthened her belief in digital marketing and she wanted to use these months (of low or hardly any business) to establish her business’ digital presence. That is when she gave me a call. I gave her a 12-point action plan to market her interior business online. If you run an interior design business, this is the perfect time to launch your digital marketing plan.

This Will Help You –

  1. Increase brand awareness for your business
  2. Help you stand out from the competition
  3. Get more business through more visibility online

The goal here is to prove that you can offer better interior design than anyone else. When it comes to hiring an interior design firm, clients mostly rely on what work you have done before, your credentials, your references and largely your knowledge about the subject. This is where you need content marketing. Marketing your interior design business might look hard, but it will generate 3 times more leads than you generally would. 

So How Do You Go About It. Here Are 12 Tips For Online Marketing For Interior Designers:

1. You Definitely Need a Website 

Auriga studio Interior Design


A website is the best way to establish your authenticity and enable potential customers to contact you easily. There are many free or affordable website building tools available these days, which you can use. Myriad themes, layoutsand color combinations are on offer too, so that you can customize the website exactly the way you want. Just make sure you choose a name that is catchy and can be recalled easily. Your website should ideally feature all about you, your past projects, the kind of interior design services you offer, client testimonials, FAQs and your contact details. It should also be easy to navigate your website and the font style and size should be crisp and clean. Call to Action or CTAs are important too and should be positioned wisely so that visitors can sign up for emails, get a quote, view a case study or download a free e-book. 


2. Don’t Underestimate Blogging

coco kelley


Blogging is a smart way to connect with your target audience deeply, understand their pain points and offer them solutions to common interior design problems. You can subtly push your services by crafting well-written, informative and engaging blog posts that don’t hard-sell. The main idea behind blogging is to establish yourself as an authority figure and get current and potential clients to trust you. Just like your website, your blog should have a neat layout and be easy to navigate. Devote separate pages to “About Us”, “Our Work” “Contact Us” and so on. Position CTA buttons cleverly so that visitors are prompted to sign up for your newsletter, head to your website, book an appointment or submit a query. WordPress, Wix, Joomla and Tumblr are among some well-known platforms that let you set up a blog easily. 


3. A Picture Is Indeed Worth A Thousand Words

best interior design


As we mentioned before, interior design is a kind of business that requires you to appeal visually. This is the reason why even traditional interior design advertisements are visually rich. So, your website or blog should feature plenty of high-resolution and beautiful images of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and so on. You can also categorize these images based on themes like contemporary, vintage, classic, colonial and more. Have a dedicated page that shows your latest projects and keep updating it regularly. Follow popular home and interior design sites like Houzz, Homify and Good Homes Magazine to get fresh and unique ideas for your pictures.   


4. Utilize Video Marketing To The Fullest 

video marketing for interior design


These days, most brands are vying for the attention of their target audience through interesting, short videos that evoke emotions like nostalgia, happiness, love and even content. And in the world of interior design, videos that share exclusive ideas or tips or how-to guides can make you immensely popular amongst homeowners or prospective buyers. Here is a wonderful example from Homify that portrays tiny bedrooms that are high on style. Given how expensive real estate has become, videos like this can inspire people to make the most of their available space. You get the drift right? 

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5. Implement An SEO Campaign

Now, let’s be honest here. Every business wants to rank on the first page of Google search results and as close to the top as possible. And Search Engine Optimization is your best bet for that. Incorporating the right keywords, the right number of times, in your website, can bring you a lot of organic (or free) traffic. This means more inbound leads. And to zero in on the right keywords, you might need a bit of expert help, like a content marketing agency. That is because the keywords should match the phrases people usually use while searching for something relevant to your field and they should go well with the web content too. 


6. Get More Local Clients With GMB Listing

justwords google my business listing

A Google My Business listing is a very smart way to attract potential clients who are located close to your business. With such a listing, any generic or specific search will have a better chance of showing up your business on the Google search results page. In a GMB listing, apart from your business’s name, you can include a short description, address, phone number, email ID, work hours and even reviews from clients. It is easy to add images to such listings too, so that searchers feel encouraged to check you out further. 

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7. Your Social Media Presence Matters

Social media platforms are more than perfect for featuring your work and sharing stunning visuals and videos. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others allow you to connect with the target audience at a personal level, resolve their queries and handle feedback directly. This is why you have a better chance at getting leads and conversions on these platforms. The best part is that, you can add information about who you are and segment your projects based on design schemes, colors, rooms, and so on. Hashtags can also be used creatively to highlight the chief attractions of an all-white living room, a minimalistic bedroom or a colonial style kitchen. Apart from your finished works, you can also showcase parts of your process – how you get started, what problems you face and how you arrive at the final result. 


8. Join A Design Community For Better Reach 

homify best interior designer


Platforms like Homify, Houzz and Nestopiaallow interior designers to flaunt their work in style and reach out to millions of potential clients. You can upload all the details of a residential or commercial project, smashing photos and even describe the photos or highlight the materials or styles used. You can connect your profile on these platforms with your website, follow other designers and get more leads than usual. These communities allow designers to answer queries of potential clients directly too and establish a connection. You can also promote your services through deals, free design pitches or free quotes as well. 


9. Power Of Email Marketing For Interior Designers 

email-marketing interior design

If you have a CTA on your website that asks the visitor to sign up for emails, it means you have to periodically send emails that are engaging, personalized, information-rich and easy to read on all devices. In fact, you might be interested to know that a 2018 IBM study showed that close to 50% of emails get opened on mobile gadgets. When done correctly, email marketing can help you convert more leads into paying customers. So, make sure that you have a realistic goal for your email campaign, a headline that compels recipients to click on the email and preview text that generates curiosity. Creative images and crystal clear call to action in the email body will also help immensely. You can also experiment with videos, infographics, memes, graphs, and so on. Updates on sales, discounts and deals can also be communicated interestingly. 


10. Ask Clients To Review You



Positive reviews on Google, social media platforms and important directories can make a world of difference to your interior design business. Potential clients will know why you should be considered as an option more than others. You can simply request your past clients to share a feedback or rating on your website or on Facebookby providing them a link. You can also go an extra mile and create a short and easy template or format for them to make reviewing easy, especially when multiple parameters are involved. 


11. Make Use Of User Generated Content 



UGC or User Generated Content is basically the content that your clients create through images, videos, text or even reviews. When shared on social media channels with the right hashtags, such content can engage more readers than branded content. Why? Because smart shoppers always trust what others like them are saying and advocating, rather than what a brand claims. So, if you can encourage your past clients to share pictures of the homes or offices you had designed for them, visitors will trust and follow you more. This form of marketing is trendy as well as affordable and hardly needs much effort from your side. You can also create contests to make this activity more fun, and offer a prize to the client who shares the best images. 

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12. Measure Results And Track Competitors 

track result with tool

Always measure how well your marketing campaigns are performing with the help of the latest analytics tools. This way, you can tweak your strategies as and when required. These tools let you compare your performance vis-à-vis competitors. Also, check what your competitors are doing online, regularly. Find out what strategies they are using and what they are missing out on. For instance, if most local designers don’t have a GMB listing, it is the right time for you to get one and also add a virtual tour. Or, if most designers are focusing on blog topics that cover general information on bathroom design, you can create topics that address what a bathroom needs to suit the needs of children and seniors. 

To wrap up, think out of the box but don’t lose sight of the basics of interior design marketing ideas that do wonders online. The above tips can even help a small interior design business to thrive despite the presence of major players in the market.

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