Top 15 Content Writing Agencies in India

If you are looking for the top content writing agencies in India, well you have arrived at the right place. However, we need to be clear about one thing – it’s practically impossible to arrive at the conclusion that this or that agency is the best content writing companies. We could probably make an even bigger list, but even that would not guarantee that they are the best. 

So you might be thinking, what is the point of this list. Why should you even consider it while trying to find your own agency? 

Well, here are our reasons. 

This list carries the name of all agencies who we know are doing good work, different work, but good work. Also not all agencies will fit the criteria of all companies and the same vice-versa. For example, we often find that Justwords does not fit into every companies’ requirement. When we talk to them and realise that we are not a great fit, we tell them honestly that it will not work out. A lot of time, we get asked what are the alternatives to Justwords? What are the good agencies out there? 

So here is the list of all the content writing companies in India that you ought to consider.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][hcode_blockquote blockquote_icon=”1″ hcode_blockquote_bg_color=”#E6EDFB” hcode_blockquote_color=”#000000″] Sometimes, as a startup, an SME, or an enterprise, a B2B company, or as B2C firm, you might not find one agency fit for your requirement. But let me tell you that there is an agency out there for you and you should find that in this list. [/hcode_blockquote][/vc_column][/vc_row]

So let us start right at the top, the top guys who have been doing it for years and have proven teams and skillsets. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you should have found your content writing partner. 

But before let us start with the basics – what are content writing agencies and why should you choose one?

Why is good content important and what does a content writing firm do?

Content forms the bedrock of your marketing and sales. Any business or enterprise that wants to compete today needs quality content. Producing new, value-driven and informational content on a regular basis can be called a necessity today. That is because your content plays a major role in whether you will feature in the top pages of the search engines or not. If you are not in the top ten pages, you stand to lose out major business. In short, the objectives of a business are left unmet, and consequently growth gets impacted. 

To put it simply, good content is an essential business requirement, an asset and a clear weapon to beat out competition. 

Benefits of good content –

1. You earn customer trust – When you create content that shares value for your customers and helps him solve a pain point, without asking for anything else in return, there is a sense of trust that gets built for the brand. You also can establish yourself as an authority and increase that sense of trust. The more you offer value, the you’re your customers start valuing your brand. 

2. More brand awareness – When you create content that is of high quality, customers relate to your brand, and come back again and again. Through content, you increase brand awareness and visibility. 

3. Helps SEO – You might already know this but content and SEO go hand in hand. If you want good SEO results, you might as well view content as your asset and invest in your asset creation. 

4. Increase traffic to your website – Well written content that provides valuable information will drive in more traffic to your website. By creating and publishing good content, you incentivise people to spend more time on your website and come back for more. 

5. Shape buyer decision and create more solid leads – Good content that matches the search intent of buyers, at every stage of the buyer journey, has the power to influence the buyer’s purchase decision. Hence content can help convert more customers. Since trust is created through every stage of the buyer’s journey, more relevant leads are generated. 

6. Creates authority for your brand – When you share content that is original, unique and powerful, you also create a brand authority for your business. Through this content, you let your customers know that they can trust your knowledge about the particular niche or industry. So when they want to buy, or recommend, they choose you. 

The problem is that good quality content that does all the above things, is hard to create. There is too just too much competition – 70 million WordPress blogs are being posted every month while the internet is doubling in size every two years. Not only that, it’s also a large investment to create an inhouse team of specialist writers. 

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][hcode_blockquote blockquote_icon=”1″ hcode_blockquote_bg_color=”#E6EDFB” hcode_blockquote_color=”#000000″]There were over 70 million WordPress blog posts every month in Q1 2022.[/hcode_blockquote][/vc_column][/vc_row]

So then what do you do? Reach out to the experts who have the expertise, training, tools and processes to generate consistent quality content. That is exactly what professional content services offer. 

Content writing companies in India can help you do the following – 

  • Help you generate content regularly 
  • Maintain consistency in quality 
  • Help with content strategy, keyword research, topic selection
  • Devote resources who are experts in handling the content 
  • Offer different writers who are specialists in different types of content
  • Help brands explore more content marketing types
  • Scale up content with more resources in no time
  • Save your inhouse training costs 
  • Offer a far more cost-effective and optimised process
Content Writing Agencies Can

15 Best Content Writing Agencies in India

Here is a rundown of the 15 best agencies in India who also service international clients.  

1. Justwords

With more than 65 content writing agencies in India presently, Justwords, easily stands out in the crowd. Started more than 12 years ago by Payel Mukherjee, a content marketing specialist, Justwords was started with the desire to help companies source good content at scale and easily. Over the decade, Justwords has won several awards and has been recognised by Clutch several times as a leader in content. We have an expertise across diverse verticals with clients in finance and fintech, SAAS and technology, healthcare, ecommerce, manufacturing, energy, education, lifestyle, travel etc. Justwords works both in the B2B and the B2C content marketing space. It’s expertise and uniqueness lies in combining great content and SEO to generate relevant traffic, leads and ROI. We have helped brands achieve growth through content marketing campaigns and have built a set of proven processes that almost always generates ROI. Justwords has one of the most talented team of writers, editors, strategists and marketers on board and this has helped them create award winning content for its clients. If you are looking for a content agency that can create content at scale without compromising quality, content of various formats, and content that will rank and get traffic, and achieve ROI, then this your agency. Another interesting factor – the average span of Justwords’ clients is 2-3 years, which is accounts for our explosive growth over the years. 

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2. Content Whale

Content Whale, based out of Mumbai and founded by Vaibhav Kishnani, has emerged as one of the bankable agencies in India. Their sound understanding of digital presence in the industry has earned them a loyal customer base over the years. They specialise in writing articles, blogs, technical content, copywriting, and website content writing and also have experience in content across various industry verticals. The company focusses on speedy delivery and high quality.

3. LexiConn

Launched in 2009 in Mumbai, LexiConn is also one of the oldest content agencies in India. They have witnessed immense expansion till now in terms of the client list, services, and presence. The company has worked for many different clients across various industries. Their best writing services include web content writing, blog and article writing, product descriptions, content distribution, micro learning, and copywriting. If you are looking for an agency which works in a systematic way and is invested in creating trust, and works to create content through client collaboration, then this is your agency. 

4. Write Right

Write Right is a 6-year-old agency focused on offering all types of content writing services. Founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi, the three things that Write Right takes pride in are quality, deadlines and necessity. Their 360-degree approach to content writing service, dedicated team of writers, and a portfolio of prestigious clients rightly describes the qualities of this agency. Technical, advertising, marketing, non-technical and SOP writing are some trademark services of this content writing companies in India. 

5. Text Mercato 

A group of professionals with vast experience in the content writing sector manages Text Mercato. They have effectively provided their services to top international firms in the travel, retail, fashion, and real estate sectors over the past eight years (among others). They’ve put together a group of people who delight in nothing more than finding that misplaced comma, deciphering obscure foreign words, and crafting the ideal statement.

6. Pepper Content

Pepper is a good choice if you want content at scale. It also offers the option of a content platform, where you can specify your content needs, place the order and get it delivered. 

They also offer end-to-end services, from content development to delivery across India and abroad. They have the expertise to serve a wide-range of industries, and are good for small and big companies. Starting off with a bunch of writers and editors, the agency has expanded their team-size significantly. So, if you have bulk requirements with strict deadlines, you can consider Pepper.  

7. Content Ninja

Content Ninjas, based out of Gurgaon, have established themselves as inbound marketing and content marketing specialists. Founded by Shriya Garg and Mayank Gulati in 2016, Content Ninja loves solving complex marketing challenges by delving thoroughly into your brand’s area of expertise, take in the specifics of your sector, and then developing a strategic marketing outreach that appeals to your target audience. They work on cutting-edge products, difficult markets, and unique strategies, especially for hyphen-tech businesses, specialised audiences, and B2B industries.  

8. Das Writing Services

Das Writing Services, founded by Subhodip Das in 2011, is based out of Kolkata. They specialise in developing all types of content and also cater to an international audience. Over the last decade, they have built a steady clientele by offering quality content to small and big businesses. If you are looking for any writing service in Kolkata such as articles, blogs, website content, technical product pages, social media, creative writing and copywriting, DWS should be on your radar. One of their USPs is the capability of developing voice-optimised content. 

9. Coffeegraphy

Based out of Bengaluru, Coffeegraphy was founded by 3 people in 2011 over their shared love for the written word. This agency offers over 20 writing services, including e-learning, e-commerce, information portals, real estate, information technology, travel and tourism, fashion and lifestyle. Whether it’s web content writing, e-commerce product descriptions, technical content writing, or case study content writing, the team always focusses on creating original and SEO-optimised content that captures the true essence of a business. 

10. Scatter

Scatter went live in February 2015 as India’s first content marketplace and is today known as one of the best content marketing platforms. They have worked with a range of clients and helped them boost their brand awareness and reach out to their audience through a variety of distribution and influencer strategies. Scatter also offers 3 products that help in content work flow management, in digital asset management, and content recommendation. They assist organisations in scaling content creation and managing their digital assets by fusing content strategy, storytelling, and a collection of unique mar-tech solutions.

11. Brandstory

Owned and nurtured by Bala Kumaran, Brandstory opened its doors in content marketing in 2014 in Bengaluru. They strive to provide in-depth, thoroughly researched content that engages and responds to customers. Brandstory specialises in producing relevant content that draws readers in and generates leads. It serves as the starting point for grabbing the visitor’s attention and reiterating a favourable brand identity via content marketing. You could reach out to them for requirements in government organisations, corporations, real estate, education, IT and software and SMEs.

12. Wordplay Content

Wordplay Content is a writing service in India with an entirely virtual content crew, founded by Neil Krshna in Bengaluru in 2010. Depending on your needs, they can help you produce a variety of content that includes product descriptions, business blogging, copywriting, SEO content, infographics, and subject-matter content. You can anticipate high standards of service regardless of where you are owing to their expert team of editors and writers.

13. Italics

Providing content since 2005, Italics was founded by Harsh Vardhan Dutta in Delhi. Specialising in varied formats of content and delivering every requirement worldwide, some core areas include website content writing, article writing, promotional content, newsletters, etc. Their clientele is a mix of IT, travel, telecom, hospitality, media and entertainment. They strive on experience, competence, flexibility, and adaptability.

14. Raga Designers

Raga Designers, started off as a website designing agency by Pandi Ganesan in January 2010, and has specialists in both technical and non-technical writing. It is now one of the top content writing firms in Chennai. They have served over 300 customers till now with the help of their friendly and enthusiastic team of professionals including writers and editors. Your search of content needs in Chennai can end with Raga Designers. 

15. WittyPen

Founded by Anshul Motwani in November 2015, WittyPen took off in Pune with a team of vetted freelance writers and editors. They use technology and their knowledge of content marketing to fulfil every B2B requirement. Within their span of 7 years, they have served a plethora of clients and handled varied bulk requirements across diverse verticals globally. They are also experts in churning out different content formats such as blogs, articles, guest posts, website copies, press releases, landing and pillar pages, and other marketing collateral.

How to choose the right content agency in India? 

If you ask me about my take on best content writing companies in India, I’d say it is really a difficult decision to make, given that, every day we hear of a new agency sprouting up and offering similar services as the others. 

However, if we think that only one company can solve the problems of every client, it would be completely misleading. Every client has distinct requirements, and while many companies hold their forte in similar verticals, every company has their expertise as well.

So how do you choose an agency that will offer the best writing services. Here is a quick checklist. 

1. Experience 

Experience counts. Always. When an agency has survived through a certain number of years, it makes fewer mistakes. It has already learnt the tricks of the trade, how to stay on top, how to hire the best writers, how to deliver the best work, what it takes to get happy clients. If an agency has retained its spot as one of the top agencies, it has definitely done some great work and worked hard to be there. 

Experience brings in hard-earned wisdom – like what to focus on really. 

We all know content strategy matters, we all know SEO matters, but how many content writing agencies actually know how to do that. That is where experience matters. 

Ofcourse, experience is not everything. But it’s an advantage. 

2. Specialisation and focus

A lot of agencies claim to do a lot of things. But can they really do it. If you are looking for a content agency, it’s better to go for an agency which clearly focusses on content creation or content marketing, rather than an agency that focusses on website development and serves content on the side. We just feel it’s a safer bet since the agency will have invested time to hire and find good writers. This will serve their purpose of delivering the best quality content to their client. 

3. Industry exposure

The first thing we hear a lot of clients asking is “have you worked in our industry”. It’s a valid question. The benefit of working with an agency that has worked in various verticals is that they already possess a working knowledge of that industry and what works best. Because of their knowledge, they will know which kind of keywords work best, what are the topics to cover, what is the competition and how to beat it. Ofcourse, the strategy remains the same and any agency which is good at research and has a good team of writers will be able to do it. 

4. Awards and reputation 

Awards matter, even though we must admit that awards can also be bought and framed. But whatever it is, if an agency is a Google-awarded agency or a Clutch recognised market leader, you know they have good client reviews and are doing some extraordinary work. 

5. Work portfolio and Reviews

Check the work they have done. Case studies and testimonials are a good way to understand what kind of work an agency has done and what is it known for. Client testimonials, which have names and designations along with it, also are provide social proof. Work profile is also a great way to understand the formats an agency has worked with, the strategies they have built, the kind of resources they have, and whether they have the processes to scale. 

6. Content and SEO

Your content writing partner should know how content and SEO works. Without the knowledge of SEO, they will not be able to create content that will rank and get you traffic. Without SEO expertise, they will not be able to optimise your content and build structures that will make your blogs rank. Knowledge of SEO, content strategy, content distribution is vital to enable content performance. The top content agencies in India are also content marketing agencies. They know which topics to choose, what structures to create to help a content piece rank, how to increase the SEO score of the content, how to use elements that will boost the performance of the content etc. It’s always better to opt for a content agency who knows content marketing since that will enable them to create better content – content that your buyers and Google will prefer.  

7. Cost 

There is not right or wrong here. It all depends on your budget. However, in a lot of cases, cost is directly related to quality. And sometimes it’s not, which is why the other questions of reputation and experience matters as well. Some agencies will be on the higher side, and some will come cheap. But remember this a good writer comes at a cost and to afford that the agency rates might differ. The best of agencies will invest in good writers, best of strategies, editors, designers, and so you cannot expect a big discount. Remember that if you are asking an agency to scale down cost because you are offering volume, it might only work to a degree since creating content takes the same effort, whether it’s a huge volume or a small one. 

If budget is a constraint, you need to do a lot of things at your end like research in particular. Also, you might think of hiring a good agency like ours to do the content strategy and the premium content and look around for cheaper agencies to do the not-so premium content. The quality of work might vary largely, but it all depends on what you want. 


As I mentioned earlier that there is no best content agency in the definite scope of the term, and this is by no means a ranking. We have put together this list of content writing companies that can qualify (in higher and lesser degree) for the best content writing agencies in India and all offer, in some degree, the best content writing in India. It all depends on what you are looking for. What is the best for one company might not be for another. Also, no matter which type of business you are, there is a content company out there for you. 

If you are looking for content writing services, we hope this list has made your job easier in narrowing down your choices and making it easier to finally choose an agency who you can work with. 

Happy Content Writing!

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